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Running Apparel • October 24, 2023

Janji Run Apparel: Our Picks for Fall 2023

janji fall 2023

What You Need To Know

What's Inside

Fall 2023 Janji run apparel


Newly updated Rainrunner 2.0 waterproof jacket, Waffleloft outer layer, merino wool (always the best)


All available right now

Falling Water

We’re in the thick of fall right now, which means it’s shoulder season, which means it’s basically winter, especially when the sun decides to hide. And while there’s plenty of fall fashion for runners, one of our favorite brands for this time of year is Janji.

Born and bred in New England, Janji knows what it takes to run comfortably in the cold. They also have a keen eye for current color palettes and have refined the functionality of their gear over the last decade. In short, you’ve come along at a good time because they’re really hitting their stride right now. Plus, they still stick to their core company values, offering a 5-year guarantee on their gear while donating 2% of every purchase to clean water projects around the globe. They’re basically the indie version of Patagonia… for now. 

Whether you’re looking for protection from the elements (Rainrunner 2.0) or a cozy outer layer (Waffleloft LS) or the perfect pants for travel (Transit Tech Pant), there’s something in here to take your running to the next level. See what we’ve been loving from Janji for fall 2023.

janji rainrunner logo

Logo on the Rainrunner 2.0

janji rainrunner packed up

Rainrunner 2.0 packs into its own pocket

Our Favorite Janji Running Gear for Fall

Outer or Base Layer

Waffleloft Long Sleeve ($88)

While Nike has a stranglehold on the waffle name when it comes to shoes, it’s a free range world when it comes to waffle thermals. The all-new Waffleloft from Janji is ultra cozy, made from a heavyweight waffle knit (78% recycled polyester) that can be used as a base or outer layer, depending on the temps. It’s also just a really nice shirt for when you want to feel most comfortable (which is really all the time, right?). The integrated thumb slits are a nice touch as well.

Shop The Shirt (Men) / (Women)

janji waffleloft long sleeve


Rainrunner Pack Jacket 2.0 ($198)

Personally, I think running rain jackets are pointless outside of ultrarunning (either get wet or get hot), but I’m a huge fan of them for any other life endeavor. The first version of this jacket won our gear of the year a few times over. The new version is somehow even better, made from a lightweight ripstop and 360-degree core ventilation, which is honestly necessary in a running rain jacket. The waterproof rating is 20K, which pretty much means it’s better than any rain jacket out there that isn’t straight PVC.

Two hand pockets with a mesh sleeve are essential for carrying and securing gels or phone, plus, it packs down into a self-stowing pocket with an integrated elastic carry strap. Also, the scuba hood with bungee toggles actually keeps wind and rain out. It’s clear that Janji thought out every detail with the Rainrunner 2.0– it’s made exceptionally well and should be a core piece in any runner’s wardrobe. Plus, the new colorways are great.

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man wearing an orange rain jacket standing

Base Layer

Repeat Merino Long Sleeve ($88)

If you don’t already know, merino is the magic that keeps us running through the winter. It’s extremely odor-resistant, it wicks moisture, and it keeps you warm in any condition. And while the Rover Merino is only 48% merino (compared to 52% in Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer or 90% in Artilect Flatiron Base Layer), it still manages to do the job right.

It’s also made from Responsible Wool Standard-certified merino which ensures traceable, non-mulesed wool and best practices are met from farm through production. So if you’re looking for that perfect layer from 35F-55F temperature range, this is the one.

Shop The Shirt (Men) / (Women)

janji merino long sleeve


Transit Tech Pant ($94)

While it’s not new, it is one of my most-worn pieces of apparel over the last year. Yes, it can be a running pant if you’re early enough in your running career to still feel shameful wearing full-on tights. But better than that, it’s just a great pair of pants for everyday activities and travel. The Transit Tech Pant is lightweight, quick-drying, and offers just the right amount of flex to stay comfortable in any situation. Bonus points for the dual zip hand pockets and hip drop pocket, perfect for stowing a wallet or phone on the go.

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janji transit tech pant

Base Layer

Rover Merino Hoodie ($128)

Much like the Merino Long Sleeve above, the Rover hoodie is also made of merino (though it’s only 38% of the material). However, the micro French terry fabric is plush and comfortable while the Spandex allows for a great range of motion while on the go. The scuba hood helps keep wind and cold out, and the integrated thumb slits allow for extra coverage on the hands. It basically covers all the bases from head to, well… waist.

Shop The Hoodie (Men) / (Women)

Long Run Leggings

Trail Tight ($98)

If you’re looking for warmth in storage all in one package, then you’re looking for the Trail Tight. Made of a breathable 4-way stretch, these tights allow for full range of motion while still offering enough compression to keep you warm over the long run. But the most notable aspect of these tights are the deep side pockets that can easily accommodate a phone or nutrition without bounce. You can pretty much carry anything you want for as long as you want. Which is exactly what you need for you winter marathon training or ultra distances on the trail.

Shop The Tights (Men) / (Women)

janji trail tight

Hand Warmth

Vortex Windblock Gloves ($42)

A good glove is hard to find– it’s either too thin, or the fingers get cold, or it’s just poorly made. The Vortex goes cancel culture on all those things. With a stowable mitten shell made of PU-coated riptstop, these gloves allow for adjustable warmth and comfort, while offering protection from the wind and elements. But the real bonus is that the mitten comes with a thumb cut-out– a feature often missing from convertible mittens. When we tell you Janji thinks of everything that runners need, this is what we’re talking about.

Shop The Gloves

janji vortex gloves


Multipass Sling Bag ($56)

Look, we’ve told you a million times over the last 5 years that you need to get this bag. Not sure what else we can say at this point. It goes with us on all our travels, and is perfect for that short errand run, sightseeing expedition, concert experience, and more. The strap system keeps it locked down on the run, while the storage is more than adequate for all your essentials.

Shop The Slingbag


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