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Running Apparel • April 29, 2021

Tracksmith Spring 2021 Collection Review


What You Need To Know

  • Mostly the same performance classics in some brighter colors (and new silhouettes)
  • Spring is T-shirt season (and half-tight season)
  • Dude, they made a running polo (and rugby shirt)

Spring is here and races are back on the calendar. You know you want to look good for those in-person events, and nothing speaks to running style like the classic cool of Tracksmith. Though a lot of the collection (that we received anyway) is mostly just color updates, there are a few new pieces that hit us in the sweet spot. Check out what’s on at Tracksmith for spring 2021.

› Van Cortlandt Tee

Photo courtesy of Tracksmith

MEAGHAN: If you know Tracksmith, you’re probably familiar with the Van Cortlandt Tee. But, did you know that it’s made from a mesh inspired by “Boston Billy” Rodgers? When Rodgers won the Boston Marathon in 1975, (in 2:09) he did so in a mesh t-shirt he found in the trash. So, yeah, Tracksmith was inspired by some dumpster fabric and called it 2:09 Mesh. Anyway, this relaxed fitting t-shirt has become one of my favorites. It comes with the signature Tracksmith sash panel and slide slits at the hem. It’s really comfortable, fits true to size and it’s the staple you need for your Spring training.

Shop Van Cortlandt Tee – Women Shop Van Cortlandt Tee – Men

Van Cortlandt Grand Shorts

MEAGHAN: I absolutely love the Van Cortlandts shorts, so I assumed the Van Cortlandt Grand shorts would be, well, even better. There’s a lot of similarities: designed with the 2:09 Mesh, an elastic drawstring waistband, antimicrobial liner and a few hidden pockets for fuel. Where they differentiate is in the fit. The Grand shorts come with a 4” inseam vs the 2.5” inseam of the original. Normally, I’m all about the longer length, but in this case I actually prefer the originals. I can see someone opting for these if they’re headed to the coffee shop after the run (and want a little more coverage), but otherwise, I’d stick with the originals.

ROBBE: I gave this short my favorite short of 2020 award and nothing has changed. I wear the Van Cortland Grand until they smell so bad that I have no choice but to wash them. It’s tied for first with The North Face Better Than Naked Short as my most favorite running short of all-time. I’m not huge on the new colors, it’s just a bit too vintage for me, but I do fully appreciate the 4″ length as someone who hasn’t experimented with the split short lifestyle. Simply put, the best short out there is the Van Cortlandt. Periodt.

Shop Van Cortlandt Grand – Women Shop Van Cortlandt Grand – Men

Trackhouse Crew

MEAGHAN: The Trackhouse Crew is the first piece of non-running gear that I’ve received. Not surprisingly, it’s been pretty heavy in my post-run rotation. There’s nothing better than coming home from a Sunday run after a week of high mileage and lounging around in sweats. Nothing. But back to the sweatshirt: it’s a relaxed fit, slightly cropped and features a wide rib collar design. It’s comfortable, as fashionable as you’re going to get wearing sweats, and fits well (I received my normal size small). Something to note, though: it will fit a bit large at your normal size, and shrink in the dryer. If you want to preserve the larger fit – size up or lay it flat to dry. Mine has gone through the dryer, but I don’t mind the slightly-more-snug fit.

You can pick up the Trackhouse Crew by using the shop link below.

Shop Trackhouse Crew  – Women Shop Trackhouse Crew – Men

Reggie Half Tights 

THOMAS: One of my go-to pieces of running gear, the Reggie Half Tight unlined version is perfect for those warmer (but not too warm) temps when you don’t need protection from the elements. The Inverno Blend is an uber-comfortable knit that feels like a second skin. Everything about this oozes comfort and it has sufficient storage to boot. A zippered back pocket and two drop-in pockets are perfect for the long run or race day. 

You can pick up the Reggie Half Tight by using the shop link below.

Shop Reggie Half Tight  – Men

› Van Cortlandt Polo

ROBBE: Okay, technically we didn’t get this piece yet, but I had to include it because it’s a freaking polo. For running. I, for one, am all about crossing the lines from sport to casual and this shirt does it. It’s made from the same 2:09 mesh as the aforementioned Van Cortlandt Grand shorts, so there is no doubt that you’ll be comfortable as hell in this one. Features a ribbed collar and cuffs as well as Tracksmith’s signature sash. Happy summer, y’all.

Check out the Spring collection (or any other Tracksmith gear) by using the shop link below.

Shop Tracksmith – Men

Spring Tracksmith Collection Conclusion 

There’s a ton more stuff in the spring collection that we didn’t get to cover, and Tracksmith also just released its Bill Rodgers collection, which is a pretty dope throwback to the glory days of the late-70s Boston Marathon era. There’s even a rugby shirt in there, because why the hell not. Check out the entire Spring collection (or any other Tracksmith gear) by using the shop link below.

Shop Tracksmith – Men Shop Tracksmith – Women

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