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Running Apparel • September 1, 2022

Best Path Projects Running Gear Right Now

path projects feature

What You Need To Know


Premium quality and high performance for runners


Shorts feature a proprietary base liner system


No joke, we wear Path Projects more than anything else throughout the year


We’ll keep this list updated as the seasons change


Made in the USA


If you’ve been around Believe in the Run for awhile, you know we’ve been a fan of Path Projects for years. What began as a small start-up in California between two friends has now turned into a legitimate run apparel brand, known for its attention to detail and insistence on quality production and performance.

Instead of the usual bold neons and color splashes that traditionally embody run style, Path Projects takes a different approach, offering muted and timeless palettes of military green, black, navy, and heather/slate grey. It translates to a look that can go with you anywhere, both on and off the run.

Their unique base liner system pairs premium quality baseliners with lightweight and stretchy shorts, providing a chafe-free experience on the run. Oh, did we mention that most of their apparel is made in the USA? Look through your running clothes drawer right now and tell us if you can find anything that’s not produced in factories overseas. Our guess is you’ll be there awhile.

All that to say, there’s a reason this is some of our favorite gear on the market. And while it’s distinctly made for men (for a small company, it’s difficult to cater to the wide variety of women’s sizing, but that may be changing soon), but women still find a lot of Path Projects gear to be quite accommodating. To hear more about what goes into creating Path Projects and the history behind the company, listen to this week’s episode of The Drop with co-founder Floris Gierman.

While you’re listening, check out our favorite gear from Path Projects right now.

path projects hat


Wheeler FT 9″ Shorts

path projects wheeler short

There’s a general rule in running that the longer you run, the more leg you’re comfortable with showing. Over the years I’ve managed to get myself down to 3”, sometimes shorter for race day, but only if I’m feeling real good. The shorter I go, the harder it is to get back to the good ol’ days of anything over 7”, even off the run.

So when I saw we were getting the 9” Wheeler, I cringed a little inside. I know I’m a dad, but do I have to look like one? At least it didn’t have cargo pockets. However, when I finally tried out these shorts, I was surprised: “Oh, this is much different.”

The shorts are cut in a way that’s slim fitting, so you don’t get that pantaloon-style blowout to the side. I mean, we work hard for these sinewy legs, right? And they are incredibly comfortable, using a Toray FlexTwill with four-way mechanical stretch. Unlike spandex, it doesn’t wear out like a rubber band or soak up water like a sponge. It combines durability, abrasion resistance, and quick-dry capability into a short that can really do it all. 

Now, am I going to run in these shorts? Probably not intentionally. But in a pinch, it works, and as a lifestyle short, it works better than anything else out there. It’s quickly become my go-to summer short. Mesh pockets are a nice touch, as well as the left side media pocket that accommodates iPhone 13 with a slim case. But get rid of the included nylon belt the first chance you get– it tends to slip and is one of the few missteps I’ve ever seen from Path Projects.

PRICE: $49

Shop The Wheeler


Graves PX Shorts

path projects grave px shorts

We’ve covered this short extensively in the past, but I’ll keep re-upping it. As a casual short, I’ve worn this more than anything else over the last three years, and I’ve also worn it plenty of times on the run. It’s the one short I tell every one of my friends to buy.

It’s incredibly lightweight thanks to the Toray Primeflex material, partially made from a corn-based material that uses less water during processing. It’s comfortable for everything from running to hiking to hanging out with friends. And durable as well. The rear pocket accommodates any iPhone while the three other pockets (two hand pockets, one side pocket) both zip to secure your goods. The Tripture elastic waistband couldn’t be more comfortable. 

Like all Path Projects shorts, these are linerless, so pair it up with one of their baseliners or wear your go-to underwear/liner beneath. As I said, I wear these shorts probably a third of the summer and it continues to deliver. At $45 the value is there and you won’t regret it.

PRICE: $49

Shop Graves PX


Sykes AT Short

path projects sykespx short

For race day or long runs, you gotta go with the Sykes. This short is 40% lighter than the Sykes PX, made of Toray Airtastic fabric (sounds fun), and utilizes three rear storage pockets for phone/gels/whatever. A comfortable Tripure elastic waistband keeps things up and bounce-free. Note that this short does not accommodate large phones or large phone cases. But who needs that anyway?

