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Running Apparel • April 26, 2024

The Best Gear From the Tracksmith Off Roads 2024 Collection

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What You Need to Know

The Gear

A few updated silhouettes for life on the trails

Ready to rip

Updated Off Roads shorts and a few new color options

The Cost

$35 to $200

Warmer weather is rolling in fast, and that can only mean one thing: trail running. While we usually stick to the comfort of roads and sidewalks over the winter, there’s something about spring and summer blooms that makes us want to leave Baltimore City behind. When we do, it’s nice to have a few new pieces of gear to test out. However, there are more options than you can shake a stick at when its time to upgrade your closet.

Tracksmith, thankfully, always knows what your closet needs. The answer is usually more ultra-premium running gear, but it’s hard to argue with that conclusion. As if to prove our point, the New England-based brand just dropped its new collection for trail running, featuring a nice update to the Off Roads shorts and a few new colors for the Harrier Long Sleeve. If you’ve been around a while, you know that means we’re going to pick out a few of the best pieces and throw them your way (or at least suggest that you buy them).

We’ll stick to performance-ready pieces for the most part, but if you haven’t tried Tracksmith’s Trackhouse collection or accessories, you’ve simply been missing out.

Tracksmith Harbor Vest

Kicking us off is one of Tracksmith’s new silhouettes for 2024. We actually just featured this piece in Tracksmith’s No Days Off collection (or maybe it was the spring collection), but it’s still valid. That’s right, the Harbor Vest is back — comfortable and warm, but it skips the sleeves so that your arms can breathe at least a little bit easier.

Tracksmith’s cozy outer layer is designed to accommodate layering, which means it’ll fit a little bit bigger in case you want to fit a sweatshirt underneath for casual wear. The Harbor Vest is also lightly water-resistant, shedding lighter April showers, but we probably wouldn’t recommend it for heavier rain given, ya know, the lack of sleeves. Oh, and the insulation comes from just the right amount of PrimaLoft Gold, so it’s lightweight yet warm whether you’re on your first mile or your 15th.

Knowing Tracksmith, we’ll probably see the launch of a Harbor Jacket next fall as the weather gets cold again. Until then, it’s a good way to keep your torso warm on the trails — just mind the Ivory colorway.

PRICE: $200

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Tracksmith Off Roads Shorts

Tracksmith’s trail-friendly shorts are officially on their third iteration, and, yes, there are a few changes in store. This year, the Off Roads Shorts are loaded with storage, with four internal pockets, a hip-mounted drop-in pocket, and a zippered rear pouch for good measure. Most of the main features are still present, with a quick-drying outer shell and a barely-there liner, though the design team has reworked the fit through the thighs to open up just a little more range of motion.

The other change in store for this year’s Off Roads Shorts is the new colorway, which I can only describe as Boy Scout-core. Not that that’s a bad thing, but you can’t tell me this Sand/Olive combination doesn’t have you ready to put on a neckerchief and help an old lady across the street. Oh, and shout out to the 4-inch inseam — not too long, not too short, it’s just right.

PRICE: $100

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Tracksmith Harrier Long Sleeve

Alright, so the Harrier Long Sleeve isn’t a new piece from Tracksmith, but this year’s Off Roads collection isn’t exactly the biggest. So, with that in mind, we’ll take a minute to appreciate the classic long-sleeved silhouette. After all, the Harrier is made from a comfortable blend of Merino wool that’s slowly but surely been refined over the years. Seriously, this was one of the brand’s first products, and you better believe it’s still here.

This time, the only change is that the Harrier Long Sleeve now comes in a soft pink colorway called Blush. I’ll be honest, it’s not really giving trail, but it’s definitely giving spring. You might want to grab this one early, as it’ll be too warm for the long sleeves before too long.

PRICE: $85

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Tracksmith Off Roads Water Bottle

I’m not sure how much you’re willing to pay for a water bottle, but what about a Tracksmith water bottle? Alright, so the New England brand doesn’t make the bottles themselves, but they do put a pretty sweet colorway into Camelbak’s tried and true 21 oz. sport bottle. The difference this time is that you get a small storage pouch and hand strap to make life on the trails a bit easier. Oh, and of course, the pouch has Tracksmith’s signature sash running across it. It’s just large enough for some nutrition and your keys or phone, so not a bad haul when you’re out on the mountain.

PRICE: $35

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