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Janji Running Apparel Review

“Janji is a running apparel brand that provides food and water to those in need.

The Believe in the Run Team was given the opportunity to try out some clothing from Janji’s fall collection. Here is our take on their latest line up of running apparel.

 Meaghan’s Take

I love Janji. I think I’ve mentioned it before. They make great stuff and it’s for a good cause. This time around I opted for some warmer winter clothing. I tried out the women’s capris and the Rwanda flag long sleeve from their latest fall collection.

Janji Capris

I wasn’t sure I was going to love the capris. Tights don’t leave much to the imagination, so it’s important they fit well. I was happily surprised; they fit great. I do wish the material was a little thicker (mainly for warmth) but other than that, I really can’t complain. They have a convenient zippered pocket in the back with a reflective pattern on the outside of each leg, perfect for early winter morning runs. The elastic waistband is perfectly snug and super comfortable. I never even thought about body glide when I went out for long runs.

I’m a big fan of the Rwanda long sleeve. It’s cool-looking, fits well, and has some nice on-seam thumbholes to help keep your hands warm. The front of the shirt has a fun asymmetric design (inspired by the Rwanda flag) and a reflective logo that adds visibility. It’s the perfect thickness for that 45ish degree weather when you’re not sure if you should go for two layers or one.

Janji has continued to impress me with their clothing and passion for a good cause. I have nothing but great things to say about them!

Thomas’ Take

I tried out the men’s Peru Llama long sleeve shirt. The shirt is slim fitting, and very soft. I liked the thumb hole at the end of the sleeves it is a nice feature for that little bit of extra warmth when you need it. if you are in the middle of a size I recommend going up a size for this shirt.

Stein’s Take

Stein tested out Janji’s men’s running pants. Here are his thoughts:

The Good
The pockets! While I never used the rear pocket (yes, there are three pockets), the side pockets were super handy. I could stow a key, some nutrition or even my phone on a few occasions. The zippers on the pockets provided a sense of security and none of my goodies ever disappeared on the road. Piping made the zippers invisible. The pants have a slim fit so even on windy days they stayed close to my legs and never hampered my stride. The Janji men’s pants were great for wind protection and good for chilly conditions. The purchase of a single pair of Janji men’s pants gives one year of drinking water to a person in Tanzania.

The Bad
Maybe I’m just warm blooded (and sometimes hot headed), but these pants are warm. Unless it’s less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit out there, you might as well wear shorts or maybe your favorite compression tights. The waistband is a bit snug which could be due to the size of my waist, but regardless I never felt comfortable sitting; only running. The zippers felt fragile but I was careful and they never failed, snagged or otherwise broke.

I’m looking forward to some frigid January weather so I can wear these pants in the conditions they’re designed for. As runners know, it’s a challenge to stay hydrated and avoid bonking, but of course there are millions of people in the world with far bigger issues. Since a percentage of each sale goes to fighting the global food and water shortage, Janji is making a difference. From a price perspective these pants are in line with the competition and worth every penny.



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