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Running Apparel • December 15, 2023

The Best Rabbit Apparel for Winter 2024

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Our picks for both the roads and trails


Rabbit has a mix of fleece, EZ fabric, and water-resistant coatings



Intro to Rabbit Winter Apparel

TAYLOR: I’m not one to pick favorites. Maybe it’s a conditioned response as a teacher, coach, and parent, but I tend to trust that everything has something to offer. With humans, that’s true. That’s not exactly the case with shoes and gear, though. We find pretty quickly in the reviewing game that cream does, in fact, rise to the top.

Case in point: Rabbit. They’re creamy, baby. Just about everything Rabbit has to offer oozes comfort, and performance follows suit. They’re one of the few brands that seasonally churn out fresh prints and colors and update performance measures in thoughtful ways.

It’ll be no surprise that their cold weather gear is the same way. This time around, we’ve got some tried and true gear and something new to dissect.

RYAN: Taylor might not be one to pick favorites, but I am. Rabbit is one of my favorite running brands, whether winter, spring, summer, or fall. I’ve got shorts, half tights, full tights, jackets, and accessories. Oh, and the stuff that isn’t from Rabbit still has a hare on it — I mean Tracksmith, of course. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day because we’re here to dig into some Rabbit winter apparel.

As usual, I probably wasn’t even meant to be on this review. Robbe got a big old package of Rabbit gear, and the poor fella’ is too busy with shoes and other gear that he passed most of the collection on to me. It’s terrible to be the same size as your boss who gets all of the gear, ain’t it?

Anyway, I’ve basically been living in Rabbit’s winter collection since it came. I was already familiar with the joy of pocket tights, but now I have the full range of winter tops to see me through the frigid Mid-Atlantic winter. Let’s get to the specifics.

The Best Rabbit Trail Apparel for Winter

Rabbit Defroster Pocket Tight

TAYLOR: My search is over. Living in the high Rockies, tights are basically a 6-month sentence every year. Three of those months require a little more than the typical running tight. Pants are not my thing.

Rabbit’s Defroster Pocket Tights are aptly named. A performance-based and water-resistant finished outer layer meets a moderately thick fleece inner to take care of all of your winter running needs. If maintaining a thawed persona is your aim, the Defroster Pocket Tights will be your jam.

This particular pair served me well all the way into the teens. The fleece inner liner makes all the difference with the next-to-skin warmth and comfort for cold runs. I even wore the Defroster Pocket Tight on a particularly cold trail run in Minnesota (-2℉). As long as I had a jacket long enough to cover a certain area, my legs were protected enough not to spend the whole run wishing I had gone with a pair of pants.

You’ll likely never hear me complain about additional pockets. Two thigh pockets and one rear pocket come in handy on nearly every run. I typically store my phone in the rear pocket with no bounce and toss my gloves in the thigh pockets as runs progress.

The Rabbit Defroster Pocket Tights would be best applied, for most runners, in the below-freezing temps to the mid-teens if needed. On that note — I am a walking heater, so if you typically “run warm” like me, these can be paired with a pair of wind briefs and run in the single digits as well.

PRICE: $135

Shop Rabbit Defroster Pocket Tightz - Men Shop Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights - Women

Rabbit Cocoon 2.0

TAYLOR: Continuing with the fleece theme, we have the Cocoon 2.0. This garment isn’t new to me. However, it is beloved and will be the perfect companion to the Defroster Pocket Tights. With a similar idea of a more performance-oriented outer and fleece liner, the Cocoon 2.0 is ready for the frigid running days ahead.

Even more so, the Cocoon has a fitted hood with an integrated balaclava. As for the hood, it’s stretchy enough to easily fit a stocking cap or headband underneath. Warmth won’t be an issue. The balaclava itself is thin and perforated for breathability. I have yet to have a complete freeze-up of the material as I have had with buffs over the face.

Continued winter mindfulness goes to thumb holes and an integrated watch window on both arms. The Rabbit Cocoon 2.0 is a well-worn favorite of mine for the deep winter runs.

PRICE: $125

Shop Rabbit Cocoon 2.0 - Men

Rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS

TAYLOR: It’s been a couple of years now running in the EZ Tee Perf LS, and my opinion remains the same about it. Whether it’s a cool morning, wanting a light long sleeve or to layer under For various reasons, this is my most grabbed-for shirt.

The EZ Tee Perf LS is comprised of Rabbit’s lusciously soft EZ fabric. The next-to-skin comfort is top-notch, whether running or lounging, and the Perf version adds hundreds of tiny holes for optimal ventilation with the additional benefit of making the t-shirt noticeably lighter. Even so, there is enough fabric intact to make it a sensible option when needing light coverage over the upper body.

Every season, the EZ Tee Perf LS gets new colors. The newest Celestial Oak color (available for men and women) is a personal favorite.

PRICE: $55

Shop Rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS - Men Shop Rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS - Women

Rabbit Treeline Jacket

TAYLOR: Winter means moisture and wind for pretty much everyone everywhere. The Treeline Jacket could very well be your answer to that problem.

This is a jacket we’ve reviewed before. However, it now comes in a brand-new blue color. In a nutshell, the Treeline Jacket is a medium-weight water and windproof jacket. What I love most about it, besides its proficiency with shedding the elements, is how well the jacket is mapped on the body. Many rain jackets feel somewhat awkward and inflexible to run with. The Treeline Jacket fits very nicely throughout the whole torso, leaving some room to fit up to a mid-weight layer underneath.

