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The Drop • January 20, 2023

The Drop E125 | Houston Marathon Recap, Asics Superblast Revisited


On this episode of The Drop, we recap our weekend at the Houston Marathon, including Meg’s 2:47 PR on a warm day. It was a great time, especially meeting and hanging out with our friends, which obviously includes some of you.
Here’s a preview of Meg’s thoughts about the race:

“Was I getting accustomed to the discomfort of the marathon? Why was I trying to do math after 20 miles? Why didn’t I just look at my f’ing watch? I’ve asked myself a variation of these questions 1,000 times since Sunday and I have yet to find the answers.

What I do know is that I still have a lot left to give in the marathon.

So in the words of Michael Scott (and because humor is my love language)… No question about it. I’m ready to hurt again.”

We also revisit the Asics Superblast, since that’s risen to the top as one of our favorite shoes for its versatility in all things from training day to race day.

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The Drop E125 Intro | January 20, 2023


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