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Running Accessories • August 2, 2021

Our Favorite Ciele Athletics Caps | Summer 2021


What You Need To Know

  • Stylish running hats that turn heads at races and group runs
  • Lightweight, packable designs that travel well
  • Reflective details and UPF protection on every hat

There was a time when running hats were not cool. Your only options were a black or highlighter-yellow cap with a swoosh on it. To be sure, headwear for runners was more of an afterthought than an entire market segment.

Enter Ciele. The last decade or so has seen a creative boom in the athletic gear market, with more and more companies entering the field to spice up the running game. Ciele was one of the first brands to make really unique headwear that looked good and played better. Their GOCap has become an icon in the industry, with its simple yet stylish design and plethora of colors that pop off the panels. They mastered their style, and started feeling themselves so much that they said, “Screw it, let’s make some kick-ass sunglasses.” Every one of their hats features UPF protection in a packable design that’s environmentally conscious. Over 85% of their lineup is made at least partially with recycled material.   

We’re big fans of Ciele’s products here at Believe in the Run, everything from the subtle, sleek designs to the bright and loud bangers. Here are our favorite caps from their latest collection.

GOCap – Running Man Quint

The 90s are back in full force and this running man design brings us back to the days when the cultural beacons of Lollapalooza and Rainforest Cafe reigned supreme. The color combo and running man logo make this a hat destined for the summer – and beyond. Meg has worn this for pretty much all of her summer running and can attest to its breathability and coolness, both in temperature and in style.

PRICE: $45

Shop GOcap Running Man

GOCap – Voltaire

Remember how we talked about the two sides to Ciele? Here’s the opposite of the Blackbars colorway. We’ve got the same GOCap design but with “Ciele Athletics” plastered on the front panel instead of the bars. This cap gets its glow from the highlighter yellow color, illuminating the front, sides and brim lining. Topped off with a teal crown, the Voltaire will turn heads at your neighborhood 5K or next group run. They’ll be left to philosophize why their hat is so boring.

PRICE: $35 

Shop Voltaire

ALZCap – Skyline

If you’re looking for an even more breathable piece for your headtop, the ALZCap might be your jam. The ALZ uses more of the COOLwick mesh than the standard GOCap for enhanced airflow. It’s also a little bit smaller than the GO for a lower profile and more fitted look. Those of you who aren’t fans of fitted baseball hats will relate to this one.

As far as the colorway, the Skyline is simple and sharp. A brick red covers the front panel and sides, as well as lines the white bill. Underneath the bill, a white modernist pattern is backdropped by that same red color to add some flavor to this hat. The front panel features a reflective TPU grip Ciele logo as a nice branding stamp. Run your city in the Skyline cap.

PRICE: $45

Shop Skyline

ALZCap – Roadside

Looking for the most hipster colorway from Ciele? Look no further than the Roadside edition of the ALZCap. This hat gives us big “camping in the Pacific Northwest with my Subaru” vibes, with green, blue, orange and yellow featured throughout the hat. The logo is once again stamped right in the front for a classic look. While certainly busier than the Skyline colorway, the Roadside feels laid back in its look. It’s just happy to accompany you on your adventures.

PRICE: $45

Shop Roadside

BKTHat – Asymint

Ciele and Jim Walmsley single-handedly (or dual-handedly?) brought back bucket hats and made them cool to run in. This offering is stylish, with flashes of teal and royal purple adorning the side panels and brim lining. Unlike other hats in Ciele’s lineup, the BKTHat has +50 UPF protection, as opposed to the +40 found on the GOCap and ALZCap. Protecting your skin and face from the brutal Summer sun is a huge plus for this hat. The side and top panels are made of COOLwick mesh to allow better airflow onto your noggin. A small, reflective brand logo sits front and center for a subtle look.

The BKTHat also comes in military green and black zebraflage, as well as black and white zebraflage.

PRICE: $55

Shop BKTHat

› RDCap – C-Speed

Robbe’s fully vaxxed, but he doesn’t mind putting on a tinfoil cap every now and then and going deep down the r/conspiracytheories rabbit hole. This RDCap lets him run and speak to aliens, with its space-style foil brim and low-profile mold. It’s probably the closest thing you’re going to find to a traditional running hat in the Ciele universe. 

A highly breathable knit mesh gives your dome some air while a welded back seam gives an overall comfortable fit. It’s also black and silver, which is just badass in that Mad Max type of way (it’s also available in white). 

PRICE: $55

Shop RDCap

› GOCap – Berlin

Okay, what the hell, we’ll include one more GOcap because it’s too cool not to put in here. Ciele does a fantastic job making caps for the marathon majors and they hit another home run with the all-new Berlin cap. It’s everything we already covered about the GOcap, but the design is out of this world. Mean to represent the cities and diverse run communities that give energy to each of the great race cities.

PRICE: $55

Shop GOcap Berlin

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