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Running Apparel • August 29, 2022

Rabbit Mid-Summer 2022 Trail Apparel Review: Redhead Tested, Redhead Approved

rabbit trail cover

What You Need To Know


Tried and true garments keep getting snazzier with new prints and slight updates


New UPF 30+ Protectors will even protect redheads at altitude


Practical pockets have never looked so good


TAYLOR: Even though this super sweet Summer season is basically over (I’m a teacher), the vibes and weather can stick around for a couple more months for most of the country. Do yourself a favor and check into some of these Rabbit Trail-specific garments.

Rabbit is a company known for a few reasons: progressive female leaders, incredibly soft and comfortable clothing, and just enough spice to make its gear different from all others in the marketplace. I’ve found myself grabbing for Rabbit gear on almost every single run this Summer, and its most recent drop of trail clothing will keep that streak going.

UPF 30+ Protector

rabbit upf protector

TAYLOR: If you live at altitude or in a place with ample direct sunlight, sun shirts just make sense. No need to slather the sunscreen on every couple of hours. Just wear your protection from the get-go.

I’m thankful for Rabbit’s take on this practical garment. Compared to other sun shirts, this one is just as protective and, you guessed it, uber light and comfortable. Those qualities are just what you expect from Rabbit. Our Colorado sun is more intense than the textbook 1970s gym teacher, so I wore the Protector for just about any outdoor activity. It was my companion for hiking, running, beer drinking, and lawn mowing. The list goes on. Every time, I appreciated the ample protection for my skin. My wife would even snag this one for long days in the mountains. Keep in mind that she’s a redhead and came out of the adventures without sunscreen and without a single burn. That’s the ultimate sun protection test right there.

The truly airy polyester took the cake for me. Those hot days were much better because the material was breathable enough to dry quickly. The mock neck and thumb holes spread the protection further than most shirts. This is one of those no-brainer buys when looking to keep cool and shield your skin from those harsh rays.

PRICE: $65

Shop UPF 30+ Protector - Men Shop UPF 30+ Protector - Women


Ascender HP

rabbit ascender

TAYLOR: We’ve reviewed this singlet a few times around here. Nothing new to say, really, but you should know it’s a performer. Each new print takes intrigue up a notch. The newest mountain landscape is a true piece of art.

Looks aside, the Ascender HP is the lightest singlet I have worn. By “light,” I mean that in every sense of the word. The sheer-like material feels almost like nothing is on your body. It’s thin and highly breathable for those steamy late summer runs.

PRICE: $65

Shop Ascender HP - Men


Vert Shirt and Ascender HP SensePro

vert shirt

TAYLOR: If you’ve wanted that Scott Jurek or Jim Walmsley feeling of floating down a hot trail and the wind literally blowing through your sails, you’re in luck. These are a couple of iconic runners who have donned the hole-punched shirt. Thanks to Rabbit Trail and Eric Senseman, we all have that option without taking the time to bring the blade to our favorite running shirt.

The SensePro editions of the Vert Shirt HP and Ascender HP utilize the same light and comfortable materials as the original shirts. They include large diamond-shaped cutouts for the best ventilation possible. The SensePro shirts are top-tier in breathability and comfort, even compared to the already extremely breathable/light EZ Tee Perf,

I’ll admit, I do worry about snagging a branch and ripping the shirt because of its light materials and large holes. It hasn’t happened yet, but I hope the laser-etched holes will stand strong when it does.

PRICE: Shirt – $70, Ascender – $65

Shop Vert Shirt SensePro - Men Shop Ascender HP SensePro - Men


FKT 5-inch 2-in-1 Short

rabbit fkt

TAYLOR: FKT shorts seem just as popular as their namesake endeavor. This year, Rabbit Trail has added the option of having the same trusty dusty short with an integrated liner.

The outer short maintains the flowy comfort and practical pockets we’ve all come to love. Stashing key items is easy with a zippered rear pocket and a couple of hip pockets.

As for the inner liner, it’s a light and soft Rabbitknit brief. We’ve reviewed this short before, and the support is surprising but welcome.

PRICE: $78

Shop FKT 2-in-1 Short - Men

Shredders 2-in-1


TAYLOR: Shredders! We’ve certainly seen these before. They’re my go-to short for anything long or ultra racing. I appreciate these shorts on so many levels.

Where do I start? A few weeks ago, I was explaining to some aid station volunteers at a race that I LOVE the integrated pockets around the waistband as I was stuffing chips, gummies, gels, and more around my waist — no bags or cups necessary. Later on, during that same race, I had a pair of poles securely fastened in the back. It’s a good illustration of the utility of any pair of Shredder shorts.

These newly offered Shredders come with the same Rabbiknit inner liner found in the FKT 2-in-1 shorts. General comfort comes from the soft and airy material.

My only gripe about this setup, compared to the non-spandex version, is that I had some noticeable crotch irritation after long runs. I’m not sure what it is about the seams, but they rubbed in all the wrong spots — not even some Bodyglide could calm the burn. It’s a short that, in theory, could go a long way if you keep that chafing at bay.

PRICE: $85

Shop Shredders 2-in-1 Short - Men

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