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The Drop Podcast • January 27, 2023

The Drop E126 | Matt West, Guitarist for Neck Deep

matt west of neck deep playing guitar


Most of our guests don’t play to sold out arenas or tour with Blink-182, but this one does. Matt West is the guitarist for UK pop-punk band Neck Deep, and he’s also a runner who found running as a way to live a healthy life while touring the world nonstop.
In the intro the podcast, we talk about the Saucony Endorphin Elite, and a wide range of other topics, including Robbe’s fresh new injury (it’s better now, btw), Meg’s stress levels watching Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, what our neighborhood fox is up to, and of course– the Saucony Endorphin Elite.

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Listen to the full episode via Anchor.FM:

Listen to Neck Deep

Watch The Intro

The Drop E127 Intro | January 27, 2023


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