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Running Apparel • May 29, 2024

Janji Mountain Collection Apparel Review: Mamma Mountain, Here We Go Again

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What You Need To Know

The Gear

A mix of shorts, hats, tees, and more

The Colors

Goldenray and Wind Flower Mountain, inspired by the Peloponnese Mountains

The Price


Introduction to the Janji Mountain Collection

REESE: Janji’s Mountain Collection is the brand’s first summer-ready drop for 2024. As the name of the collection implies, this drop is geared toward big elevation changes and all the seasons that happen between the trailhead and summit.

Janji is known for its wild designs, and this collection is no exception. Janji is a big hit (at least with the crew I trail run with), and I was pretty excited to test this gear out, but I’ll be straight — my feelings on this lineup were all over the place.

The good: The fabrics were amazing. They were so soft, and the laser-cut hems were clutch. I love, love, love the fabrics.

The bad: The cut and fit. The tops were very boxy and cropped or incredibly oversized. And the tight shorts squeezed in all the wrong places.

The ugly: The colors. At best, I looked like a Laffy Taffy. At worst I looked like a flaccid banana with a see-through top on. That all being said, the quality of the products is phenomenal, and the fabrics make up for some of the less positive vanity-centric aspects.

MATT: I was pretty stoked to test out some items from Janji’s Mountain Collection, as I have had a very limited yet positive past experience with the brand. I have only owned a couple of pieces of apparel from the company, but they have all been really well made and have lasted for years, specifically a pair of 3-inch shorts that are now discontinued but remain in heavy rotation in my running collection.

As Reese mentioned, the colors and patterns are not for those looking to blend in and look more like they may have been purchased from Dan Flashes (The jacket’s patterns are VERY COMPLICATED).

Actually, the design used in a few of the pieces I tested was created by a famous street artist from Athens, Greece, named Atek. The Wind Flower Mountain design was inspired by the Wildflowers found in the Peloponnese mountains of Greece, so let’s get our Mamma Mia on.

Janji Sunchaser 50 Hooded Long Sleeve

REESE: The fabric of this top is super soft and buttery. Janji’s Dandelion color doesn’t come through as strong in photos, but it’s pretty darn yellow and sheer; luckily, Janji offers other colors. I typically wear a small, but this top fit is long and frumpy. The sleeves (and the thumb holes) came down over my hands, and the bottom of the shirt came down to my crotch — not great, Janji. While lightweight and featuring 50 UFP sun protection, I found the shirt to be a little too warm to run in, but I could see it being a great casual shirt for sunny climates or desert excursions. Picture camping in a Moab-type vibe or floating in a river on a hot day. Ah, the dream.

PRICE: $84

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Janji Hatchback Mesh Cap

MATT: The Hatchback Cap might be the lightest running I’ve ever worn. It has a pliable foam bill that you can flip up if needed, but the rest of the cap is made of a single layer of feather-light mesh. It breathes great, evaporates sweat, and dries super fast. I also love the simple reflective bungee cord for adjusting the fit. This is an amazing running cap for hot, humid, and even rainy days on the trails. As a bonus, I received the cap in the Wind Flower Mountain design, which matches perfectly with the Zephyrunner Wind shell.

PRICE: $38

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Janji Long Bra

REESE: This is hands down my favorite Janji piece. Love the fit and fabric. It has quickly become my go-to bra. It doesn’t squeeze my rib cage, but it does offer ample support on runs. This bra feels like a second skin. The smooth-finished seamed hems ensure no chafing and a glove-like fit. The internal band provides additional support, but I’d put this bra on the light side of support.

The racerback features a bounce-free pocket for phone carrying. My iPhone 12 fits perfectly, but I’ll be honest: I don’t know when I’d use that feature. It’s a bit awkward reaching far down my back to grab a phone. It’s worth noting the Dandelion color is a bit… sheer. You can see through the layers about as soon as you start to sweat. Let’s just say, with this colorway, I could enter into a wet tshirt content, but not win it. At least I’d be the most comfortable person there. The padding, even after washing, was oddly pointy shaped, i.e., it always looked like I was… cold. That being said, this is my favorite piece of the collection, and I’ll wear it regardless.

