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Running Accessories • October 25, 2023

Ombraz Releases Limited-Edition Frost Colorway of Its Sunglasses

ombraz frost feature

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What You Need To Know

The Frames

Armless sunglasses in Classic-style frame

The Colorway

Limited-edition Frost colorway (side shields sold separately)

Price & Availability

Available now for $160

Vanilla Frosty

Sunglasses come and sunglasses go. The amount of eyewear I’ve lost over the years due to drops, breaks, kids, or sheer forgetfulness could fill a small landfill. The only sunglasses I have yet to lose or destroy are my Ombraz.

That’s because their armless style design ensures that they’ll never break and that they’re always around my neck or hanging somewhere I can find them. The sunk cost savings alone are worth the price of a pair. And they’re great for pretty much activity– I’ve worn them for short runs, long runs, even a 50K trail race. They disappear on the face and are perfect for wearing with a bike helmet or even swimming in the ocean.

It helps that they look great as well, and I’m not sure any pair looks as cool as the all-new Frost colorway applied to their Classic frame design.

With TR-90 aerospace-grade nylon frames and polarized silver mirror lenses, this special-edition colorway is limited to 1,000 pairs. It comes in two different sizes, narrow and regular, and the built-in cord is made of 100% recycled Japanese nylon. It’s buttery soft and abrasion resistant, and after hundreds of days of wear, I can assure you that it doesn’t fray or break.

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Limited to 1,000 pairs

What I love about the armless style (aside from never losing or breaking), is that I’m able to dial in the fit and feel of the glasses– tighter for more extreme endeavors, a little more loose if I’m just hanging out. Like you, I initially had doubts they’d actually stay on while remaining comfortable and I have to say– they’re more secure and more comfortable than any sunglasses I’ve owned. It’s almost magic. 

While Ombraz offers a variety of frame styles, the all-new Frost colorway is certain to go fast, so get yours while you can. 

Stay frosty, my friends.

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ombraz sunglasses - looking at the world

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