PRICE: $48

Shop Sykes AT


Lynx PD Base Liner

path projects lynx pd base liner

If you’re going with any base liner, go with the Lynx PD. Available in lengths from 3” to 5”, this base liner is made with Polartec Power Dry technology, “the most advanced next-to-skin moisture management fabric.” Basically it pulls moisture away from the skin and transfers it to the outer layer where it can then evaporate.

Made of 89% polyester and 11% Spandex (with anti-microbial silver salts), this is the perfect base liner for hot weather, but works equally well in the cold. It’s super soft and lightweight, and has engineered panels in the right places for the perfect fit. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t wear this as underwear on the reg.

PRICE: $30

Shop Lynx PD


Tahoe CL Base Liner

path projects tahoe base liner

Winter is coming. Well, for some of us anyway. And if there’s one piece of gear that is an essential in my winter wardrobe, it’s the Tahoe Base Liner.

Look, there ain’t too much fat hanging off my bones, so once the cold sets in it tends to never leave. And let me tell you that this base liner changed my life. It’s incredibly comfortable, incredibly thin, but works incredibly well at retaining the heat you need to stay warm. No joke, I cycled my three pairs of the Tahoe and wore them under my everyday pants for most of the winter. Of course, you can pair it up with shorts or the Killiam PX pant and you’re all set for your cold-weather adventures as well.

For colder temps, go with the Shasta HX.

PRICE: $40

Shop Tahoe CL


Zion Cap

path projects zion cap

One of the newest styles of Path hats to hit the market, the Zion is my personal favorite of all time. I absolutely love the Blue Cloud design that looks like a washed-out tie-dye, and the fit is perfect. Built with six panels, it features a micro-perforated fabric for maximum breathability and quick-dry capability. The bill is crushable so it’s also very easy to put in a pocket or throw in a backpack for travel.

The reflective adjustable Velcro back closure is a nice touch as well. Get this cap, you won’t regret it. And if you want a half-trucker hybrid of this one, check out the Badland cap.

PRICE: $34

Shop Zion Cap


Rainier Cap

path projects rainier cap

If you’re more of the adventurous outdoor type, go with the Rainier Cap, a high-performance trucker with a larger, more flat-faced crown made of 100% poly mini rip-stop fabric. This features a nylon webbing strap closure with a flippable buckle, which is a really nice touch and secures the fit exactly how you’d want it. There’s a reason this one has over 40 five-star reviews.

PRICE: $30

Shop Rainier Cap


Cascade Short Sleeve

path projects cascade short sleeve

I basically saved the best for second-to-last. This may be the most comfortable tee I’ve ever owned. The exception would maybe be the Satisfy Running Cloud Merino, but that’s also $240, so… you should probably just buy six of these in every color. It’s made with Tencel, a traceable and sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus wood pulp. I realize that sounds absolutely bonkers, and who knows how someone actually discovers such a thing, but I’m glad it happened. The t-shirts are undeniably soft and also offers a degree of moisture-wicking and odor resistance.

The cut of the shirt is a modern slim fit, I’m 5’6”, 135 lb. and found it to fit perfectly. It’s just a damn good tee, which seems impossible to find these days.

PRICE: $38

Shop Cascade SS


Andes AD Tank Top

path projects andes tank top

Everyone loves a good running singlet, so I was stoked to review the Andes AD tank top, a lightweight performance top made from Airdot mesh (think lots of holes). The breathability is there, allowing heat and moisture to quickly move to the outside of the fabric. It’s also ridiculously soft and comfortable.

Soft touch stitching allows for chafe-free wear and its slim fit offers a race-ready look. I was surprised at how much I liked this singlet, but I will offer one caveat– keep it out of humidity. If it can’t evaporate, it retains sweat in a way that makes it a little heavy. So if you’re in a high-humidity area, bust this out in the cooler months.

PRICE: $39

Shop Andes AD

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