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Physiclo Resistance Tights

Reviewer: Meaghan

We were contacted by Physiclo to review a pair of their tights. Physiclo designs running apparel outfitted with resistance technology. Basically, all the tights come with elastic bands and panels that are integrated within multiple layers inside the tights. The idea is that the bands increase your effort and energy, so your average run turns not-so-average. Here’s my experience with them…

I was first sent a size small that did not work for me. At all. In fact, I emailed the Physiclo Cofounder & CEO, Frank Yao to let him know my thoughts. After I wrote him a fairly detailed email on why I didn’t believe the resistance tights worked, he recommended that I try a smaller size. Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. The sizing made a HUGE difference.

The Physiclo tights are a bit of a workout just to get on. They are snug and you want to make sure the resistance bands are hitting you in the right place. Once you get them on, they feel similar to compression tights. It’s not until you start moving that you can really feel the difference. These tights take a little getting used to. It’s kind of like having weights on your thighs. The simple task of walking up the stairs turns into strength training.

I decided to wear them around the house a few times before I used them for a workout. Since I felt slightly awkward wearing them I opted for the treadmill. I’ve always thought treadmill running is “easier” (physically, not mentally) than road running, so the resistance tights were a nice addition. They increase the intensity of the workout and, as a fun added bonus, burn more calories. I don’t think I’d wear these tights for any serious speed work, but I like them for recovery runs. They help you keep the pace down and it’s nice to change up the routine.

All in all, I really like the Physiclo tights. If you’re currently strapping on a set of ankle weights or wrapping resistance bands around your thighs, the Physiclo capris are a solid alternative. They’re not giving them away, at $110, but the quality is there. At the very least, it’s an easy way to change up your running routine without really trying. FTW.


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  1. Deborah Cardiahh says:

    A great review of these resistance tights. Who knew that going a size smaller would work that way, it goes against what you would think, but I will definitely try that approach. I really like the sound of the Physiclo Resistance Tights and I will definitely be buying some to test myself. Thanks for the great review.

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