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Ashmei Merino+Carbon Jersey Review

The Good

Thomas: The best wool sportswear hands down. Bold statement right? I can’t say that because I haven’t tried them all, but of the wool running clothes I have tried, oh boy this is top notch. What makes the Ashmei Merino+Carbon Jersey stand out? Simply put, fit, details, and breathability. The fit of the garment is, well, fitted. It is not too tight, but it is a slimmer cut. I like the tighter fitting garments because they chafe less. The fit isn’t so tight you feel embarrassed to leave the house tight, its just right. I also love a zippered neck. It is amazing how much you can regulate your temperature with a zippered neck. My previous favorite shirt was a similar looking shirt with a zipper neck from GORE Running. The comfort of the Ashmei Merino+Carbon edges it out, but where it really wins is in the odor control. My synthetic GORE jersey starts to smell as soon as I heat up. The Merino+Carbon is anti microbial so it only starts to smell when I do. I wore the jersey in all types of weather, hot 80º+ F, cool >50º F, and in the rain. I was always comfortable.

If you know Ashmei, you know the devil is in the details. The jersey does not disappoint. The materials are stitched together without a thread out of place. Near the top of you neck on the back there is a cord loop to secure any headphone cables. A small zippered pocket sits practically hidden near the hip. A perfect spot to stash some cash.

Meaghan: This was my first encounter with Ashmei, and I must say, I am impressed. The quality of the women’s running jersey is pretty incredible. The shirt is slightly fitted with a sleek, modern-looking design. I was unsure of the merino wool, but after a few runs in the shirt, the theory behind the material proved true. The shirt keeps you cool in warmer weather and does a great job of wicking away sweat. I never had any issues with chaffing or irritation, even through the pools of sweat this summer. The half-zip on the front of the jersey has reflective material which is nice for the dark, early morning runs. There is also a small zipped pocket on the backside of the jersey which is large enough for key, or credit card.

ashmei GORE

The Bad

Thomas: I could have used about 1/4″ to 1/2″ of more material in the front of the shirt. the back is actually longer and fit fine. I have a long torso. The price of the jersey will not fit into everyone’s budget. It sells for £75.00, that is about $122.

Meaghan: On its own, there is really nothing negative I can say about this shirt. However, when I used the pocket to carry my keys, they bounced around which was irritating. I would limit the pocket for lighter items, such as a credit card or some cash.


Thomas: Want top quality running gear, you are going to have to shell out for it. Ashmei puts in a lot of thought and superior materials into the product. My soft shell Asmei jacket is going on it’s 4th or 5th year now and is still a staple in my winter rotation. It has certainly held up well. I am sure you will find the Merino+Carbon Jersey a fantastic addition to your running closet.

For more pics of the Ashmei Merino+Carbon Jersey check out Believe in the run on Instagram.

Meaghan: The women’s Ashmei running jersey is a sleek, modern designed running shirt that I would wear for a walk in the park or a 20-miler. It’s the perfect addition to any runner’s wardrobe. While it comes with a high price point (£75.00), you cannot deny the quality. If you haven’t tried anything from the Ashmei line, go check them out.


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