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Running Apparel • June 3, 2024

Running Gear We Love Right Now | June 2024

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We get a lot of gear to review here at Believe in the Run. Sometimes we get a whole seasonal collection to review, but more often than not, we get a bunch of items meant for different purposes. Some nutrition here, a couple hats there, tack on some casual pants and maybe some socks.

If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to read a review about just one pair of socks, or a backpack, or whatever. But if we’re using something all the time– if it’s become part of our running life– we want you to know. That’s where this monthly roundup comes in.

Each month, we give you a list of items that we really, truly love. Everything on this list is something we keep coming back to again and again. Maybe it’s the fit, maybe it’s the performance, maybe it’s just something we can’t explain. But at the end of the day, we love it, and we hope you do too.

Of course, we’re always looking for new gear to fall in love with, so if you have any recommendations yourself, please leave them in the comments below.

The Running Gear We Love Right Now

Thomas’s Pick #1

Near Earth Race Day Sock

I have picked Near Earth Distance Socks previously, and they got me again. The Race Day Sock is lighter weight and thinner than the Distance Sock, but has the same perfect fit. If you like the Nike Spark Socks or Bandit Socks, the Near Earth Sock is even better with an anatomical fit, made with ECONYL® yarn from regenerated nylon waste and knitted with 100% renewable energy, waste recycling, and micro-plastic filtration., and a clean design that goes with any kit. Check them out for yourself.

Shop The Socks 

Meaghan’s Pick #1

Bandit Litewave 4” Rush Short ($88)

These are quite literally the softest, most comfortable running shorts I’ve ever worn. A ruched waistband and external drawcord allow for the perfect fit and the drape-y aesthetic and 4” length make them great for going straight from the run to the coffee shop. 

Buy Bandit Shorts


Bandit Litewave 4 Rush Short

Robbe’s Pick #1

Fractel x BITR Robbe Raccoon Signature L-Series Legionnaire ($55)

In my wildest dreams, I’d never imagine I’d have a signature piece of apparel, but here we are. And the fact that it’s a Legionnaire couldn’t be more perfect. With an embroidered raccoon and copy of my signature on the front and a tail-style cape with “Break Ankles, Not Hearts” tagline on the back, the running mullet is here for all your summer runs. Repel the sun’s harmful rays while attracting the looks of a thirst-trap gaze.

Buy The Legionnaire




raccoon legionnaire

Thomas’s Pick #2

Ombraz Cammina ($160)

Running, swimming, cycling– whatever your sport, the armless sunglasses from Ombraz are perfect for it. The all-new aerospace grade TR-90 Cammina frames give off the perfect, laid-back summer vibes and the polarized lenses keep things clear. I was skeptical off the armless design, but they stay on perfectly– not too tight without any bounce. Also, it’s nice to know you’ll never lose them.

Shop The Sunglasses 

ombraz cammina

Meaghan’s Pick #2

Lululemon Power Stride Tab Socks ($58 / 5-pack)

Ok, I know all the cool kids are wearing crew socks these days, but it’s getting real warm here in Baltimore and nothing beats a thin, comfortable ankle sock in the heat. I happened to have a gift card to Lululemon and picked up a pack of these and have no regrets. 

Buy Lululemon Socks

lululemon socks

Robbe’s Pick #2

Janji Multipass Mini ($38)

It’s safe to say that we’ve been huge fans of the original Multipass Slingbag for years; we’ve put it in almost every gear roundup and gift guide since 2020. So we’re pretty stoked that Janji just released a follow-up to that winner. This lil’ guy packs a big punch with three zippered compartments, interior key loop and Nite-Ize S-biner. Plus, the exterior bungee system is a really cool and useful design. It’s the perfect companion for all those little essentials.

Buy Janji Multipass Mini

janji multipass mini

Ryan’s Pick #1

IceMule Pro Cooler ($145)

When the main team is away, the kids will play. Cheribundi sent us a branded IceMule Pro Cooler while Thomas and crew were in Italy, and I adopted it as our beer cooler for Baltimore’s bike party and haven’t looked back. The roll-top design makes it easy to access everything you need, and the backpack-style design means you can lug it just about anywhere. So far, I’ve packed it with a case of beer, ice, bottled water, and a gallon of ice cream for a trail gating after party— just not all at once, but they all stayed ice cold for hours.

Buy IceMule Pro Cooler

Ryan’s Pick #2

HydraPak SkyFlask Speed ($30)

It’s already damn hot outside here in Baltimore, and that means it’s time to start running with hydration. I hate running with a stiff bottle, but give me a soft flask with a hand loop and I’m a happy customer. I actually have the smaller 350mL version of the SkyFlask Speed, but the extra 150mL goes a long way.

Buy Hydrapak


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  1. Jamie says:

    Your Janji link goes to the Salomon site.

    1. Robbe says:

      Fixed, thank you!

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