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Tracksmith Running Apparel Review

Meaghan: My day job is digital marketing, so I’m a sucker for cool social media campaigns. I wasn’t familiar with Tracksmith until Thomas forwarded me an email they sent him: the Personal Record Bonus. The rules are simple. You run a PR in any Tracksmith gear and they’ll give you $250 in store credit. That’s a pretty sweet deal (and campaign). I reached out to the company who kindly sent Thomas and I a kit. Here’s what we thought.

The Good

Meaghan: I received two pieces from Tracksmith, the Harrier tank and the Van Cortlandt short. Spoiler alert: this apparel is the sh*t. I loved it so much, I ordered more. More on that later.

The Harrier tank has a high neckline with oversized arm holes. It’s a flattering design & fit. It’s 89% merino wool, 11% nylon and so frickin’ comfortable. I know what you’re thinking. Wool in the summer? Yep! The merino wool actually does a really good job of wicking moisture away from the skin. Added bonus: wool contains lanolin, a natural, oily wax emitted by sheep’s skin that prevents mildew and bacteria from building up. AKA: your sweaty, dripping summer running clothes don’t smell so bad. FTW.

The Van Cortlandt shorts are equally great. They’re simple, comfortable, and my new go-to running short. They’re designed with a mesh fabric, flattering design and 3″ inseam. They aren’t fitted through the thighs, which I prefer. The waistband is soft and one of the only shorts that haven’t chafed me horrendously this summer. The drawstring allows for a snug fit.

Thomas: I already loved Tracksmith’s branding before I ever touched a sample of their fabric. The gear lives up to the marketing. I instantly fell in love with the Van Cortlandt shorts. Currently, we are in an extremely hot and humid spell that will turn anything you are wearing into a soaking wet heavy mess. The light airy fabric of the Van Cortlandt short is ideal for helping you deal with the conditions Summer brings. The Van Cortlandt short is not for the bashful runner, with a 4″ inseam, you have to be ok with showing off your quads. The tinyness of the inseam helps keep the shorts from getting too sloppy once you douse them with your sweat. These shorts are the most comfortable hot weather shorts I have ever worn. They have a low rise that sits on my hips in the perfect spot, and the liner is unnoticeable in a good way. I liked the sample pair Tracksmith sent so much I ordered another pair. They have become my tough workout go to short.

Tracksmith also sent a Harrier shirt. As Meaghan noted, it is a Merino wool 89%, 11% nylon material. The fit is so nice you could don the shirt as casual wear. The Merino is naturally anti-microbial so it keeps the stink at bay. Merino is also great for regulating temperature, keeping you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. The details on the shirt make it a standout. The stitching is so clean. This basic tee isn’t so basic.

The Bad

Meaghan: The downside to this apparel is that I can’t afford to buy the entire collection. The premium apparel comes at a premium price. Both garments I tested cost $60 a piece. Performance-wise, the only complaint I have is the tank got heavy on long runs. All the sweat wicked away from my skin seemed to absorb into the wool.

Thomas: The Van Cortlandt shorts are simple in design and that is what makes them great. You only have one pocket located in the back middle of the short. I will have to figure out where to stash nutrition during a marathon.

The Harrier shirt will get heavy as it soaks up your sweat. It performs better than cotton but isn’t as light as some polyester based garments. I also learned that you have to go easy with the Two Tom’s Sport Shield unless you want it to look like you are lactating. My nips were highlighted creating much amusement for Meaghan.

The Conclusion

Meaghan: No, Tracksmith didn’t pay me to write this review. I genuinely love the clothing. The one thing I should note is that the apparel runs a little large for the ladies. I originally asked for a size small, but when we ordered additional clothing, I went with an extra-small. If you’re looking for some stylish summer running clothes, get yourself some Tracksmith. I guarantee you’ll love it.

Thomas: The biggest endorsement I can give a running product is spending my money on it. We receive a lot of samples to review, there rarely is a reason to purchase anything. Most apparel lasts a long time too. So when I liked the Van Cortlandt shorts so much that I hated waiting for them to get out of the wash, I could not resist ordering a pair. Meg is right. They are higher priced. I think they are worth it. I have shorts that have lasted over 4 years, it isn’t like shoes that get replaced every 300-400 miles. If I think about it that way, the $60 price tag for the shorts doesn’t seem insane. I also picked up a Van Cortlandt singlet, they are equivalent to singlets what Lacoste is to polo shirts. They have a special edition BQ singlet that you can not purchase until they verify your BQ time. I will be adding that to my collection this Fall. Special thanks to Mike Dasalla for making me aware of Tracksmith and the special edition singlet. He wore his to Boston last year and looked like a champ.

To see images of us with Tracksmith gear check out our Instagram feed.


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