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The Drop Podcast • March 29, 2024

E245 | Robbe’s HAT 50K Recap, Diadora Frequenza, Gnarly Barkley, Dune Analysis

the drop e245


We go Maryland muddin’ as Robbe recaps the HAT 50K this past weekend (no ankles were harmed!). Then, we talk about Thomas and Meg’s training while diving into the Diadora Frequenza, Dune spoilers, and the Barkley Marathons.

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Robbe’s 50K Gear List
Gorewear Concurve Jacket:
Janji Rainrunner Jacket:
Patagonia Slope Trail Runner Vest:
Topo Athletic MTN Racer 3:
Nike Ultrafly:
Satisfy Cloud Merino LS:
Swiftwick Elite XT Merino Sock:
Paka Performance 3/4 Crew Sock:
Ultimate Direction Flip Glove:
Coros Apex 2 Pro:

This Week’s Sponsor


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The Drop E245 | HAT 50K Recap


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