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La Sportiva Winter 2023 Apparel Review: Summer Me, Winter Me

la sportiva winter feature

What You Need To Know

  • Mountain-grade goods that are ready for the cold
  • Sustainability is next to godliness
  • Sangria is a color option, not just a tasty treat

TAYLOR: It won’t surprise anyone when I say that I’m not particularly stylish, whatever that means. I practically depend on this reviewing gig to keep me up to date. Functionality is more my style, anyway. That makes it a good thing that when it comes to La Sportiva gear, you don’t have to choose between one or the other. What you typically get is mountain-grade garments with a sassy splash of color. Here’s what they’ve got cooking up this season.

Tour Long Sleeve

la sportiva winter tour long sleeve

TAYLOR: Every season, I get at least one garment that I keep coming back to. The La Sportiva Tour Long Sleeve is my go-to this winter. It works wonderfully as a single layer or a base layer when the snow starts to fly.

It checks all of the boxes with lightweight construction, flat seams, and four-way stretch fabric — comfortable and completely functional no matter how far you go. The Tour Long Sleeve doesn’t stop there. La Sportiva utilizes recycled materials to create this garment, giving it the Polygiene antibacterial treatment for good measure. Sounds like a winner to me.

PRICE: $75

Shop Tour Long Sleeve – Men Shop Tour Long Sleeve – Women

Limitless T-shirt

la sportiva winter limitless tshirt

TAYLOR: It’s rare, but Anton Krupicka has, in fact, been seen in the wild with a shirt on. Being that I live near Boulder, I see Anton from time to time, and he’s almost always clothed. Sorry to dash any dreams. Don’t be too bummed, though, because you can get one of the shirts he frequently wears.

The Limitless T-shirt is a no-brainer for those warm afternoons or as an underlayer in the cooler seasons. First, it’s so light and comfortable that it dang near feels like you’re shirtless. It’s made from a cotton and ultralight Be Cool yarn blend. Then it’s slapped with some vented mesh panels in the underarms and back with flat seams.

I know, I know. The zipper is a hold-up for some of you. It wasn’t a considered style by me either, but hot dang, it’s like opening a window for your chest and makes you feel a little sexy too. Give it a try.

PRICE: $59

Shop Limitless T-shirt – Men

Session Tech Hoody

la sportiva winter session tech hoody

TAYLOR: Whether on or off the mountain, this has been my go-to jacket this latter half of the year. I’ve used the La Sportiva Session Tech Hoody as a warm layer pre-run, during those frigid fall mornings, and post-run to stay warm. Even though the Session Tech Hoody isn’t water or windproof, it is highly resistant to the cold. This versatile jacket can be worn as an overlayer or a mid-layer on extreme days.

My favorite features are the windproof chest panel and the fitted hood. As winds are coming cold and strong from the Northwest this time of year, I need a little extra insurance when rambling around on mountain trails. Such features are greatly appreciated.

PRICE: $139

Shop Session Tech Hoody – Men Shop Session Tech Hoody – Women

Alya Vest

la sportiva winter alya vest

TAYLOR: Vests are the sleepers of the practical garment world. The new Alya vest is 100% worth it, and let me tell you why. So often, a jacket is just too much for the daily run. I want something that will keep me warm but not soak to the bone with sweat by the end.

The Alya is a vest of two tales. The front is stuffed with Primaloft insulation for warmth. One thing I’ve run into with insulated vests is that the filling will get saturated while you run. Not here. The Alya’s recycled ripstop outer comes treated with a DWR (water-repellent) coating.

On the backside is a stretchy, moderately thick mesh for breathability. This is far from the first vest to use a recipe like this, but it’s one of the few that gets it right.

Other features one might like are two invisible zipper pockets. Invisible, you say? Yes, I had no clue about them until I read the features of this vest and checked for myself. Clever, La Sportiva. Lastly, the zipper is brilliant for a cold-weather garment. It’s a little thicker. However, it’s a one-way zipper with a storm flap to keep wind and weather literally locked out. Major appreciation goes up for that because winter is coming, people.

PRICE: $119

Shop Alya Vest – Men Shop Alya Vest – Women

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