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Running Accessories • June 6, 2023

Moment Travel Bag Round-Up: Stylish Storage

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What You Need to Know

All shapes and sizes

Moment has everything from inserts to 45L hiking packs

Classic colors

Choose from black, sage, or clay, which is our personal favorite

Save some money

All of Moment’s bags are on sale right now

The Intro

BRANDON: Alright, alright, I know. I’ll be the first to admit it — this isn’t your typical running shoe review. In fact, I probably won’t mention shoes at all. But hold up, what about the other aspects of your day-to-day life? A good commuter pack or travel backpack can go a long way in making life easier. Luckily for you, Moment offers tons of lifestyle and creator-focused high-end travel bags for any occasion. I’m going to take you through a few packs and accessories that you might need for your next adventure. Oh, and bonus points if you’re a content creator and looking for a bag that has all manner of specialty pockets for your endless supply of gear.

Before we go any further, let me just start by stating that I’ve tested all of these bags and pieces. They all work great and fit nicely into my everyday workflow. If you don’t know much about Moment, you should learn quickly because their gear is top quality. Alright, let’s deep dive into something a little different than we’re used to.

Moment MTW 17L Backpack

BRANDON: This minimal daypack is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish urban commuter pack. The bag is meant for that on-the-go person who’s constantly moving from place to place. This bag is perfect for days when you need to hit the gym, go work at a coffee shop, or even to pack your running gear for evening miles. The bag has a 17L capacity which means it holds all of the essentials and doesn’t allow for any overpacking — something I fall victim to way too often. If 17L isn’t enough space, Moment does offer a 21L option for some more storage capacity.

The Moment MTW Backpack does come in a few different colors, but the Clay version is far and away the most elegant. It gets even better; the bag is fully waterproof and is membraned with a rugged recycled fabric. The bag has three main compartments for your gear and multiple pockets within those. Each compartment serves a different purpose and allows you to keep all of your stuff organized and tucked away neatly. The shoulder straps are padded for those longer commute days, and a hydration pocket can fit a 1L Nalgene water bottle. The bag offers a ton of easy-access zip options and is perfect for that person who is constantly on the go.

PRICE: $149, currently on sale for $80-100

Shop Moment MTW Backpack

Moment MTW 5L Camera Insert

BRANDON: If you’re pretty stoked about the MTW Backpack, Moment offers a little something extra for creators. Whether you’re a content creator like me or even just looking for a little bit more organizational space, the 5L Camera Insert is a suitable solution and an easy accessory add-on. This isn’t like your traditional camera insert; instead, it’s sort of more like its own optional cube, which means it can be easily stowed away in or out of the bag and zips up nicely to protect camera gear and lenses.

Beyond that, it acts nicely as an additional compartment section where you can stow wires, cameras, and other small tech or running nutrition items. This piece is really nice to have but, of course, isn’t a necessity. However, after reviewing it and giving it a shot, I’m happier I have it than not. Oh, did I mention it’s also waterproof? Yep, that means everything inside will stay dry, which is pretty amazing. For $60, the camera insert is a perfect way to safely and securely protect and store any camera gear or valuables you may have.

PRICE: $79, on sale for $59

Shop Moment MTW Camera Insert

Moment MTW Tech Organizer

BRANDON: You probably don’t think about a tech organizer very often, but once you have it, you’ll probably wonder how you lived without it. I’m currently sitting at my desk with my laptop open, and directly to my right is my MTW Tech Organizer. I seriously can’t leave the house without it, no matter what. It’s kind of like a packing cube, but smaller and just for tech. Before I discovered packing cubes, I’d shove everything in my suitcase and, no matter what, the clothing or cable I was looking for would always end up buried. Once I adopted the cube lifestyle, my organizational skills became top-notch. The same goes for this organizer.

Before this pack, I would rummage through my backpack looking for SD cards, lens caps, SD Drives, earbuds, you name it. Anything that was smaller than my hand would just immediately get lost in the abyss of my backpack. Once I got this tech organizer from Moment, the entire flow of my day changed, and all of a sudden, everything was accessible and at my fingertips. The pack is versatile, low profile, and comes in two different sizes. This is perfect for cord management and a handy way to store loose items. For only $50 and on sale right now, this MTW Tech Organizer is worth every penny.

PRICE: $59, on sale for $49

Shop Moment MTW Tech Organizer

Moment Strohl 45L Mountain Light Backpack

BRANDON: When I first tested this bag, I was hesitant. Not because I was questioning the quality or the brand but because I knew how much weight would be on my back for all of the hiking I was about to do through parts of the Shenandoah Valley for two days. I’m happy to report back that this bag really did the trick for me.

My biggest priority was making sure that all of my camera equipment was stored safely, and this bag does exactly that. The Strohl Mountain Light 45L Backpack endured the mud, rain, and wind with ease. Sure, it got a bit dirty, but it was easily able to store my clothing, tent, trail running shoes, and camera equipment. The best part was the chest and hip straps allowed me to run, walk and hike, all with the correct posture and no pain. This pack is lightweight and nimble and provides all of the zipper pockets needed for a perfect trip. For my next trail run or hike, this bag is coming with me.

PRICE: $249, on sale for $199

Shop Moment Strohl Mountain Light Backpack

Moment 10L Rugged Camera Sling

BRANDON: Moment makes some incredible travel bags, and this sling is indeed good. However, it’s not as good as the rest, and kinda hard to justify over some of the options mentioned above. Here’s the thing — I’m personally not a huge fan of sling bags, so my opinion doesn’t really come from a fair starting point. If you love sling bags, then this will be perfect for you. The Rugged Sling 10L is great for anyone just trying to grab an option lighter than a backpack for life on the go. For me, it’s just enough space to carry the essential camera gear I need for content on the fly. It has multiple pockets and pouches for camera equipment and whatever else you might need.

The good news is that you can manipulate the pockets to make the sling into whatever fits your style of organization. This bag thrives when you need to be active and fast and can hold a small tablet, camera, some tech gear, or even snacks if you’re feeling hungry. The exterior, much like all Moment products, is waterproof, so don’t worry if a rainstorm rolls through; your items will be safe. The only downside to this bag is that it feels a bit bulky to walk around with and is sometimes just a bit too big at 10L. There are two size options, so I recommend opting for the smaller 6L size.

PRICE: $99 for the 6L, $119 for the 10L

Shop Moment Rugged Camera Sling

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