PRICE: $70

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Janji Zephyrunner Wind Shell

MATT: As mentioned above, this Wind Shell also comes in the Wind Flower Mountain design, which I think is really cool. It won’t be for everyone, but that’s ok. This is hands down my favorite piece from the collection that I tested.

Anyone who has raced or run Ultra distances knows the importance of a reliable, lightweight, packable windshell jacket. Temperatures and conditions can change without much warning when in the mountains or when racing for 20+ hours, and having a solid jacket that you can pack without taking up much space is vital (bonus points if it looks as rad as this one).

The Zephyrunner is already one of my favorite wind shells that I have ever run in. There is a really good balance between breathability and wind/rain protection. The large back panel venting helps keep things cool, while the super-light nylon shell holds up admirably to wind and rain. As a bonus, it has three zipper pockets which is perfect for gels/nutrition, and the logos are reflective for some added safety.

PRICE: $138

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Janji 5-inch Pace Short

REESE: Sick of tight leg grippers? Same. These Janji shorts might be the solution. The silicon grippers help these shorts stay in place without overly squeezing your thighs. And if you’re someone who wants to store a lot of stuff in your pants (who doesn’t?), these are basically tight cargo shorts. Lots of pockets — along the side of the thighs, across the lower back, and a small internal waistband pocket for stashing keys or credit cards. The thigh pockets took a second for me to get used to, as the opening is more toward the back of the shorts.

Unfortunately, the fit was not ideal for my body. I’m 5-foot-2 and have muscular legs and glutes, so I felt like I wanted shorts a little longer (Janji offers 3.5-inch and 7-inch options) and wished the waistband sat higher on me. The shorts hit my thighs at a weird spot, and they did ride up a bit. If I were a betting woman, I would put money on the 7-inch short to solve the length and riding up issues.

PRICE: $68

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Janji 4-inch Cadence Short

REESE: Once again, I’m obsessed with the lightweight fabric of these shorts. Buttery soft. The inner lining stayed in place, and the shorts were so lightweight they had a barely there feeling (they were there, I checked). I’m a split short fan, through and through, but these are pretty high up on the great fit and feel for my discerning taste. The front key pocket is a bit weird — when you have keys there you do get a bit of a bulge that flops around. It’s not a big deal, but if it were moved to the side, it might be a little more visually appealing and less bouncy.

PRICE: $64

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Janji 5-inch AFO Middle Short Ultra

MATT: The AFO Middle Short has been Janji’s most popular running short for Men, and Ultra means that some enhancements were made to keep it that way.

I have already worn these shorts on 5-6 runs, and I have to say, I can see why they are best sellers. The shorts are super comfortable; they don’t rub or slip, and they have a variety of pockets and storage. This is my personal preference, but for Summer running, 5 inches just feels about an inch or two too long. I had zero issues when running, but the fit just overall felt a little too loose. I am typically between a Small and Medium, so maybe this could be solved by sizing down from the Medium pair that Janji sent me.

The pockets are a highlight. There are two zippered hand pockets, a zippered rear pocket, and two more drop-in pockets that I found perfect for gel storage.

PRICE: $78

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Janji Circa Daily Muscle Tank

REESE: This super soft (broken record at this point) tank is shockingly made from 37% recycled polyester and is OEKO-TEX certified. While maybe not the best for running, it’s the perfect tank for warm-weather outings. Think hikes, running errands, walking the dog, etc… It’s on the boxy, cropped, and loose side, so the fit is a bit awkward, but when paired with high-rise jeans or leggings, it works well.

PRICE: $44

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Janji Run All Day Tee

MATT: The Run All Day Tee is an ultralightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking T-shirt designed not to cling or chafe when wet.

I wasn’t a fan of the Goldenray color that I received at first, but after a few runs, I started to appreciate the splash of color it added to my predominately black running apparel. As Reese mentioned, the shirt fits a bit looser and baggier than I’m typically used to with wicking materials, but I actually really liked the flowy feel once I started running.

The big callout with this shirt is how it handles super hot and humid conditions. I put it to the absolute test with some super gross and muggy early summer days here in Maryland, and I was really impressed with how the material handled the moisture while not clinging to my skin or causing chafing.

PRICE: $58

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