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Believe in the Run was founded on passion. We get to work in a sport that changes people’s lives. It’s certainly changed ours.

Who we are

Started by Thomas Neuberger in 2009, the initial purpose of Believe in the Run was to raise money for charity as he trained for the five-day TransRockies Run in Colorado. Eventually, it turned towards shoe and gear reviews, and we are now the top running review site online, serving millions of runners a year through a diverse array of channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and The Drop and Fuel For The Sole running podcasts.

Over the last thirteen years, running footwear has seen a sea change. From the barefoot running craze to the birth of the max cushion movement to the revolutionary race day super shoes spawned by the Nike Vaporfly– we’ve run through it all.

As such, we have a unique insider’s perspective on the sport. Each member of our core team has tried more running shoes than almost any other human on earth. Running is our lifestyle, our job, but most importantly– our passion.

Through it all, we’ve used a down-to-earth approach to try and make our shoe and gear reviews fun, engaging, and (hopefully) not too nerdy. Sure, we want to provide our readers with all the in-depth information and specs, but we also want to make sure we drop in a Wu Tang or Arrested Development reference every now and then.

Thomas and Robbie High Fivin'

Thomas and Robbie High Fivin’

Team BITR at the Running Event

Team BITR at the Running Event 2022

We Live The Lifestyle

We are runners through and through. We get excited about running gear, athletic performances, and live events. Through our training we test a wide array of shoes, apparel, nutrition, and accessories to help our followers make an informed decision on selecting the right gear for their running goals. Above all, our number one goal is to make the sport of running more fun.

We don’t care if you’re a running shoe geek or couch-to-5K runner; our mission is simple- we strive to provide honest reviews that runners can trust when making their gear choices. We don’t pull any punches when it comes to getting you the real details about running gear.

And here’s the weird thing– honesty breeds respect. Brands and followers alike appreciate our up-front honesty, because it helps everyone in the end. Runners find what works, brands fix what doesn’t, and a rising tide lifts all ships.

Unlike some reviewers, we put in between 20-80 miles in every shoe we test. Sometimes more if we’re in a marathon training block. Because, shockingly, running shoes should be run in.

With a team of dedicated reviewers across the U.S., we’re able to test our shoes in a variety of conditions and terrains. It’s that kind of authenticity that our readers have come to expect.

It’s An Art Form

There are plenty of institutional media companies who have covered running for decades, using a traditional model that has remained largely unchanged over the years. For us, the culture of running is exciting, full of personality and different backgrounds, consisting of styles and approaches that bring out the best in us as humans.

We strive to bring a fresh angle to the sport and innovate the way it’s presented to the public. Through our copy, videos, photographs, and designs, we strive to look and feel different from the other running content. We pride ourselves in imagining creative ways to engage with our audience. But make no mistake, running is competitive, and so are we. We bring that edge, that wow, that next-level vibe to everything we do.

If It Ain’t Fun…

…why do it? Believe in the Run was founded on passion. We get to work in a sport that changes people’s lives. It’s certainly changed ours. While we take our content and our goals as a brand seriously, none of this would be worth it if we weren’t having fun. Whether that’s our off-the-cuff YouTube reviews or snarky edge in online commentary, we like to keep it light and punchy. Sometimes the work is type-2 fun, but in the end, it’s worth it.

About You

Come join us, subscribe, and become a Believer in the church of the run. People always say running has the lowest barrier for entry, and we believe our content should be the same. When you visit, we promise not to put our content behind a paywall or a subscription model. Because without you, we wouldn’t be here.

If you represent a brand that would like to have your products or events reviewed by our team, please contact us. We will listen to your pitch and test your product and do our best to give you space where other publications won’t. Unlike legacy media owned by corporate conglomerates tied to quarterly profits, we won’t charge you for award badges, for using our logo, or for using pull quotes from our reviews. We don’t even care if you have an affiliate program (though we won’t complain if you do). Point being– we don’t see you as a dollar sign, we actually like building personal relationships with others who love running as much as we do.

When we say we’re part of the running community, we mean all of it.

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