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General Running • June 2, 2022

The Best Rabbit Running Gear for Summer 2022

rabbit summer cover

What You Need To Know

  • Who better than the Californians to have some top-tier summer goods?
  • Get ready for plenty of comfort and plenty of pockets
  • We can’t buy it for you, but we’ll wear it with you

As Nelly once put it, it’s getting hot in hurr. Well, not in hurr, but outside. You know what we’re trying to say. If you’re like me, maybe that means realizing you have more winter running gear than you thought. It’s alright, just pack your tights and long sleeves away for a few months. Instead, it’s time to bust out some warm weather gear. Luckily, one of our favorite running brands happens to call California home, and they know how to handle the heat. Here are our favorite pieces of Rabbit running gear for summer.

We’ve grabbed a few pieces for everyone in this roundup: guys, gals, people with heads in general (that means a hat, duh). I can only apologize if we hype up a particular colorway too much, and it sells out — the Multi version of the Beach Break is already gone. Anyway, there’s bound to be something to suit your fancy on the list, everything Rabbit does is as comfy as can be. Let’s get into the picks.

By the way, we do have an affiliate program with Rabbit. That means anything you buy from the links on this page will go towards helping us keep the lights on.

Rabbit | UPF 30 Protector

rabbit upf 30 protector

Sun’s out, guns not-so-out | Yeah, it’s got sleeves, but hear us out

We’ll be the first to admit that summer running in long sleeves sounds awful. Really, it does, but the only thing worse than a summer run where you don’t hit your paces is a bad sunburn. I’m talkin’ lobster-level stuff. That’s where the Rabbit UPF 30 Protector comes in. It tops our list for summer Rabbit running gear because it finds a way to keep you cool without your skin getting crispy.

We landed on the Protector (instead of the hooded Deflector) for its handy thumbholes and the mock neck design. Honestly, we really just don’t want to look like rednecks for the summer, and there’s no way to get a farmer’s tan with this coverage. As you might imagine, you won’t find the UPF 30 Protector in darker shades like black — instead, it’s available in a light, sleek Sharkskin hue.

PRICE: $65-70

Shop UPF 30 Protector – Men Shop UPF 30 Protector – Women

Rabbit | UtiliBRA-vo

rabbit utilibra-vo

It’s got pockets! | Comes in plenty of colors

Alright, so the UtiliBRA-vo isn’t a new launch for summer. You caught us. We featured it as part of our Mother’s Day gift guide in early May. However, it hasn’t lost its place as a must-have in our collection of Rabbit running gear. Why are we so excited about the UtiliBRA-vo? It’s easy: there’s a pocket. Kinda like Batman’s utility belt, this sports bra has an easy way to stash whatever you need. Granted, it’s not so much a belt as a big pocket tucked between your shoulder blades, but still.

It’s also good to remember that Rabbit is a running company founded and owned by women. As such, they have some experience with what works well in a sports bra. The UtiliBRA-vo has a higher neckline for better security and coverage and wider straps for improved comfort. It comes in a bunch of colorways, so whether you’re feelin’ the Cali Vibes or more like a Mother Runner, there’s something for everyone.

PRICE: $50

Shop UtiliBRA-vo – Women

Rabbit | Beach Break

rabbit beach break

The first 2-in-1 shorts we love | By 2-in-1, we mean you can swim in ’em

You can’t get me to stop talking about this short, really, you can’t. We don’t usually like 2-in-1 shorts, but when those two activities are running and hitting the beach, how can you say no? Rabbit designed the 5-inch shorts to toe the line between a proper running option and a classic board short. You still get an incredibly soft RabbitKnit brief liner and more pockets than you can count. Well, there are four, which is easy to count, but still.

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Rabbit selected an eco-friendly Cocotex fabric made from coconut fibers and charcoal to keep that stank at bay. The rear pocket and right inside pocket zip shut for extra security, but there’s a drainage hole so your time in the water won’t weigh you down. By the way, the Cali Vibes colorway is out of stock, but this is still a must-have piece of Rabbit running gear (or swimming gear) for summer.

PRICE: $68

Shop Beach Break – Men

Rabbit | Surf N’ Turf

rabbit surf n turf

Board shorts aren’t just for dudes | Comes in 2.5-inch or 4-inch inseams

You might not find too many women in board shorts, but Rabbit’s Surf N’ Turf might be the start of something new. It’s all set for a dip in the lake after checking off your daily miles, even if it’s not as ocean-ready as the Beach Break. Rabbit used its breathable two-way stretch fabric with a wide, comfortable waistband, so you might find yourself grabbing these shorts even on dry days. The Surf N’ Turf also comes in either 2.5-inch or 4-inch inseams to cover any level of summer heat.

