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Running Apparel • April 26, 2024

Rabbit Spring 2024 Trail Apparel Review: Pockets Galore

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What You Need To Know

The Gear

A good mix of shorts, tees, and protective layers

The Colors

Fiery Coral and Woodland Gray

Price and Availability

$50-70, Available now

Introduction to the Rabbit Spring 2024 Trail Collection

JOHN: My running clothes stink. They literally smell from years of abuse and torture. I’m absolutely grateful to be on this review because I need to toss out all my clothes that have been on too many adventures. Also, I’ve never reviewed high-end trail running clothes, so this is very exciting! Like many confused, lost, and poor souls out there, I don’t prioritize new running clothes. I just hope my girlfriend, Mom, or the Easter Bunny gets me some, and I use all my resources on bibs, tech, and shoes. I want to change, but I can’t beat it! I’m trying!

So, for people like me holding on to gear out of love, saving cash, or memories, the question is why? Why would we get rid of our beloved, precious, but disgusting running gear? Well, let me tell you that since I received this fresh Rabbit Trail gear, I’ve been pretty much living in it exclusively (to test it out, of course). For me, to fully embrace new running gear is like what Garth said in Wayne’s World: “It’s like a new pair of underwear; at first, they’re restrictive, but then after a while, they become a part of you.”

I feel like rabbits don’t get enough love in the animal kingdom. They’re ferocious in Monty Python; Roger Rabbit somehow married Jessica, and they can be super diabolical, like in Donnie Darko and Silent Hill. I’ve been lucky enough to get Rabbit clothes here and there over the years, and I know they’re good, but I really had no idea what the newer gear brought to the table in terms of functionality. The gear also looks really cool, so like after the race or social run you won’t feel like a total dork in your 2017 5k shirt that’s permanently stained and stanky. Can Rabbit help me change my dirtbag ways? Let’s find out.

MELISSA: Local brand? Check. Woman founded and owned? Check. Quality product? Check! Not only is Rabbit a brand that I know well as a Santa Barbara local, but it’s one that has never disappointed me. I mean, I have tops and shorts that are still going strong nearly 10 years after purchasing them. I’ve mentioned in other reviews how much of a fan of their EZ apparel I am. There’s rarely a day that you’ll not see me wearing at least one item from that line. Well, in more recent years, Rabbit has expanded its focus and thrown its hat in the trail ring, and the result has been pretty impressive. Let’s explore why.

Rabbit UPF Deflector 2.0

JOHN: This lightweight UPF Deflector is packed with goodies, almost to the point that it spoils you.

It’s vented and has thumb holes and an opening to see your watch… on both sides! No pulling up your sleeve to see you drifted to a 13-minute pace! I know it’s simple but mind-blowingly awesome to me. The hoody has a UPF Rating of 50, and the hood itself has a brim and design that gives you additional protection from the sun for your face, neck, and ears. The cuffs cover your hands, giving you additional protection from the sun.

There’s also a zippered pocket in the back of the hoody to stash stuff. This hoody actually may be too good to be true because its features already have my girlfriend eying it for a quick snack and grab… beware the snatchers on this one, folks!

MELISSA: The UPF Deflector holds some sentimental value for me. I wore the original version of this long-sleeve top to Javelina 100 in 2021, my first 100 miler post-hip surgery. So this race and this top give me all the warm and fuzzy feels. For those not familiar with Javelina, it takes place in the Arizona desert. It’s completely exposed and has the potential to heat up. I had originally planned to wear the top only through the hotter, sunny parts of the day but ultimately ended up keeping it on for the entirety of the race because it transitioned easily from sun protection to an extra layer for warmth for the evening.

Version 2.0 has some pretty major updates. The UPF 50 material has shifted to something that is softer and stretchier. The watch openings in both sleeves, perforations around the armpit for ventilation, and zippered side pocket are also an addition to version 2.0. Finally, the top is offered in a Fiery Coral for women and Woodland Gray for men.

I can really appreciate the added stretchiness to this top. It makes it easier for it to be worn over something else. It also makes for easier movement and less rubbing, and we all know that rubbing eventually leads to chafing. Based on a couple of wears, I feel pretty confident in its ability to breathe and ventilate. Like version one, this top has sleeve extensions to help protect the hands and a generously sized hood that protects your neck and ears and sits well over a hat.

