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Running Accessories

With a lot of miles, comes a lot of accessories. We’re lucky to review all sorts of running products. Some are purchased and some are provided. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites (and not-so-favorite) accessories for the run.


TunebeltTune Belt Running Arm Band & Belt ($20)

Meaghan: Tune Belt sent us a few iPhone cases to wear on the run. I tried out the Sport Armband for the iPhone 5, models AB86 and AB83. The only real difference between the two is the size. The AB83 is a little smaller, a snug fit, and the AB86 has a little more breathing room. What’s nice about Tune Belt is they have a custom fit for just about everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of phone or case you have – there’s a good chance they have a size for you. I’ve worn my armband on several runs and I have no complaints. It fits well, is super comfortable, and stays in place even through profuse amounts of sweat. Also, they have a built-in feature to store your headphone chord (huge win!). The band is made of neoprene (a family of synthetic rubbers) that’s both super flexible and durable. This is one of the first armbands that hasn’t caused any sort of chaffing or irritation, even on longer runs.

Thomas: I tried out the Belt. It holds the iphone 5 just fine. With a 32″ waiste the belt was ample and had almost too much slack. I ended up wrapping the extra material arounds the belt so it wouldn’t flap around. Once on it was a very comfortable way to carry a phone.

Nathan HydrationNathan SpeedDraw + Insulated ($38)

Meaghan: One Saturday I found myself sans water bottle with 20 miles on the schedule. I decided to throw a credit card in my pocket and just start running. After a few miles, I ran into City Sports and purchased a Nathan hand-held. I was sweating profusely, so getting in & out was the main priority. Not only did I manage to pick out the most expensive bottle in the store ($38), but it immediately started leaking everywhere. The bottle was designed with a screw top, that, unless you spend 30 minutes meticulously lining it up, you’re guaranteed to spill everywhere. I’ve managed to master this, but it’s not ideal. The good news is the bottle is comfortable to hold and comes with a zippered pocket that can hold an iPhone, so it’s not all bad.

Osprey PacksOsprey Rev 6 Hydration Pack ($100)

Meaghan: There are so many brilliant things about this pack, I don’t know where to start. I used this for the Transrockies Run, but it’s the perfect size for just about anything. The super adjustable straps ensure a secure fit and help prevent chaffing. The pack comes with a 1.5 liter reservoir & easy to fill screw top which makes on-the-go refills a breeze. The mouthpiece even has a magnetic backing to keep it in place mid run (amazing!). The left shoulder strap comes with a phone holder and easy to view clear plastic covering. It also has side pockets large enough for two more water bottles if you need them. Trust me, you need this pack.

Thomas: While I like my Rev 6 Hydration Pack better than my Nathan, Hydrapack, and Camelback packs it tied with My Salomon S-lab pack. I am still on the look out for the perfect pack. The S-lab pack did not hold up well, there are some quality issues with the pockets on the straps. Where the S-lab excels is that it holds more water higher on your back and is easier to draw the water into your mouth from the bite valve. The fit of the Osprey is better overall. The Osprey would benefit from a redesign on the actual water reservoir. My other Osprey pack is much easier to get the water from. The Osprey kicks butt in the following feature:

  • Storage on both the forward facing straps and the actual backpack
  • Comfort, no chafing and good fit
  • Wide mouth on the water reservoir
  • Lightweight
  • Best bite valve by far
  • Genius magnetic bite valve older


FalkeFalke Stabilizing Running Socks ($28/pair):

Meaghan: We received a pretty sweet pre-Transrockies goodie bag and inside was a pair of Falke ankle compression socks. I traditionally prefer my compression in the form of sleeves, but these are some of my favorite socks, ever. They fall about halfway up the calf, just enough to completely cover the ankles. They provide amazing support and made some of the grueling long runs more bearable. If you like some extra support around the ankles, give these socks a try.

Thomas: Super sock! Loved these even though they make me look like I have business socks on. The compression on these socks make your feet feel amazing.

InjinjiInjiji Run 2.0 Socks ($18/pair)

Thomas: The injinji socks are great socks to prevent blisters. I love the way they wrap each toe individually. If you have issues with blisters, I would recommend these. However, I do have a concern with durability. The Injiji socks I have had in the past did not hold up as well as some other toeless sock options, however this pair seems to be more durable.

thirty-48Thirty48 Ru Running Series Socks ($16/pair)

Thomas: Thirty48 are as cushy and thick as a Balega sock. If you like a high volume sock, you’ll enjoy the Thirty48

Feetures socksFEETures! ($15/pair)

Thomas: I really like the Feetures! socks. These were my favorite socks in this post. They sent us a thinner and a thicker synthetic blend sock. The thin ones are what I prefer, both were very good as far as fit and feel. FEETures! also sent us a Plantar Fasciitis sock. Think compression sock without toes. I wore them for recovery and they made my calves and feet feel great while I watched some TV. I don’t currently have PF so I can’t say they help with it. For more info on the PF sleeve go here >

Meaghan: These are some good socks! As Thomas mentioned, we received a few variations. I didn’t notice a huge difference between the ultra light and light – they both seemed pretty minimal to me, which is great. They’re nice & breathable and come with a lip to ensure they stay in place.


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