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Running Apparel • May 6, 2021

Rabbit Trail Collection Performance Review


Rabbit is one of those companies that just does everything right. The women at the helm have turned a small California dream into a formidable running icon, and they’re showing no signs of stopping.

While they used to make primarily road running gear, in the past year or so they’ve forked into trail running, taking their luxurious goods out of the city and into the wild.  We’re happy to report that the quality is just as good and the style and creativity are even better. It’s clear that rabbit is hitting its stride, and we’re glad we’re here for it.

Our trail reviewers Alex and Taylor review both the men’s and women’s pieces from this spring’s collection.

 EZ Tee Perf SS/LS (Women and Men)


ALEX: I appreciate the lightweight breathability of the EZ Tee Perf. It feels almost weightless, and the material is quick-drying and never clings to you when you’re sweaty. 

The fit of the short sleeve tee is a little too tailored for me. I like a more relaxed, unisex fit. My only other complaint is that the material sheds a little and it shows signs of wear under a hydration vest or pack. And also – it looks great.

TAYLOR: The EZ Tee Perf Long Sleeve is the exact same material as the original EZ Tee with pinpoint holes throughout the whole shirt. Rabbit has taken the lightest and most breathable material and made it more of each, as air literally blows right through the shirt. For a hot box like me, this is a glorious combo for cooler spring weather and will be great for summer’s above tree line adventures. 

The only negative on this material is that it’ll hold onto the runner’s stank as quickly as many other technical fabrics out there. For a $50 shirt, I’d hope that there is a little more odor resistance.

PRICE: $45 for SS, $50 for LS

Shop EZ Perf –  Women Shop EZ Perf –  Men rabbit-trail-ez-tee-perf-2

High Country Shirt (Women and Men)


ALEX: This is my favorite piece of the spring collection. I love how this “performance plaid” transitions so seamlessly on and off the trail. The material is light and breathable, the spandex contributes to all-around comfort and a great fit, and the back panel is fully vented with perforations to keep you cool. I would love the option of a short-sleeved version of this for women in the future.

TAYLOR: Nothing makes you feel like a mountain man or woman more than wearing plaid. The High Country performance plaid brings casual flair to the trails.

Plaid may be the printed pattern, but this shirt is made from a polyester-spandex blend that’s more than capable of slammin’ single track and beverages post-run in total comfort and class. A perforated back panel helps the already breathable material feel airy on the body. 

As of now, men have a short sleeve option (though the first round sold out quickly), and women a sleeveless option. I hope we see both styles brought to both genders in the future.

PRICE: $65

Shop High Country –  Women Shop High Country –  Men rabbit-trail-high-country-w

Mountain Climbers 2.0 / 2.5″ Short (Women)


ALEX: The Mountain Climbers have been a staple trail short for me since the first edition. I came for the pockets and stayed for the perfect fi t … which only improved. This version has a wider, more comfortable waistband and the material of the shorts and liner feel lighter and softer than those from the past. 

The 2.5” inseam and split leg allow you to climb and scramble on the steep stuff without inhibiting your movement. The two side “trash” pockets and expanded rear zip pocket make these shorts both functional and versatile for all your trail adventures.

PRICE: $68

Shop Mountain Climbers – Women

FKT Short 3″/5″ (Men)


TAYLOR: It could be the name. It could be that they’re extremely comfortable. Or it could be both, but these shorts will not hold you back from conquering any FKT out on the trails. 

There are plenty of pockets for such a small pair of shorts. A large rear phone pocket and two side “trash” pockets give options for carrying small loads of gear. A couple of gels rode smoothly each pocket as well as keys and gloves. 

There is a small split up each leg but nothing that’s going to reveal too much cheek on a windy day (in the 3-inch version). Overall, the rabbitKNIT brought the flexibility needed to keep the pace high with no restrictions while staying snuggly in place. 

If you’ve inherited a more robust lower half, like me, size up for these. I’m typically a medium all the way around, however, the medium was just a little too tight. Also available in a 5-inch.

PRICE: $68

Shop FKT Short –  Men

Flash Singlet (Women)


ALEX: I like the more relaxed fit and design of the Flash. The wider straps and higher neckline protect against the sun and also provide some coverage for under a hydration vest or pack. The rabbitLITE material is super lightweight and feels more durable than the EZ Tee Perf. The inclusion of 4% Spandex also allows for the perfect amount of stretch for on-the-go flexibility.

PRICE: $50

Shop Flash Singlet –  Women

Vert Shirt HP (Men)


TAYLOR: The Vert Shirt is the most straightforward running shirt of the collection. The RabbitLite fabric on the front and back is light on the body and incredibly good at wicking moisture. RabbitKNIT covers under the arms and sides panels to help with ventilation. A little bit of spandex mixed in with the fabric allows for slight form-fitting and a little stretch.

PRICE: $65

Shop Vert Shirt –  Men

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