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Running Apparel • April 21, 2021

Janji Spring 2021 Collection Review

janji spring 2021

ROBBE: Over the last few years, Janji’s come a long way from the little New England engine that could to a legit player in the run apparel scene. Their dedication to philanthropic efforts combined with bold patterns and partners with local artists have allowed them to stand out in a scene of boring neon and nylon. Their spring 2021 collection shows an even bolder step forward – from well-designed running apparel to more casual offerings, they’re broadening their horizons and color palettes to suit the fashion-forward runner. Keep reading for our highlights from the collection (both men’s and women’s) and our thoughts after taking them on the run.

ALEX: The best part about Janji is their commitment to safe drinking water. They are making a big impact by raising awareness and giving back; 2% of proceeds support clean water projects in the countries that inspire each seasonal collection.

The Janji Run Everywhere collection is a functional, versatile line that effectively blends style and performance. The lightweight, high-performance materials combined with vibrant, fresh colorways make this line fun to wear, no matter what you are doing in it.

Circuit Crew Pullover (Women and Men)

janji circuit crew

ALEX: I have been wearing the Circuit Crew since the day it arrived on my doorstep. It is a lightweight, incredibly soft, 2-ply blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. It combines the easy style and versatility of my beloved crewneck pullovers with moisture-wicking, breathable function that I look for in a midlayer. The cross-functionality of this pullover combined with its lightweight, non-bulky material makes the Circuit Crew great for travel. 

The cotton face of the Circuit Crew has been “singed” to reduce pilling and increase durability. I couldn’t help but immediately wonder if I can “singe” a few of my pilly items… maybe don’t try this at home. It’s another dry year. Another great detail is the small zippered pocket on the lower right side, perfect for a key, card, or another small personal item. 

The haze color is awesome, although it shows sweat, pizza, chocolate, and wine stains like white does. You’ve been warned.

ROBBE: Gonna have to agree with Alex on this one. I loved the Circuit hoodie that came out in the fall, and wore it a lot during the work-at-home winter months. This is basically the same thing, just in the form of a crew. Honestly, haven’t worn it a second for running, but have worn it a ton for everything else, from everyday use to cool nights around the spring campfire. Both this and the hoodie have become two of the favorite things in my wardrobe and well worth the higher price point.

Note that the fit is a bit oversized (on purpose), because that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. I should also note that I’m all-in on the 90’s color palettes here.

PRICE: $88

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Transit Tech Short (Women and Men)

ALEX: The 3″ Transit Tech Short initially reminded me of the Patagonia Baggies, but way better. The lightweight stretch fabric is equipped with a durable water repellent (DWR), fast-drying finish. The 3 zippered pockets are roomy and accommodate my phone, which I can’t say for most shorts. While I love the design and concept of these shorts, I prefer a more relaxed fit and a wider leg opening to allow for more freedom of motion, especially for running.

ROBBE: I literally love almost everything about this short. The length (supposedly 6″ in men, but not really), the feel, the pockets, the fabric. EXCEPT – the front middle seam is way too long. Like, weirdly long so that the short is almost a flat-front. Maybe I got a bad construction, but it’s real odd. It limits my range of motion and looks almost … skirtish? This has always been one of my things with Janji in the past – there will be a piece that’s amazing in every way except for one thing that throws off the whole cut. Honestly, I’m not even 100% sure I got the men’s short. Also, the inseam is 4.5″ on one side and 5″ on the other. Neither of which is a length listed on the site. Weird.

That said, it hasn’t stopped me from wearing it, because the positives almost makeup for everything else.

PRICE: $72/$74

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AFO-Vent Multi Short (Men and Women)

ALDREN: The Men’s 6” AFO-Vent Multi Short seems to be the answer for marathoners that can never carry enough in their pockets. These pockets are deep enough to carry any type of nutrition from CLIF BLOKS to Huma Energy Gels. This is what Janji calls their multi-pocket system. There are five pockets along the entire waistband: two in the front, two on either side, and a large pocket in the back. The front left pocket has the added benefit of a Nite Ize S-Biner MicroLock, a heavy-duty key holder.

