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Running Apparel • July 30, 2021

Nitecore Trail Running Elite Package Review


What You Need To Know

  • Collection of top-end trail gear inspired by Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc race
  • Pieces include powerful headlamps and practical emergency gear
  • Products use a numbering system that’ll make New Balance’s head spin

TAYLOR: One of the biggest trail races in the world is coming up soon in UTMB. It’s a one-lap event… as in one lap around Mont Blanc that touches three different countries and amasses 33,000ft of gain and descent along the way. 

With the race approaching Nitecore, famous for making flashlights that’ll melt your face off, has put together a collection of gear inspired by the race. The package includes thoughtful and high-quality pieces that will make the 100+ mile lap to and from Chamonix a little bit easier.

› UT32 Headlamp


TAYLOR: Night running is inevitable in an event like UTMB. The UT32 headlamp is Nitecore’s answer to those dark miles. The fancy lingo in its description basically means big light capabilities in a small yet durable package (5.1 oz). UT32 boasts massive amounts of light (up to 1,100 lumens) and multiple settings for any scenario. 

I really appreciate the dual output on this lamp. A bright white light cuts through the night to make clear the path ahead. I often used the yellow light, which was just as powerful but became much easier on the eyes as the miles went on. Toggling between lights is easy as a push of a button.

The optional overhead band is a necessity when running. Much like the Fenix HM65, the singular headband is simply not enough to keep the lamp steady. 

Battery life is average for a headlamp this size. The UT32 will keep power for anywhere from 90 minutes to 18 hours depending on the setting. That’s a big range, but its average 8 hour run time at 200 lumens is on par with the Petzl Actik Core. Also similar to the Actik Core, the UT32 retails for $75.

PRICE: $75

Shop UT32

› NU25 Headlamp


TAYLOR: If and when your UT32 fades, the NU25 has your back. This is one of the lightest headlamps that I’ve ever used at 1.9 oz and it packs a punch. It’s a no-brainer to bring on any excursion, especially a race. I know how Robbe feels about Black Diamond’s 225, but the NU25 is just as good if not a better lamp.

Why is it the best compact headlamp on the market? For starters, it blasts up to 360 lumens. That’s nuckin futs for a headlamp this size. White, CRI broad and red light options make it super versatile as well as powerful. It also fits a lot more comfortably than the 225 with a wider headband.

PRICE: $37

Shop NU25

› NB10000 Powerbank


TAYLOR: The NB10000 might be the most valuable piece in this package. I haven’t had a lot of experience with power banks, but this one stood out. It’s super practical for long races like UTMB or the three-day fastpacking trip you’re going on at the end of summer.

This power brick gives you on-the-go quick charging for multiple devices. I put this thing through the wringer, charging three headlamp batteries and my phone to full capacity three times all on one charge. That’s an impressive amount of power for something so compact and lightweight. The NB10000 belongs on any long adventure.

PRICE: $60

Shop NB10000

› NWE30 Emergency Whistle


TAYLOR: Here’s another just-in-case item that can be invaluable in the backcountry. I’ve had multiple friends get lost because of quick turning weather, accidentally take the wrong route, etc. These are scary situations to be in because of the fear of not being found before things get serious. 

Nitecore’s NWE30 emergency whistle is the extra insurance that you hope you never need. It belts out 120 dB of multi-directional sound plus a pulsing LED light to attract those on the search. Even on a windy night, this device can be seen and heard from a surprising distance. This is a must-have for backwoods adventures as it’s only 1.9 oz and smaller than my keys. Clip it to a key chain and it’s there God forbid you need it.

PRICE: $30 

Shop NWE30

› BLT10 Running Belt


TAYLOR: Not to be confused with your favorite deli sandwich, the BLT10 is a very capable running belt. 

I’m someone who uses running belts all the time for my phone and other things, secure and comfortable storage is important to me. Nitecore’s BLT10 fits that bill, with dual velcro straps to adjust no matter your load in the back pocket. An adjustable bungee cord helps fasten things down a little more. 

I managed to fit my smartphone, headlamp, a couple of gels, and a light jacket in it. While at capacity, the belt stayed in place both when grinding uphills and bombing downhills. This is a versatile piece that any endurance athlete should own.

PRICE: $30

Shop BLT10

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