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Travel-Ready: Tracksmith Rapid Transit Collection 2022

tracksmith rapid transit collection cover

What You Need To Know

  • Premium, travel-ready staples for life on the go
  • Looks as good in the office as on the run
  • Get it now while you have some time off for the holidays

Tracksmith has done it. It’s hit the superfecta. There’s a Tracksmith garment (or undergarment) for every day, place, and situation. You’ve got your training Tracksmith, your racing Tracksmith, your lounging around the house Tracksmith — and now your commuting Tracksmith. They heard you liked Tracksmith, so they put Tracksmith on your Tracksmith, ya know? Anyway, we decided to check out some of the new apparel from the Tracksmith Rapid Transit Collection and share some quick thoughts.

Before we get too deep, we’ll admit we’re not the most devoted commuters. Sometimes we work from home, and sometimes, we wear regular running gear into the office, where the dress code is “don’t be naked, unless it’s really, really hot.” Either way, we’re not picky. That said, we love a new Tracksmith drop, so we were itching to try it all on and pretend to head into a real office (one without a podcasting studio or wall of shoes) for a day. Here’s how the Rapid Transit Collection shakes out.

tracksmith rapid transit collection pants

» Tracksmith Rapid Transit Crew

tracksmith rapid transit crew

Tracksmith Rapid Transit Crew ($168)

Comfy, cozy, travel-ready crew neck? Say no more, we’re in. Tracksmith’s Rapid Transit Crew is a merino sweatshirt with a soft, nubby texture, which is pretty much a word salad of our favorite things. Remember our winter gear guide? There’s still a rule that you have to take a shot when we mention merino. The Crew comes in a relaxed fit with wide cuffs and neckline, but the side vents keep it from getting too warm as a mid-layer. By the way, merino has odor-resistant properties, which should keep you from washing this crewneck often. For the record, Meg’s book isn’t included with the sweatshirt.

I’m actually updating this review a few months later to say I wear this on a very regular basis– not as a running piece, but as everyday apparel. In fact, I think I wore it on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, and to dinners out– it looks like a nice sweater, but is super comfortable. It’s quickly become one of my favorite long sleeves, though it does have a slightly boxy look, so make sure you’re cool with that.

One caveat – although comfortable, it’s not as warm as it looks. The more-open knit doesn’t do much to block the wind, so we probably wouldn’t put this in the “winter performance” category. If you want something more in line with that, and just as comfortable (if not more), we’d recommend the Off Roads Crew ($89), which I’m wearing right now as I type this on a 34F and rainy day in Baltimore.

PRICE: $168

Shop Rapid Transit Crew – Men Shop Rapid Transit Crew – Women tracksmith rapid transit collection crew

» Tracksmith Rapid Transit Pants

Tracksmith Rapid Transit Pants ($168)

We typically prefer tights to pants when running in the winter, which is why the Rapid Transit Pants are a good reminder that we can’t run everywhere. I mean, we could run in them, with their flexible four-way stretch and light or heavyweight options, but still. Tracksmith’s goal this time was to create pants that wouldn’t look sloppy at the airport yet could also get you to your terminal in a hurry — damn TSA line. The Rapid Transit Pants fit and feel almost like a jogger, but they still blend classic details like the waistband and perfect pleats. Yes, pleats. But somehow they pull it off. Oh, and you get two hand pockets and a zippered back pocket for your keys.

We were surprised at how good these felt and looked, and they really do translate to work, play, party, and running in a pinch. The women’s is pretty great as well (though, thankfully, the pleats are left out).

PRICE: $168

Shop Rapid Transit Pants – Men Shop Rapid Transit Pants – Women tracksmith rapid transit collection polo tracksmith rapid transit pant back pocket

» Tracksmith Rapid Transit Polo

tracksmith rapid transit polo

Tracksmith Rapid Transit Polo ($128)

It’s cold in Baltimore this time of year, and there’s no way we’re rolling out in a short sleeve polo, but you can rest assured that we’ll be popping collars as soon as spring flowers start popping colors. A polo isn’t usually our first choice for running, but it’s a good way to class up the joint. This is another merino option (take a shot), and it combines everyday wearability with the training comfort you’d get from a Brighton Base Layer or another Tracksmith top. It even has a zippered pocket — not something you’d usually find on a polo shirt, eh?

Needless to say, it’s very comfortable and fits like slim, but not too slim, like every other piece of Tracksmith apparel (kudos to Tracksmith for consistency across lines). And you just know this would pair well with your console record player and/or new sand wedge you got for Christmas.

PRICE: $128

Shop Rapid Transit Polo – Men Shop Rapid Transit Polo – Women

» Tracksmith Rapid Transit Popover

tracksmith rapid transit popover

Tracksmith Rapid Transit Popover ($198)

The Popover is an interesting place to finish our tour de Rapid Transit Collection. First of all, what is it? It’s not quite a shirt, yet not quite a jacket. The Popover has buttons — only on the chest — and elastic to keep the sleeves tight. As Tracksmith puts it, they set out to return the “sport” to this sport shirt. You can think of it as an all-purpose button-up with a zippered back pocket and a flexible four-way stretch material. It’s obviously not meant for your weekly stop at the Church of the Long Run, but man, it’s the perfect top when you need to dash through O’Hare to make your connection.

The Tracksmith Rapid Transit Popover is the only unisex style in the collection, so they recommend going a size down for women.

PRICE: $198

Shop Rapid Transit Popover

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