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Running Apparel • June 5, 2024

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Runners (2024)

father's day gift guide

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What You Need To Know

The Perfect Gift

Get your dad what he deserves

What's Inside

Some running, some lifestyle, some stuff that’s just cool

Not a Dad?

Cool, you can still buy it

How It Works

I’m a dad. Thomas is a dad. We’re friends with a lot of dads. Many of our readers are dads. So we kinda know what dads like. More specifically– what running dads like. Shoes, of course, but we cover that side of things day in and day out here at Believe in the Run. We have other hobbies and interests too.

Which is why we put together a gift guide of some of our favorite things from some of our favorite brands out there. Maybe it’s running related, maybe it’s running adjacent. Either way, it’ll make for a good gift for that dad in your life. Now go and get yourself something to celebrate fatherhood, because everyone knows material things are the only fill that void in your life, something family could never replace.

Your Favorite Running Gifts for Dad


Artiken Believe Bracelet ($30)

These handmade bracelets adorn all our wrists here at Believe in the Run, and you can probably guess why we like this one. Plus, you can feel good about your purchase because 10% goes back to clean water efforts in Kenya.

Shop The Bracelet 

father's day - believe bracelet


Tracksmith Trackhouse Shorts ($90)

You know how sweatpants are awesome? Well what if we took those and just made them shorts? That’s what you’re getting with the Trackhouse short. The perfect lounge-around pair made from a heavyweight cotton with a thick drawstring to keep them on (or get them off). A just-right 6.5” inseam and two hand pockets (and one rear pocket) tie the whole thing together for the perfect fit with all the right details.

Buy The Shorts


father's day - tracksmith trackhouse shorts


Abercrombie Olympics Collection ($40)

Not sure how the hell Abercrombie ended up licensing all the old-school Olympics branding, but we are 100% here for it and you should be too. The featured hat is one of them, but they also have replica t-shirts and sweatshirts that bring back the nostalgia with events ranging from the 1984 Los Angeles Games to the 2004 Athens games. We want them all.

Shop the Collection




father's day - abercrombie


Nike Pegasus Trail 5 ($150)

Year in and year out, we love this shoe and it only keeps getting better. The designs and colorways are still unbeatable and it offers the most cushioned ride yet with a midsole of ReactX foam. Perfect for road t0 trail running or everyday activities. 

Buy Nike Pegasus Trail 5

father's day - nike pegasus trail 5


Ombraz Cammina ($160)

Running, swimming, cycling– whatever your sport, the armless sunglasses from Ombraz are perfect for it. The all-new aerospace grade TR-90 Cammina frames give off the perfect, laid-back summer vibes and the polarized lenses keep things clear. I was skeptical off the armless design, but they stay on perfectly– not too tight without any bounce. Also, it’s nice to know you’ll never lose them.

Shop The Sunglasses 

ombraz cammina


Speed Hound Recovery Boots ($699)

Recovery is key when it comes to running, and these boots helps to reduce pain and soreness and decrease muscle fatigue by massaging your legs after a long day of running or work. With an intuitive interface, it’s easy to use and comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee. Get 15% off sitewide from June 6-16 by using code RECOVERDAD24.

Buy the Boots

father's day - speed hound

Robbe’s Pick #2

Cascada Wolfpack Shorts ($89)

This snuck in here last minute, we just had one run in these shorts and gotta say– they’re unbelievably lightweight and breathable, and super comfortable throughout the waist and liner. Made in Italy of four-way stretch fabric, with a 5” inseam.

Buy The Shorts

father's day - cascada shorts


Path Projects Wadi LS ($98)

New for summer 2024, the Wadi LS uses ​​Toray’s Fieldsensor Byokan, a Japanese multi-density knit structure that moves perspiration from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric, keeping you considerably drier. It also features Path Project’s awesome watch window in the sleeve– a must-have once you have it.

Buy The Wadi LS

father's day - path projects


Bose Open Ear Headphones ($299)

If there’s one thing that’s our favorite thing of all, it may be the Bose Open Ear headphones. Seriously, just throw out your standard bone-conduction running headphones and change your life for the better. The sound is stunning and yet you can still hear everything around you. There’s a reason Bose is still the best, and now they just single handedly took down their entire bone conduction competitor group in one fell swoop.

