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Running Apparel • June 20, 2024

Gorewear Summer 2024 Apparel Review: Flat-locked and Flying

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What You Need To Know

The Gear

Jackets and shirts with premium recycled materials

The Weather

Rain, sun, who’s to say, really

The Price


Introduction to the Gorewear Summer 2024 Collection

MELISSA: Gore Wear is a sportswear brand owned by the company behind the waterproof Gore-Tex technology that we love so much. Controversy aside (feel free to research yourself), I decided to focus strictly on individual product quality and its performance on the run.

TAYLOR: Only because of this reviewing gig have I been able to try out anything bearing the Gore name. We get Gore-Tex versions of trail shoes here and there during the year, and they always earn brownie points for their waterproof performance.

It’s kind of crazy to say, but half of the garments under the Gorewear brand cost more than a Gore-Tex shoe itself. But this is where I’m pulled apart within consumerism. Word of mouth tells me that Gorewear, especially Gore-Tex, is absolutely the best in its class. Is the extra dough worth the upper percentages of performance? We have a couple of pieces of gear here that would test that question.

Gorewear Concurve Jacket

MELISSA: The Concurve jacket is fitted, lightweight and keeps you well-protected from the elements. What makes this jacket stand out is the overall fit and slight stretch this material has, making running — and honestly any movement — go smoothly. This stretchiness is actually something I’ve never experienced in an effective windbreaker or raincoat. The only thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t ventilate very well and I found myself overheating quickly. However, in cold and wet conditions, this would make the perfect outer layer. Concurve comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s extremely flattering, functional, and guaranteed to keep you warm and dry.

TAYLOR: I’m going to be frank here, I’m not usually a fan of running with a rain jacket. I either end up getting wet from the inside (sweat) or the outside (precipitation), and the fit is often abysmal for movement. They become such a specific use case that if I’m going to be using one at all, I better have a good one.

The Concurve Gore-Tex Jacket is a good one — a great one, for that matter. Firstly, I found out that the quality of Gore-Tex fabrics within a wearable garment is literally the best — the cream of the crop. The jacket is made out of a very lightweight, moderately flexible, and extremely hydrophobic outer. The Gore-Tex material is amazing! The fabric’s performance alone is enough to give the nod of approval.

Perhaps even better is the fit. It’s obvious that each panel is strategically fitted and placed to promote movement. I was able to run completely unencumbered, and the shoulder/upper back region had just the right amount of space.

All of this is wrapped up in a lightweight packable package at 7.1 ounces.

We’re not done yet. The Gore-Tex Concurve Jacket has a handful of “extras” that set this jacket ahead even further in the rankings. We’re talking neoprene-like wrist cuffs that made a light but functional seal around my wrist. The cuffs also made it easy to glance at my watch on the go.

The hood is also a big deal, as it has flat taped seams, a fit-adjusting band, and a structured small bill to protect the face during torrential downpours. When the hood is not needed, simply utilize the magic magnetic clasp located in the middle of the upper back. It prevents the hood from bee-boppin’ up and down while in motion. PTL for such thoughtful designers.

It seems like every good rain jacket has notable features, but the Gore-Tex Concurve Jacket is the most functional package that I’ve reviewed thus far. $250 is a lot to drop on a jacket. I’m not 100% sure I can say it is worth every penny; however, it is absolutely one of the best rain jackets available

PRICE: $250

Shop The Jacket - Men Shop The Jacket - Women

Gorewear Contest 2.0 Shirt

MELISSA: Like other Gorewear products, both the Contest 2.0 long sleeve and short sleeve come at (what I think is) a high price point. I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical. Is it worth spending this much on a running shirt? Aesthetically, the short sleeve is form-fitting and is very flattering. The long sleeve, however, looks a bit boxy on me and has a ‘futuristic’ appearance to it. I do like the seamless neckline on both the short and long-sleeve shirts. I agree with the product description that there is a weightless feel to these shirts. It seriously feels like your shirt isn’t even there. Not only did the Contest 2.0 breathe and ventilate well, but it wicks sweat really well too. Overall, both the short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions of the Contest 2.0 are high-quality shirts that perform quite well.

TAYLOR: As soon as I pulled the Contest 2.0 shirts out of the package, I knew that they had high potential to become my new favorite racing shirts or, at least, garments I wear when lightweight performance matters. My first runs in a variety of spring conditions confirmed my suspicions.

The Contest 2.0 short-sleeve and long-sleeve are extremely light garments. They are laser-etched pieces of polyester (56% recycled) that feel “airy.” They have flat adhered seams to pull it all together. Such construction made me question my current relationship with traditional seams. As far as the Contest 2.0 is concerned, I don’t want the traditional seam anymore. I just want whatever is going on here. It’s light, comfortable, and performance-oriented.

Both the long-sleeve and short-sleeve versions are “slim fitting,” but not in a constricting manner. The shirts ride the lines of the body well while allowing scant room for breathability. This is certainly the type of fit I would seek out for most of my running garments. I am thoroughly impressed with the Gorewear Contest 2.0.

PRICE: Short Sleeve – $80, Long Sleeve – $90

Shop The Shirt - Men (Short Sleeve) Shop The Shirt - Women (Short Sleeve) Shop The Shirt - Men (Long Sleeve) Shop The Shirt - Women (Long Sleeve)

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