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The Best Running and Muscle Recovery Tools | Fall 2022

Recovery with foam roller

What You Need to Know 

  • We’ve selected some of our favorite recovery tools 
  • This might be the fastest (and laziest) way to recover
  • Hydrating and getting sleep still reigns supreme

If you saw Widefoot Jarrett’s photo from the New York City Marathon, you already know that 26.2 requires some solid recovery. We’ve tried all sorts of ‘recovery’ products over the years (I’m talking leg tasers, IV drips, percussion guns — you name it) and picked out some of our favorites. While nothing can replace recovery essentials like adequate sleep and proper nutrition (check out our Fuel for the Sole podcast for more on that), the recovery tools we’ve listed below can certainly help with some of that soreness.

Air Relax Pro Recovery Boots 

air relax pro cover

The Air Relax Pro AR-4.0 Leg Recovery System is one of our favorites, though it comes with a hefty price tag ($1,250). The device provides 14 levels of pressure, a customizable chamber selection, and various recovery plans. An optional power bank gives you three extra hours of juice and the 38L carrying case is small enough to fit as a carry-on, making it an ideal traveling companion. 

You can check out our full review here, or pick up a pair using the shop link below.

Shop Air Relax Pro Recovery Boots

Hydragun Massage Gun


We haven’t tried all the different percussion massage guns out there, but between the Hyperice, Trigger Point, and the Hydragun, Hydragun is the winner. Best in design, best in noise, best in options (six heads x six speeds), best in battery life. At $299, about the same price as a pair of Alphaflys, you can have a tool that is proven to be as good as paying a pro to massage you whenever you need it.

One more bonus feature we should mention: it comes with a European-specific charging attachment, a nice inclusion for our friends across the pond. Read our full review, or purchase using the shop link below.

Shop Hydragun

TriggerPoint GRID 1.0 Foam Roller

Sometimes the OG is the best option. For your wallet, this is certainly the case (only $34.99!). The original TriggerPoint GRID foam roller is a simple but effective device for rolling out sore muscles (especially those calves). Just a few minutes of rolling seems to make a noticeable difference. Plus, you can squeeze it in while watching TV.

Purchase one today using the link below.

Shop TriggerPoint

Sidekick Tool

Another affordable option on this list ($50 – $175) are Sidekick tools. You may have seen these muscle scrapers at your local PT’s office, but now you can DIY at home. While it does require some self-motivation (digging into sore muscles isn’t always fun) you can apply as little or as much pressure as you like.

Also, Molly Seidel and Sara Hall use them, so you know they’re good. Purchase one today using the link below.

Shop Sidekick

LEVER Movement

lever cover

This one is for those ‘zero chill’ runners who want to get back to running ASAP. Similar to the AlterG, Lever suspends part of your body weight. It uses a skeleton frame and elastic cords to hold you slightly above the treadmill, reducing your body weight by up to 45lbs. The Lever can be used to increase mileage with less impact, ease back into running after a break or injury, or get your legs used to fast paces and turnover. While it’s not exactly inexpensive at $1,100, it’s still a fraction of the cost of an AlterG and other alternatives. The Lever also scores points for being extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and travel with.

Check out our full review here, or snag yourself one using the link below.


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