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TheraPearl Hot/Cold Wraps

We write and review products and races for this site because we love sharing our love of running and believe that the right gear makes for a better experience. When we hear someone has found a shoe they love and works for them, and that Believe in the Run may have helped them find it, it makes all the work we put into the site worthwhile. Every once in awhile we get to try a product that we normally wouldn’t come across. Recently this was the case with TheraºPearl. We were sent a couple samples and now I will make the product a permanent addition to my running gear catalog.

TheraºPearl are reusable hot and cold packs. The ones they sent us are designed for wrapping the ankle and the knee.

The Good

Thomas: The TheraºPearl worked wonders on my ankle. The cold therapy worked the best with my sprain. After runs I pulled the ankle wrap out of the freezer, wrapped my sore ankle. I could immediately feel pain relief. There were runs where the last mile I was looking forward to getting home to wrap my ankle with the cooling beads.

Meaghan: I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a frickin’ ice pack.” Right? Unlike your typical ice pack, the TheraPearl stays flexible, so you can easily wrap it around your ankle (or other problem areas). It’s cold enough to soothe tired, swollen joints, but not frozen to the point of discomfort. You can also pop it in the microwave for heat therapy, but I never went that route.

The Bad

Thomas: Nothing to say bad about this product. It is a simple product that works.

Meaghan: While I loved the ankle wrap, I didn’t feel the knee wrap worked as well for me. The sizing and structure of the wrap was a little too large and the cooling beads didn’t hit the places around my knee that I wanted.

The Conclusion

Thomas: Every runner should have the ankle wrap and knee wrap waiting in the freezer at all times. I wholeheartedly recommend the TheraºPearl ankle and knee wrap. I will be purchasing another ankle wrap for myself. Here are some tips on hot and cold therapy from TheraºPearl.

Meaghan: $13 for amazing feeling ankles?! I’m purchasing more wraps.

Check out this article on the benefits of ice baths for runners.


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July 27, 2014

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