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Running Apparel • October 26, 2021

Roark Run Amok Fall 2021 Apparel Review


What You Need To Know

  • Run culture apparel with forward-thinking designs
  • Fall collection includes hoodies, joggers, and travel pants
  • Performance materials blended with lifestyle comfort
  • To be honest, this is like what we’re wearing 90% of the time

Roark Run Amok kind of came out of nowhere (at least for us) in the last year or so, and it’s quickly become one of our favorite apparel brands in the run culture space. I say “run culture space” because I wouldn’t call this the best technical running gear. A lot of their pieces work much better pre- and post-run, or in that 50-60 F range where you can kind of where anything and get away with it. All that to say, we love what they’re doing design-wise and I can personally attest to the fact that I wear their apparel all the time. I actually looked at myself the other day and realized every piece of clothing I had on was Roark. Anyway, there’s some absolutely incredible items in this lot, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

〉El Morro Fleece Hoodie and Pants


El Morro Hoodie, ready for any Detroit rap battle

ROBBE: Roark does some pretty cool stuff with regards to graphics on their clothing. The El Morro Fleece Hoodie is a great example of how the brand spices up pre/post-workout gear. The running skeletons on the left arm are badass and resemble literally every runner on the planet. I mean, 90% of the time I feel like a bag of mildly-functioning bones getting out of bed go running.

Anyway, I have to say I freakin’ love this hoodie and pants. It’s basically all I’m wearing as the outside temps dip into the 50’s. Both items are heavier, so while they’re not ideal running, they’re absolutely ideal for battling those temps that really set a chill in the bones. As cool as the hoodie looks, it wears just as well. As mentioned in our Gear Drop video, this is one of the best hoods on a jacket that we’ve seen in a minute, keeping your face and ears warm when you take the kids to their fall soccer game post-long run. The hideaway pockets on the inside are a practical touch that we appreciate. They’re perfect for stowing sunglasses, keys, or debauchery as Thomas suggests.

As for the matching pants – FINALLY – someone actually made a trim jogger-style fit that is absolutely perfect. We rock these all day long since they’re made from the same fleece as the hoodie. The zip pockets on the sides are essential, as they keep your phone, wallet, and other important items secure. While a little pricey as a pair, the El Morro Hoodie and Pants are the ultimate 1-2 combo for pre and post-workout wear during the cold seasons.

Look, they’re not cheap, but you’re getting some absolute quality stuff that will become some of your favorite wardrobe pieces.

PRICE: $119 for Hoodie, $99 for Pants


El Morro Pants, shoe by Norda

Shop Hoodie Shop Pants

〉Layover 2.0 Pants


Camo Layover Pants, sandals by Deckers Lab, watch by COROS

You’ve probably (definitely) seen the camo colorway of the Layover 2.0’s on our Instagram. Thomas loves these as much as he loved modeling them. Their slim, straight fit is super comfortable with a board short-esque closure to add to the simplicity. Aside from the camo, the Layover 2.0 pants are a no-frills pre/post-run garment that will become a favorite in your wardrobe. Once again, zipper pockets make an appearance on the sides with stash pocket on the back for easy phone storage. In case the name didn’t make it known, these are designed as travel pants, and they’ll make you want to book a flight just to put em to good use. 

“The Roark Run Amok apparel is becoming one of my favorite gear brands for both running and streetwear. The fit is dialed in and the style is slick without being ‘fast fashion’ that looks dated after one season. I find myself reaching for the gear often for daily wear. The best part is the prices are in check.” – Thomas

PRICE: $85

Shop Layover Pants

〉Mathis Short Sleeve Knit Top


Mathis Short Sleeve

ROBBE: The Mathis Short Sleeve shirt by Roark is all-around soft. It’s just a little bit thicker than your average tee (15% cotton), making it perfect for mildly crisp temperatures in the 50s and 60s. The poly/cotton blend is always a winner in terms of comfort, but in warmer temperatures (i.e. 75F+), it’s not your best option. No worries though, the Mathis shirt is a go-to crossover top that performs well on the run and wears just as well casually. We chose to rep the ‘Running on Empty’ design because it’s kind of my favorite. I honestly probably wear it too much, but nobody has made fun of me… yet. For another version, check out the Snake design Thomas is sporting in the feature image.

PRICE: $49

Shop Mathis Shirt


〉Alta 5″ Shorts


ROBBE: In a collection full of apparel that surrounds your run, here are your traditional running shorts. The Alta Shorts feature a 5” inseam constructed of nylon and a sweat-wicking inner liner. Storage is a priority on these shorts, as they include the classic back zipper pocket as well as small side pockets perfect for gels or keys (but maybe put those in the zipper). The lightweight Altas are also water-resistant the outside, making them ready to take on any sudden showers you may encounter during the season. Check out some of the graphic designs for these shorts, including one pair that matches the El Morro Hoodie. I will say, this is the one item I didn’t love because the waistband elastic isn’t actually secure, so you feel that the short is only held up by the drawstring. I’ve had this problem in Nike trail shorts as well and it absolutely drives me crazy. If that doesn’t bother you, then everything else about the short is great.

PRICE: $69-$79, depending on colorway

Shop Alta Shorts

〉Campover Cargo Pants


Photo courtesy of Roark

ROBBE: Cargo pants, like Texas, are back (which really means they’re not back). I’m absolutely flooded by high school memories with the Campover Cargos, with so much storage space for my Discman with high-tech anti-skip technology. I literally wear these pants almost every day until I’m absolutely forced to wash them.

Roark took a modern approach in designing these, as they went with a slimmer profile than traditional cargo pants. The lighter cotton pants are cinched up by an adjustable webbed belt. The Campovers are another crossover item that’s built for backwoods trekking and grabbing a beer post-run. 

I will say you should size down in these by at least an inch as there’s plenty of room (however, the nylon belts cinches it up fine). They also run a bit long so you’ll probably have to cuff them, which was fine by me.

PRICE: $85

Shop Campover Pants

〉Cosmic Camper Snapback Hat


ROBBE: Simple, sleek, classic. The Cosmic Camper Snapback Hat is a go-to accessory for all of your runs. Crafted with 5 breathable synthetic panels, this hat is up there with the Ciele’s of the world in terms of performance. Not to mention, the design is just as cool, too, with a blue front panel and bold underbill graphics that’ll keep you inspired for miles and miles. Again, I’ve pretty much been wearing this hat for everything as I think it looks great both on the run and off.

For $38, this is a great gift for the runner in your life who’s picky about their shoes. 

PRICE: $38

Shop Cosmic Hat

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