Overall, I think this is a wonderfully designed sun top that will come in handy as I train through the summer. It’s perfect for summiting peaks and for running in the desert, both of which I’m planning on doing this year, so don’t be surprised when you see me rocking bright coral out there.

PRICE: $70

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Rabbit Shredders and Smashems 5-inch Shorts

JOHN: The Shedders 5-inch shorts basically have a built-in running belt that stashes lots of stuff with four pockets. Another amazingly cool feature is that there are two elastic loops to hold trekking poles. I can’t stress how much I love this and I truly feel like this right here is why you need to ditch old gear and utilize the new gear Rabbit is dropping.

Pretty much every aspect of these shorts delivers. The drawstring is tough and won’t budge, and they’re made from recycled materials. The nylon in the liner and waistband keeps you cool and controls odor.

MELISSA: The Leggy Smashems are the perfect mashup (or should I say, smashup) of two of my personal favorite Rabbit shorts. It’s the best of each short combined.

What I like about Leggy: they’re super comfortable and flattering and have side pockets along the outside of each leg. I prefer the longer cut because they stay down better on bigger thighs. My only suggestion for both Leggy and Leggy Smashems would be to add a silicone strip along the bottom to keep them from riding up. After all, Rabbit already does so on its full-length tights.

What I like about Smashem: There is so much pocket space! You can store anything you need in the waistband, including a soft flask. If you do store a lot in there, there is a waistband tie that you can utilize to keep it all in place. There is a roomy pocket along the back that can fit most phones. Despite the thicker waistband, the shorts are still super comfortable and not bulky.

My stoke level that this short exists is pretty high, given my love for its predecessor. I had no idea that I wanted this short until it existed. I’m so glad you are here, friend.

PRICE: $80

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Rabbit Switchback Tee and Tank

JOHN: The Switchback Tee is extremely lightweight. It utilizes Flatlock seams and bonded hems, which reduce irritation, while the microtextured inside ensures cling-free performance from peak to peak.

I love the design of this shirt. I feel like a lot of times, if you get a tech-heavy shirt, you lose out on style, but this manages to blend both well together.

My only concern with this shirt is if you get sweaty be careful taking it off. The material is so thin you can easily rip it Hulk-a-mania style.

MELISSA: I received the Switchback tank, which is Rabbit’s version of a race singlet. First impression: I love the colors and topography-like design. It’s cut and designed in a way that makes it a wonderful companion to a running vest or hydration pack. The material is slightly stiff with flat seams, which is great for breathability, moisture wicking, and prevention of bunching and clinging. For me, this tank might not be the most comfortable for everyday easy running — I prefer something less papery with a little more stretch. However, it excels for long hauls while wearing a hydration pack, running in the heat, and long races where you periodically douse yourself in water to cool off.

PRICE: $60-65

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Final thoughts on the Rabbit Spring 2024 Trail Collection

JOHN: I love all three of these pieces of gear, but my favorite is the shorts. The built-in pockets fit a crazy amount of stuff but don’t feel clunky or interfere with the run. If somehow Rabbit were to figure a way to have a bladder on the shorts for you to drink out of, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. The hoody is amazing. It’s great to run in to keep you cool and also protected from the sun but it’s also comfortable just using to hang out in. I really enjoyed the Switchback Tee. It’s crazy lightweight, vented, and breathable, but it did feel a little delicate.

I’m very impressed. I knew Rabbit was good but they’re better than advertised, and really cutting edge running gear. As I mentioned above, it’s hard to get running clothes that are both functional and fashionable, but Rabbit is able to do both. These are the best running clothes I’ve ever owned. I highly encourage anyone holding on to old running clothes to ditch them, treat yourself, and embrace Rabbit. Super underrated animal also!

MELISSA: The Spring 2024 trail collection is super functional, flattering, and has great flair. I have full confidence that any of these pieces would do nothing but help me on my way to a successful trail ultra. Well done, Rabbit.

You can check out the entire Rabbit Spring 2024 Trail collection using the buttons below.

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