Having a lightweight, comfortable-to-run-in, and truly waterproof jacket all in one is pretty much unheard of. If there’s any sort of winter mix spittin’, the Rabbit Treeline Jacket is what I’ve routinely reached for.

PRICE: $185

Shop Rabbit Treeline Jacket - Men Shop Rabbit Treeline Jacket - Women

The Best Rabbit Road Apparel for Winter

Rabbit Cold Front

RYAN: If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s reliable long-sleeved shirts. It’s easy to run without a shirt over the summer, but I’ve just been hoarding long-sleeve options for the winter miles as long as I can remember. Well, Rabbit’s Cold Front has quickly become one of my favorites.

It’s somewhere between a normal long-sleeve shirt and a crewneck, which makes it easy to either layer or wear on its own. I’ve been rocking it on its own so far as it’s not quite the depths of winter just yet, but I could easily see how it works well with a t-shirt underneath too. The Cold Front almost feels like a wetsuit on the outside, with a smooth, wind-resistant finish, but the inside is much softer with a brushed material that’s cozy against the skin.

I’m a particularly big fan of the Surf The Web (blue) colorway that Rabbit sent, which is easy to match to just about anything in my closet since most of my other gear is black. Also, the women’s version of the Cold Front has a bit more of a mock neck to it for extra protection from the elements.

PRICE: $65

Shop Rabbit Cold Front - Men Shop Rabbit Cold Front - Women

Rabbit Let ‘Er Zip Jacket 2.0

RYAN: I will readily admit that I haven’t run a single step in the Rabbit Let ‘Er Zip Jacket. However, I’ve worn it for my trip into the Believe in the Run office just about every day since Robbe handed it over. It’s pretty much the ideal outer layer for the current temps here in Baltimore, with the Stormfleece Pro material acting as a shield against wind and rain (and snow, if we ever get any).

The Let ‘Er Zip has a semi-relaxed fit, which makes it the perfect candidate for layering. In the shot above, I actually have the jacket on over top of Rabbit’s Low Light Zip (which we’ll get to in a second) and the Cold Front and still have room to move and wiggle. Rabbit’s all-weather jacket also has a full zipper, zippers for each pocket, and carefully placed reflective tape to keep you visible in wintry conditions.

I wasn’t entirely convinced by the sandy colorway called Curry at first, but it’s steadily grown on me. It’s almost the right color to look like a work jacket, yet not as bulky as something like a Carhartt. Are my small-town roots showing?

PRICE: $160

Shop Rabbit Let 'Er Zip - Men Shop Rabbit Zip N' Zoom - Women

Rabbit Low Light Zip 2.0

RYAN: I’m usually a crewneck guy, but I’m willing to make an exception for the occasional quarter-zip — especially when it has an all-over reflective pattern woven in. That’s pretty much exactly what you get with Rabbit’s Low Light Zip, along with top-notch comfort and a tailored fit. The Low Light Zip actually borrows its fit from the EZ Zip, but it takes warmth to another level with a slightly thicker fabric and a soft, brushed interior.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to show off the all-over pattern in daylight photos, but I promise it’s there. Maybe the lack of an obvious pattern is a good thing, though, as it makes the Low Light Zip a little easier to wear in casual settings where you don’t want to be lit up like a Christmas tree. It doesn’t have any pockets for storage, though the thumbholes are convenient for keeping your sleeves in place over your gloves or mittens.

PRICE: $85

Shop Rabbit Low Light Zip - Men Shop Rabbit Low Light Zip - Women

Rabbit Low Light Pocket Tightz

RYAN: I’ve already had plenty of experience with Rabbit’s Pocket Tightz. In fact, I’m going to wear a pair for tonight’s weekly Believe Run Club miles. The Low Light version simply takes Rabbit’s existing design and covers it in the same all-over reflectivity that’s featured on the quarter-zip above. It’s the same gray colorway and the same exact pattern, which means that you can easily dress in head-to-toe reflectivity for maximum flash while you run.

Rabbit’s Pocket Tightz have plenty of clever details stitched into them, with zippers at each ankle and sticky material to keep them from working their way up your leg. I’ll be honest, the sticky material doesn’t mesh well with leg hair, but oh well, you can wear tall socks to get around the pulling of hair. Anyway, the reason for the season is the deep pocket on each thigh, which is big enough to fit a phone, a set of keys, or a small wallet. I usually have my keys on one side and my cards on the other, which is just enough storage for my needs.

PRICE: $120

Shop Rabbit Low Light Pocket Tightz - Men Shop Rabbit Low Light Speed Tights - Women

Rabbit Tech Gloves

RYAN: The last piece of winter running gear that’s pretty much a must-have is a reliable pair of gloves. Eventually, you’ll want some thicker gloves for when it’s really cold, but until then, the Rabbit Tech Gloves will do. They come in several different colorways, but right now, I’m all in on the Low Light version. You can’t actually get them yet, but they once again incorporate the all-over flashy pattern from the pieces above. It’s the perfect pair if you want to complete the ultimate Rabbit groutfit, but you can also choose from blue or black versions if you want to break up the color block a little bit.

As for the important bits, the Tech Gloves are treated with a non-PFC water-repellent finish, feature breathable polyester gussets between each finger, and have touchscreen pads on the thumb and index finger — perfect for typing your way into someone’s Strava DMs.

PRICE: $45

Shop Rabbit Tech Gloves

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