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Balega Enduro Socks: No Show limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness sock

Balega International, a leading performance sock brand in the run and outdoor specialty markets, announced its support of the Breast Cancer Fund with the release of a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness sock. A dollar per each sale of the candy pink socks will go to the organization, which works to eliminate cancer risks through public policy and educating consumers of the link between chemical exposure and breast cancer.

Jenny: So…I’m a socks snob. Never thought I’d utter those words but once you’ve experienced awesome socks, you never go back. I had the pleasure of meeting Balega’s president a couple weeks ago when he made an impromptu visit to True Runner, the run specialty store where I work. He candidly asked me which socks I run in and I honestly answered, SmartWool. Is it super hot in this room?! He was gracious and said that they do have a wool sock in their product line, which I’m excited to try! Unrelated, Believe in the Run had an upcoming review on Balega’s limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness socks (from their Grit & Grace line), a few days later! Onto it already.

Balega has a super high needle count in their Enduro socks, making the sole nice and padded, which also gives them a longer life. For those of you who have sensory issues, each toe is hand linked to leave a virtually seamless upper. Another feature that they possess above the rest is a deep heel cup. Even if the ankle is looser, they won’t slip due to that snug heel fit.

I had no issues with these socks–no heel slipping, blistering, movement in the forefoot, nothing. This particular style is especially extraordinary. Balega is donating $1 for every pair of “Don’t Tell Me…I Can’t” to the Breast Cancer Fund (just make sure you have them on the right feet). 😉

I’ve found that Balega is a hugely popular sock and coincidentally has a great price point (starting at $11). They even carry kids sizes at a lower price point (starting at $5.50)! A couple other neat facts about the company: their yarn is all made in America and then shipped to South Africa where the socks are manufactured. You’ll notice on each pair, a sticker with someone’s face…those faces are the actual people that they’ve created jobs for and who inspects each sock individually.

Meaghan: I’m not quite the sock enthusiast that Jenny is, but I can appreciate some well made shoe undergarments. I always wear socks when I run, so they’re an important part of my performance. Throughout the summer I’ve been sporting the Asics Quick Lyte, a super thin sock. The Balega Enduro: No Show are heavier than I’m accustomed to, but they won me over almost immediately.

This sock is perfectly balanced – supportive with a close fit. They contain an elastic band around the heel, which I was particularly fond of as I am battling some Achilles issues. This also helped with slippage. There’s a nice lip along the back of the heel that helps keep the sock in place while supplying some extra support. Much like bed sheets, the super high thread count is a good thing. The denser the sock, the more they wick away moisture. Even though it’s a thicker sock, the tops are constructed with a mesh ventilation panel which adds to the lightness and breathability. I really don’t have anything negative to say about these socks; I never had any issues with blisters or slippage and they never felt too constricting.

I love it when people do good things. I love it when people make great products. And I’m pretty ecstatic when someone can do both. Balega has created a fantastic sock and they’re donating $1 from every purchase to Breast Cancer Awareness. So, go buy yourself a pair. Or three.


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  1. Tessa says:

    Awesome! Great review.

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