I typically would never run in a 6” short but this is still a comfortably lounge-around pair of shorts that also works well on strength training sessions. As it says in the name, the short is made from AFO-Vent, Janji’s very breathable and flexible, fast-drying material. On the downside, the Multi Short fits wider than Janji’s AFO Middle Short. It wasn’t too baggy to run in, but once I put more nutrition and took advantage of all the pockets, in a test run, there was a lot more bounce than what I wanted.

MEAGHAN: I’m pretty much obsessed with the women’s 3″ short. They’re the perfect length, really comfortable, fit well, and come with tons of pockets. I mean … what else could you ask for? The wide waistband is snug and sits higher up on the hips, which I really like. The drawstring is an infinity loop so you don’t have to worry about it coming out in the washer/dryer – such a simple, but really great feature. The fabric – AFO-Vent – is a stretchy, light, nylon material that wicks moisture and dries really quickly – just the qualities you want for summer running. The last thing to note is the little key clip fastened to the left front pocket. I can’t be the only one who puts a key in a non-zippered pocket only to panic every quarter mile that it may have fallen out. Regardless, I will recommend this short to anyone looking for a comfortable, breathable, pocketed 3” option.

PRICE: $72/$74

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RunTerra Tank (Women)

Photo courtesy of janji

ALEX: I love the high neck cut of the Runterra Tank. It reminded me of my all-time favorite running tank, the Tracksmith Harrier Tank; these tanks look great in a casual setting and are high-performing for your long runs. The technical US-grown Supima® cotton blend is enhanced thermal, odor, and vapor regulation thanks to embedded volcanic particles (!!!) in the fabric. I can’t wait to see if volcanic particles were just the thing missing to combat my midsummer night’s stench. 

It’s not preshrunk so may want to size up on this one.

PRICE: $44

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Groundwork Pace Sports Bra (Women)

Photo courtesy of janji

MEAGHAN: While pretty standard, I really like this bra. The fabric is soft, breathable and provides just the right amount of compression. It comes with lightly padded, removable inserts, (does anyone keep those in there??) and interwoven cross-back straps. While aesthetically pleasing, I would opt for a phone pocket over the flattering cross-back design. Can more brands get on board with the pocket bra please? Outside of that, I have no complaints. I haven’t had any chafing (huge win) and it’s just a generally comfortable sports bra.

ALEX: This bra resembles and feels very similar to the Lululemon Energy bra. It is secure and supportive. While I appreciate the aesthetic of the interwoven cross-back straps, I prefer a design that does not have multiple straps to limit movement and minimize the potential for chafing.

PRICE: $48

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Multipass Sling Bag (Unizex)

ALDREN: Running packs are back and thanks to some heavy-duty buckles, they are here to stay. After a few runs, the Multipass Sling Bag can hold anything from a Maurten water bottle to a small JBL speaker. This sack is made from a combination of a water repellent material so zero sweat and rain can drip in, and a padded mesh along the back to provide a comfortable fit. On rare occasions would I need to carry 2 liters worth of stuff on a run, but this also works as a great commuter if I’m biking somewhere or walking around Magic Kingdom during spring break.

ROBBE: I’ve reviewed this bag like three times now, and while I didn’t get this new color pattern, I gotta say – this is still one of my favorite gear items, running or otherwise. Living in a city, I use it all the time for run commutes to the store, or for biking. Hell, I used it the other day on a run to the convention center to get my vaccine.

PRICE: $50

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AFO Singlet (Men’s)

ALDREN: As the temperatures start to increase in Orlando, I am either running in a singlet or shirtless. While I do lean more towards running without a top on to fix my winter tan lines, depending on where I run, I know some of the retired geezers down here don’t appreciate a scrawny kid striding through their neighborhood shirtless. The AFO Singlet mimics the feel of running shirtless while staying covered. The singlet is made from Janji’s AFO material. This allows the top to be thin and light. The singlet is part of the collaboration with Kashmira. This is designed with a jungle-type textile helping me crush some track workouts while looking fly at the same time.

PRICE: $54

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