Buy the Headphones

bose ultra open - gear of the month april


Mission Workshop Ocho Board Short ($108)

Made in New York City but built for the surf, the Ocho is made with a Mil-Spec Tweave 518C, meaning it has incredible stretch and durability. It’s quick-drying and features two cargo pockets because dads always need to store things. It’s also available in specific waist sizes, which is how you know it’s a serious swim short.

Buy the Board Shorts

father's day - mission workshop


Salomon Active Skin 8 ($115)

Straight up, Salomon knows trail performance. And if you want a pack that won’t break the bank but that will give you exceptional fit and all of the essentials, then this is the one. Soft and breathable fabrics, plenty of pockets, and two soft flasks– this thing is what you’re looking for.

Buy the Vest

father's day - salomon active skin 8


Mountain Gazette ($70/year)

Print is making a comeback, and the recently revived Mountain Gazette is leading the charge with its large format magazine featuring gorgeous images from some of the best outdoor photographers and compelling stories to go along with them. Support something cool and get something that means something in this digital hellscape.

Buy the Magazine

father's day - mountain gazette


On Cloudrunner 2 ($150)

If nothing else, this shoe looks amazing. Taking some visual cues from The Roger, this mostly ivory gem is a great lifestyle shoe, but also works perfectly well as a running shoe thanks to the comfortable upper, light stability elements, and a just-soft-enough Helion midsole. 

Buy the Shoe

father's day - on shoe


Helinox Chair Two ($140)

Seriously, it’s time to move on from your garbage Wal-Mart chair. The gold standard in ultra lightweight backpacking and camp chairs, Helinox expanded its offerings to include the Chair Two, featuring a high-back design for more comfort and versatility. Packs down into a small package, easily transportable for those post-run hangs or kids’ baseball games.

Buy the Helinox Two

father's day - helinox


Kapik1 Coffee

Ultrarunner and explorer (and former podcast guest) Ray Zahab also knows how to roast some damn good coffee, which we can attest to. Whether it’s the Sahara Sunrise medium roast or Arctic Winter Dark roast, it’s all ethically grown, ethically sourced from small-scale farmers, and all inspired by the team’s many expeditions.

Buy the Coffee

father's day - kapik1 coffee


Roark Baja Shorts ($66)

One of our favorite overall shorts, the Roark Baja has a cellphone stash pocket with a water-resistant lining, which nobody else is doing for some reason. The scalloped sides are a nice design touch and they both look and feel great on the run. Plus, we generally just want everything in the Roark catalog, so if these don’t work, you’ll find something else that’s awesome.

Buy the Shorts

father's day - roark


Mystery Ranch Galligator 10L ($89)

For a do-everything day pack that can work on the run, on the hike, or on the go, it’s hard to beat the Mystery Ranch Galligator (which comes in a few sizes). The 10L is the simplest one, offering enough space for a change of clothes and a water bottle, plus a top lid pocket and cell phone/soft flask pockets in the front.

Buy the Galligator

mystery ranch - radix 31 spring


Arcade Futureweave Belt ($40)

Our go-to belt here at Believe in the Run, the Futreweave is stretchy without looking gimmicky. The solid click closure of the buckle is straight up ASMR for dads, and it just generally works for any outfit at any time. One belt to rule them all.

Buy the Belt

father's day - arcade belt


Fractel Legionnaire ($60)

You know I had to put it on here. There’s only one size left in the Robbe Raccoon signature cap, but no worries, there’s many more options available in the Fractel inventory. It’s the ultimate dad cap and we’re making it cool without looking like a tourist. With lightweight materials, high-quality construction, and a snap closure, you’ll be ready to stay shady out all summer long.

Buy the Legionnaire

raccoon legionnaire


Satisfy Peaceshell River Shirt ($310)

What can we say? This really is our favorite shirt right now. Made in Portugal from a lightweight and recycled micro twill from Japan and featuring invisible snap closures, ice pockets in the rear, and elastic cuffs this thing is just excellent. It’s light and breathable, it fits perfectly, it looks great in any situation. Buy it or don’t, just don’t say it’s not an awesome shirt. Because it is.

Buy the River Shirt

satisfy children of the trails - trail shirt

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