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Altra One2 Review

The Good

Altra One2 WeightThe Altra One2 is hands down my favorite Altra shoe ever, even though it gave me a huge blister. How can I love a shoe that hurt me? Simple, it wasn’t entirely the shoes fault. My first go in the Altra One2 was a 20 mile training run. I started to feel the heat on my toes around mile 16, and just figured I would finish up and worry about it later. Everything else felt great in the shoe. The upper is surprisingly simple. I was thinking that the upper wouldn’t be enough to make my foot feel secure. I was wrong, Up and down hills my foot felt secure and safe in the shoe. The off centered lacing may account for the more secure fit with less lateral overlays. The upper looks better than any Altra shoe too. I wore this shoe to the office! The stand out feature of the One2 is the midsole and outsole. The shoe is super flexible with a nice firm yet spongy feel. There is a little rubber on the outsole near the toe that really is noticeable on toe off. Seven miles into my run I was loving the way my feet felt in these shoes and was shocked to see that the pace that felt so easy was actually a pretty good clip. The weight of the shoe is a verified 7.5 oz. for a 10.5. That is right where I like my higher distance trainers to be. It might explain the effortless pacing.

The Bad

The Altra One2 run short, hence the knarly blister on my big toe. I will spare you the fantastically gross pic to the kidney shaped blood blister. I ended up playing with the lacing to lock my foot further back in the shoe and I now think I can stay in the 10.5. Without a lot of rubber on the outsole these may not be a good choice for the runners that tear up shoes easily.


I said in the opening, This is the best Altra shoe I have ever worn. I will go a step further, it is in the top five of the shoes I have reviewed this year. The shoe looks unique, feels great underfoot even on longer miles, and is light. This shoe is a strong buy from me. I have not tried the shoe on in a half size up, and am going to stick with the 10.5 for now. I am hoping that if I do go up to an 11 the shoe will still fit well and not be sloppy.

We were given a pre production model to review. The image below represents the production model of the One2.


Click on image to enlargeAltra One2 Spec Sheet

Altra One2 sample was provided by Altra

Runblogger’s Altra One2 review


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  1. Spyros says:

    How is the breathabiiity of the shoe? I read here that Altra changed the open mesh of version 1 to a closer mesh. Have you tried to put it in direct light and see it through? I have Altra Instinct 1.5 but the breathability isn’t good as the Instinct 1. In the 1.5 they added a thin layer of fabric behind the mesh which doesn’t let air pass through.

    1. It is hard to say since it is cooler temps right now, but I would think it won’t be an issue.

  2. Joel says:

    These look really compelling. Altra lists them as “Light Cushion”, but at 23mm, they are thicker than the original Altra Instinct which are listed as “Moderate Cushion” and much thicker than the Superior. Your review makes it sounds like these really aren’t “Light Cushion” shoes. How do they compare to the Virrata which I wanted to love but found too narrow?

    1. I have heard them compared to the Virrata, I feel they are slightly softer than the Virrata. I would call them light cushion, but enough for 20 milers +

  3. gSweary says:

    I’m worried about my foot sliding forward as well. I usually wear an 11 but using the shoe fitting tool it says 10.5 for me. What size Virrata did you wear? Can you share that lacing technique to lock in your heel better?
    Thank you!

    1. I went 10.5 in the Virrata. Check out this video for the lacing technique

  4. Bryan says:

    How’s the durability?

    1. I chew up shoes and these have held up fairly well.

  5. Arsalan says:

    Hi, great review… I have suffered from shin splints for a long time and have started running in Newtonswhich have helped a bit.. I was wondering what your oughts were of the Astra vs. Newtons? Thanks!

    1. I am guessing you meant Altra not Astra. The shoes are pretty different. Altra are zero drop and foot shaped. Newton have a more traditional trainer feel. Good shoes and strength training will help with the shin splunts, I would also try compression calf sleeves.

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