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Lunatik Athletiks Compression Sleeve and Sock Review

The Good

Meaghan I recently got into calf sleeves. And by “got into”, I mean I f’ing love calf sleeves. Aside from all the standard benefits (reduction in lactic acid build-up, improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, etc) they just feel awesome. There’s something about compression sleeves that give me a whole new level of confidence to run faster and longer. Some people might argue it’s all mental and I’m okay with that. Mental, physical – for me, they work. Needless to say, when Lunatik Athletiks approached us to review their products, I was all for it. I was provided with a pair of the Lunatik SuperSonic sleeves (s) and Nirvana socks (s).

It’s hard not to smile when you look at these sleeves/socks. I mean, they’re outrageous. They’re also super comfortable. I never had any issues with the socks sliding down or moving around during my runs. My number one concern with compression sleeves is the (believe it or not) amount of compression. There’s nothing worse than running in sleeves that aren’t tight enough. I found that both the socks and sleeves had the perfect amount of pressure. They’re not overly tight that you’re likely to injure yourself just trying to get them over an ankle, but tight enough that you can feel the difference as soon as you put one on. These feel slightly tighter than the Zensah sleeves I’ve also been sporting recently.

Thomas I tried out the Midnight Rider compression socks. The thickness of the sock is right where I like itto be. They feel similar to the Swiftwick socks that we reviewed and I like so much that I have purchased more of their products. I actually think the Lunatik Athletik compression sock have better calf compression. The most important thing is that they stay up during the run. Usually I go with a calf sleeve because I feel like the attached sock can pull the calf compression down. The Midnight Riders have stayed up on my runs where other brands have failed.

Stein  Compared to other compression sleeves I have worn, so far these are my favorites. In order of min to max compression, my findings are (1)Tommy Copper, (2) Zensah, (3)CP and (4)Zuza Performance Compression by Lunatik. I was lucky to test the Lunatik compression sleeves and socks, and have only worn the sleeve (not sock) version of the other brands – but in any case Lunatik provides superior compression (same as or more than my former favorite made by CP in it’s prime). I really like the funky designs that Lunatik offers, which makes running in them even more fun. They breath well, wick sweat effectively and fit great.

Jenny Before getting hit up to review Lunatiks Athletiks, I had never heard of them!  When I think compression, I think 2xu, CEP, CWX, Skins…but to my surprise, Lunatiks brings some super sass to compression!  How fun are these socks?!  If race day is about making a statement, then you’ve come to the right place.  Now, I know the jury is still out on the effectiveness of compression socks but if the elites are doing it, it can’t be all that bad, right?  Just take a look at the starting line of a big race.  The majority of the crowd is decked out in some sort of compression.  Whether it’s a placebo effect or simply a fashion statement, I’m buying into it.  I do a lot of my long runs and speedwork in compression and I have to say, it has made a huge difference in recovery.  After my last 50k, my.body.was.wrecked.–that is, everything but my calves.  Unbelievable.  I wore those silly little socks and I swear that’s what did the trick.  Was it because they claim to increase circulation, flushing the legs of lactic acid or because they reduce muscle vibration, which causes damage?  I don’t freaking care.  I nothing else, it can’t hurt.

The Bad

Meaghan There’s not much I didn’t like about these socks/sleeves. They do exactly what I am looking for in compression gear. Some people may not appreciate the crazy coloring; however, Lunatik also offers your basic black (boring) options.

Thomas At $44 they are an expensive sock. Another reason I like calf sleeves is that you don’t have to worry about ruining the whole thing by getting a hole in your sock. I will put holes in socks over time.

Stein Pricey, but they’re right in line with the cost of other calf compression products.

Jenny I felt like they were just a little long for my shorty legs.  To get them to hit just below the knee, I had to scootch them down some.

The Overall

Meaghan If you’re in the market for some new compression gear, Lunatik Athletiks is a great option. They’re reasonably priced (SuperSonic sleeves run $38 and Nirvana socks $44) and are well made. If I was to choose between the socks or sleeves, I would opt for the sleeves, but that’s really just a personal preference. If nothing else, you’ll certainly get some smiles from these garments.

Thomas Don’t let the cheeky name fool you. these are serious socks with good compression.

Stein They were effective both during and after runs. Did I mention how zany and colorful they are? The Zuza Performance Compression socks and sleeves by Lunatik are good stuff. I like them a lot.

Jenny I dig the patterns.  Not only do they serve a purpose but they are wicked fun.  They’ve got something to choose from for everyone–men can even get in on the argyle/polka dot goodness.


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  1. patrick voo says:

    i love my lunatik athletiks socks! btw thomas – whenever I’ve worn holes in foot portion of my compression socks, i’ve cut them off at the ankles and turned them into calf sleeves!

    1. I figured that would be one solution. Nice way to keep them going.

  2. Marvin says:

    By what physiological mechanism does compression wear improve muscle function and/or recovery? I am not aware of any literature that supports these claims.

    1. Hi Marvin, If you google “studies of the benefits of compression and running” you will find quite a few articles. Here is one from Runner’s World: The best way to find out if you think compression works is to try it. Personally, I put in several weeks of back to 60+ miles of running. I have noticed that sometimes a calf sleeve helps out quite a bit. They call it stabilizing the muscle, I would say the compression can help with deadening the pounding just enough to provide some relief. Try it and judge for yourself.

  3. Marvin says:

    Throughout peer reviewed literature, you will find results similar to this study: Different types of compression clothing do not increase sub-maximal and maximal endurance performance in well-trained athletes.
    Since you all are runners, and are advocating for a product, I thought I would see if there was new evidence that supported the claims of the products that you all seem to agree upon. So, my take home message is – if it feels good do it, but it won’t help…

    1. Marvin, I don’t think any new evidence has been revealed. I put it under the same category as will you run more comfortably in lightweight running shorts or bulky basketball shorts and underwear. I can’t scientifically prove that running in running shorts is better and more comfortable. At least I can’t think of a good test for measuring comfort. My bet is Meb could out run me in jeans. Enjoy the miles, -T

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