Learn more: The Best Running Shorts For Women

If there’s one drawback to the overall design, it’s the lack of pockets. Rabbit added one in the front and a zippered option in the back, but it definitely doesn’t keep up with the shorts above. We won’t hold it against the designers, though, because everything else makes for a sweet pair of shorts. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the Surf N’ Turf adopt some Cocotex in the near future.

PRICE: $60-62

Shop Surf N’ Turf 2.5-inch – Women Shop Surf N’ Turf 4-inch – Women

Rabbit | Laser Cut Elite Hat

rabbit laser cut hat

Holes cut with a frickin’ laser beam | Redesigned brim for better sun coverage

All of our Rabbit running gear picks have been clothes so far, but it’s a good idea to grab a trusty hat, too. Whether it’s a tie your hair back kind of day or you’re thinning out up there, you’ve gotta protect the noggin. Maybe you’re sick of the Cali Vibes pattern by now, but that’s the wrong answer. It’s back again on the Laser Cut Elite Hat, which is one of the few that can rival our own in-house designs. The Elite Hat is based on Rabbit’s classic hat, but it has a longer brim for better sun coverage. Yes, that means it can keep you from winding up a redneck.

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What does Rabbit mean by laser cut, you ask? Well, the side and rear panels are perforated with a whole bunch of little holes to let your head breathe. I know I have some hats that don’t breathe all that well, so I’m happy for the extra airflow. By the way, the Laser Cut Elite Hat is made in collaboration with the folks at Boco Gear, and they know a thing or two about hats.

PRICE: $30

Shop Laser Cut Elite Hat

Rabbit | Shredders and Smashems

rabbit shredders

Total trail domination | More pockets than you can (probably) fill

So, this pick is kinda two picks, but the Shredders and the Smashems are basically the same shorts. The only difference is that the Shredders are for men and the Smashems are for women. Anyway, both pairs of trail-ready shorts have a wide waistband that carries a big secret. I called the UtiliBRA-vo the Batman utility belt, but these shorts are the whole damn Batcave. They feature six big pockets that wrap around your waist, which means room for a phone, energy gels, a little bit of TP, or whatever else.

The pockets aren’t the only adventurous feature on the Shredders and Smashems. Both shorts offer a pair of rear loops where you can stash your trail running poles whenever you don’t need them. The waistband is also made of Rabbit’s RabbitKnit Ice, which is even cooler than the traditional stuff. It supports quick drying and helps to keep the summer odors away.

PRICE: $75-80

Shop Shredders – Men Shop Smashems – Women

Rabbit | EZ Tank and Welcome To The Gun Show

rabbit ez tank

Sun’s out, guns out, duh | There’s no discount for the lack of sleeves

Now this is some Rabbit running gear that you can spend the summer in: no sleeves, no extra material, just light, breathable comfort. The EZ Tank and Welcome To The Gun Show are nearly identical, but they offer slightly different polyester and spandex blends. Welcome To The Gun Show is obviously for showing off the famed massive biceps that most of us runners have (or pretend to have). It’s the slightly lighter of the two designs, and Rabbit recommends it as an option for racing or first dates if you’re into that.

As for the EZ Tank, we can’t say enough good stuff about Rabbit’s EZ material. It’s unbelievably soft, and it’s light enough that you just might forget it’s on. Rabbit offers EZ cuts of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, quarter-zips, and more, but the Tank is the only one that’ll do for the summer months.

PRICE: $45-48

Shop Welcome To The Gun Show – Men Shop EZ Tank – Women

Rabbit | Low Tide

rabbit low tide

A beach-ready button-up | Feel the Cali vibes, FEEL THEM

You know what stinks? Low tide. You know what doesn’t stink? Rabbit’s Low Tide button up. What’s the difference? Well, one is the worst time to drive past tidal bays, and the other is a lightweight, snap-up shirt. It’s also one of the greenest pieces of Rabbit running gear on our list, with 88% recycled spandex as the bulk of the material. Sure, most button-ups aren’t exactly great for running, but that’s where Rabbit sets itself apart. The breathable back panel takes a little bit of sweat out of the occasion, so you can just hit the miles.

Even if you don’t want the Low Tide button-up as a running shirt, it’s an easy upgrade to your short sleeve game overall. I’d wear this to church or out to dinner if I really wanted to. Everyone can be jealous of the sweet Cali-inspired design and comfortable material. It’s the last piece to finish your Rabbit running gear puzzle.

PRICE: $68

Shop Low Tide – Men Shop Low Tide – Women

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