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Running Apparel • July 5, 2024

Running Gear We Love Right Now | July 2024

gear we love - july 2024

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We get a lot of gear to review here at Believe in the Run. Sometimes we get a whole seasonal collection to review, but more often than not, we get a bunch of items meant for different purposes. Some nutrition here, a couple hats there, tack on some casual pants and maybe some socks.

If you’re like us, you probably don’t want to read a review about just one pair of socks, or a backpack, or whatever. But if we’re using something all the time– if it’s become part of our running life– we want you to know. That’s where this monthly roundup comes in.

Each month, we give you a list of items that we really, truly love. Everything on this list is something we keep coming back to again and again. Maybe it’s the fit, maybe it’s the performance, maybe it’s just something we can’t explain. But at the end of the day, we love it, and we hope you do too.

Of course, we’re always looking for new gear to fall in love with, so if you have any recommendations yourself, please leave them in the comments below.

The Running Gear We Love Right Now

Thomas’s Pick #1

UVEX MTN Perform ($190)

I wore these exclusively for our entire trip to Broken Arrow (running) and Western States (spectating), and they were perfect– the ultra-fast photochromic technology immediately adjusts to changing light conditions, providing perfect vision in bright sun or shade. Usually, I skip sunglasses on the trail cause it is hard to see the trail with shadows and rocks, but with these full-cover shades, I had eye protection and total visibility. The fit is on point thanks to comfortable, adaptable nose pads. Functionally, you can’t do much better than these.

Shop The Sunglasses

gear of the month - uvex sunglasses

Meaghan’s Pick #1

Asics Metarun Tank ($70)

It’s that time of year again when wearing a shirt is not optimal, but if you’re going to wear one, it better have holes in it. The Metarun tank from Asics has exactly that, or as they like to say: “strategic body-mapped fabric that provides targeted ventilation in key heat zones.” Either way, this is a winner for those extra warm days.

Buy The Singlet


Robbe’s Pick #1

Mission Workshop Loch Short ($178)

This do-it-all short has been my go-to since I got it. Made of a 4-way stretch with a snug fit, this short is perfect for everything from biking to swimming to setting off fireworks (can confirm) and its dual zip cargo pockets are perfect for storage. The knife pocket is a nice touch as well. It’s not cheap, but it is hand-sewn in San Francisco using premium materials, like dual German-made snaps and Italian seam tape. If you do treat yourself, know that you’ll be treated for a very long time.

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gear of the month - mission workshop shorts

Thomas’s Pick #2

Norda Toolbox Duffel ($595)

Made from Bio-Dyneema, the most indestructible, lightest material known to man, the 70-liter Toolbox has you covered for adventure. I used it on our last trip to carry six pairs of running shoes with room left for running clothing. The removable backpack straps are handy, making it easy to transport with the handles or over the shoulders. The price of $595 may have you wondering if you can get by with a traditional ripstop or canvas duffel, but you’re paying for weight and durability. I plan on this bag lasting longer than I do.

Shop The Duffel 

gear of the month - norda toolbox

Meaghan’s Pick #2

Ciele GoCap - Paris Edition ($55)

The Ciele GoCap has become my go-to hat this summer. It’s lightweight, fast-drying, machine washable, and comes with a pliable pre-curved brim. The best feature? An adjustable, stretchy drawstring cord that gives you the *perfect* fit. I also like wearing my Paris version since we’ll be heading there in August.

Shop the Cap

gear of the month - ciele gocap

Robbe’s Pick #2

One Way Carbon Vario Dark Trekking Poles ($230)

Out of the blue, One Way contacted us about testing poles the week before our the Broken Arrow 11K, a race that features nearly 2,000 feet of elevation over the middle three miles. These adjustable carbon poles saved my life, or at least my race. They’re midweight, but super versatile– you can use them from anything from running to hiking to Nordic skiing.

Buy The Poles

gear of the month - one way carbon vario

Ryan’s Pick #1

Hyperice Hypersphere ($149)

We all know how good a tennis ball can feel when rolled under sore feet — especially during Summer Grit. Now, give that tennis ball a grippy rubber cover and a vibrating motor and see how good it feels. You can technically use the Hypersphere on any part of your body, but I love it on my mid back and under the sole of my feet as I ramp back up into marathon season mileage.

Buy Hyperice

gear of the month - hyperice hypersphere

Ryan’s Pick #2

Hoka Adventure Hat ($28)

Listen, if Robbe gets a second summer of the Legionnaire, I’m gonna do what I can to show the bucket hat some love. Hoka sent us a few of its Adventure Hats (they’re buckets by a different name), and I’ve been rocking the Global Run Club version for weeks on end. It’s light-colored, so it doesn’t grab much heat, and the adjustable string and buckle make it easy to find a comfortable fit that doesn’t slip or slide around.

Buy the Adventure Hat

gear of the month - hoka adventure cap

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