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Running Apparel • November 2, 2021

Tracksmith Fall 2021 Collection Review

tracksmith fall 2021

What You Need To Know

  • Premium running apparel with retro-classic styling/li>
  • Fall collection features new colorways and styles
  • Merino wool is the gospel truth, and we will die on that hill
  • From shorts to long sleeves to winter caps, we got you covered

We probably don’t need to say much about Tracksmith that we already haven’t said in the past. But for any newcomers here, Tracksmith has to be hanging at the top of our charts (and our laundry pile), season after season. This fall and winter, some of our favorite pieces are back with new colors, while they’re simultaneously joined by a new cast of clothing. Seasons change, but the New England vibe remains.


tracksmith downeaster half zip

Apparel that performs well out on the roads and out on the town is key during Fall. The Downeaster is the best example of a pullover that can do it all. This Merino wool quarter-zip regulates body temps very well, keeping you warm in the cold while also breathing when unexpected warmth hits. We usually like to think of wool as an itchy holiday sweater, but the Downeaster is buttery smooth and soft. Like a lot of Tracksmith products, it resists odors too. The versatile Downeaster is the garment of the season.

Note: The men’s pullover is available in December. Women’s sizes are available now.

 PRICE: $148

Shop Downeaster – Women Shop Downeaster – Men

〉Downeaster Pant

tracksmith downeaster pant

Oh, we forgot to mention, there are pants too. The same Merino wool in the Downeaster pullover contributes to a blended fabric in the pants for a soft structure. These pants are magically warm yet breathable, insulated yet sweat-wicking, and odor-resistant. Actually, it’s not really magic, it’s just polypropylene. Regardless, these might be the only pants we’ll ever wear again. A rear zipper pocket also provides a little extra storage for keys, a credit card, or your pumpkin spice or peppermint gels. Get the most out of the Downeaster Pants by pairing them with the pullover or another Tracksmith long sleeve…

PRICE: $148

Shop Downeaster Pant – Women Shop Downeaster Pant – Men

〉Brighton Base Layer

tracksmith brighton base layer

The Brighton Base Layer is a Tracksmith staple, and it’s easy to see why. The lightweight long sleeve made of a Merino mesh is designed to be worn under a jacket, hence the ‘base layer’ moniker. But one of the best features about the Brighton is its seamless construction. Yup, that’s right, absolutely 0 chafing with this shirt. Especially in the cold Fall and Winter months when you won’t be shedding layers during a run, it’s crucial to have on a layer top that you feel comfortable and confident in. While flattering, the fit isn’t too tight to wear out on its own either, in case you’re somewhere that doesn’t experience New England-esque Winter temps. Available in new colors for Fall, we can’t recommend this shirt enough.

PRICE: $88

Shop Brighton – Women Shop Brighton – Men

〉Van Cortlandt Shorts

tracksmith fall 2021 short

Our favorite garment from The Hare. Ever. It’s almost too easy to put them on this list, but they’re just that good. And we’ll keep putting it on here. The Van Cortlandt shorts are unbelievably light, featuring Tracksmith’s signature 2:09 Mesh for the most comfortable fit of any running short ever (shoutout to The North Face Better Than Naked’s as a 1B). Hell, the liner is so good that even Wide Foot Jarrett wouldn’t dare cut it out. Speaking of cut, the Van Cortlandt’s are designed for the modest, with a 4-inch inseam that preserves your dignity without compromising your performance. Pick up the Grand version (pictured) if you’re not huge on the scalloped size. And check out the new colorways for the fall. Whatever version or color you pick, know that you’re wearing the best short in running.

PRICE: $60

Shop Van Cortlandt – Men Shop Van Cortlandt – Women

〉Prospect Beanie

tracksmith prospect beanie

As temps plummet, it’s important to keep comfortably warm while logging fall and winter miles. The Prospect Beanie is as warm as they come. Made from 100% lambswool merino, it’s ultra soft and comfortable for even the coldest of days. It’s finally getting into the 30s here in Baltimore and we’ve been wearing it to keep our ears toasty. Top-notch quality and the colorways are perfect. This may be one to put on the Christmas list– if you can wait that long

PRICE: $42

Shop Prospect Beanie

〉Inverno Gloves

At first glance, I thought these were called “Inferno Gloves,” which sounded really scary. Lighting your hands on fire isn’t a particularly sustainable way to combat piercing cold temperatures. These gloves are designed with modern society in mind, with phone-friendly tips on the thumbs and forefinger for scrolling. Tracksmith also added a quirky but useful feature: they reversed the fabric that runs over the thumb and forefinger so that you can wipe your nose and mouth without chapping your lips or scraping your nose. It’s thoughtful elements like this that make Tracksmith one of the best apparel/gear brands in the running game. If you’re looking for gloves this season, grab a pair of the stylish Invernos.     

PRICE: $32

Shop Inverno Gloves

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