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Scott E-Ride AF Trainer Review

Scott TrainerScott E-Ride AF Trainer Review

John Shepard over at Take it on the Run sent some shoes for us to review. The size was perfect for Team Faster Bastard runner Adam Palmer.

The Good

Adam: I was excited to have the opportunity to try out the Scott e-ride AF Trainer. While I have seen Scott shoes advertised, this was my first time running in them. I generally wear mid-weight neutral shoes, nothing too lightweight or minimal and nothing too heavy.
My first impressions of the shoe were that it is a fairly light running shoe. The size 9 is about 8 ½ ounces which is a solid ounce lighter than most of my running shoes. The shoe is designed with a curved heel to toe profile and this is supposed to roll the foot forward, which is important when you’re trying to keep moving. The shoe looks snazzy; the red, yellow, and black color combination reminds me of a trail shoe for some reason. For good or bad, it’s easy to identify the Scott brand because the name is printed on both sides of the shoe rather than using a marketing symbol like the swoosh. With that said, I think it is a nice looking shoe and very noticeable. The upper is made from a lightweight mesh material and the tongue is a one piece attached design that hugs the foot like a sock. The tongue is very thin and there is no need to worry about it bunching up or staying in place. I didn’t have any problems with the laces staying tied. There was plenty of room in the toe box and that’s always important because my feet are just a little wide. I think the curved heel to toe rocker design potentially helped my stride and allowed my foot to roll forward.

The Bad

Adam: The fit was a little on the large size for me, even though others have said that it fits true to size. It took some effort for me to get a snug feeling, and unfortunately the tongue doesn’t offer any cushioning for tying tight laces. I usually felt the laces for the first few minutes of a run and then my feet would settle in and it wasn’t much of a problem. I like shoes with a lot of cushioning and these did not feel like they provided the same plush feel as other trainers that I run in. Maybe I needed another ounce of cushion?

The Overall

Adam: After logging a little over 30 miles, I haven’t fallen in love with the shoe. However, I haven’t given up on them either and I will keep them in my rotation for shorter runs. Some runners like to feel the road, but I’m more of a “pillows under my feet” kind of runner. I’m sure this would be a great shoe for some, I imagine it would appeal to those looking for lightweight, typical heel to toe drop, and moderate cushioning.


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  1. Janice says:

    I’m curious as to what shoe you do run in, as I’m looking for a trail shoe with cushion. I have a very high arch, and can’t wear a minimalist shoe. Thanks so much. Janice

    1. Hi Janice,

      If you want a good trail shoe try the Newton BoCat, for more cushion the Skechers GOrun Ultra is a good choice that is reasonably priced.


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