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Apparel • May 20, 2022

Houdini Pace Wind Jacket Review: Making Waste Disappear

houdini pace wind jacket cover

What You Need To Know


Weighs 224 g. for a US Men’s Large / 204 g. for a US Women’s Medium


Lightweight, but also light on pockets


Thomas hasn’t taken it off since it showed up


Houdini hopes to make its environmental impact disappear


Available now for $180


THOMAS: I had never heard of Houdini before the Pace Wind Jacket arrived. So I did some internet research and found out that the brand is a Swedish company founded by Lotta Giornofelice back in 1993. An adventurous woman, Lotta was looking for fabrics and clothes to help fill the gaps in her gear. The company has a commitment to the environment beyond recycled materials and green practices. Consumers can buy used Houdini gear and even rent the equipment for their adventures.

MELISSA: I wasn’t familiar with Houdini either, but I read up on the company and was impressed with its focus on sustainability and its ability to create clothing in a zero-waste, closed-loop system. Like Thomas said, Houdini is based out of Sweden with a multitude of sustainability initiatives that range from creating fabrics using recycled materials to rent, repair and reuse (pre-owned) programs to transition from a net neutral to a regenerative system.

houdini pace wind jacket back

The Good

THOMAS: If you don’t want to read my full review, the short and sweet conclusion is here. I love this jacket, and I’ve worn it every day since it arrived. However, if you’re one of those who want more details, I guess I’ll elaborate.

Typically, windbreakers have a plastic-like feel, and the fabric makes a lot of noise. Robbe always gets irritated when I try to wear one while we are doing a podcast or video because of the swish. They don’t usually breathe all that well either. However, the Houdini Pace Wind Jacket feels fantastic against the skin, breaths well, and is virtually silent. Traditional windbreakers are good for when you’re out in the elements but don’t provide a comfy coziness. A Fluorocarbon-free DWR finish provides a water-resistant finish on the windbreaker.

Unlike traditional rain jackets, I can’t take the Pace off. It feels so soft without holding in too much heat. I find myself lounging in the jacket around the house. Most of the jackets that we get are an estimate on size, sort of medium, kind of small. Maybe the torso is a little short, or the chest feels tight — just slightly off. You’d think the Pace jacket was tailored for me.

The Houdini brand is committed to sustainability. The Pace Windbreaker is made from 70% recycled materials and can be recycled once its time on your back is over. But, of course, when you feel how supple the fabric is against the skin, you’ll have a tough time believing that recycled material can feel this luxurious.

MELISSA: I took Houdini’s Pace Wind Jacket for a run on a high wind advisory day, and I can confidently say that it’s windproof. The lightweight fabric is surprisingly warm, and the sizing is on point. The material is durable and high quality. It also held up incredibly well after the first wash.

Houdini’s Pace Wind Jacket features thumbholes and a small pocket along the front zipper for storing a car key or something small.

Shop Houdini Pace – Men Shop Houdini Pace – Women houdini pace wind jacket sleeves

The Bad

THOMAS: If you’re looking for a jacket with pockets, this ain’t it. You get one chest pocket. Why they didn’t add a zipper to store the jacket in the chest pocket, I can’t say, but it would have been a nice touch. The only other complaint I have is how long the sleeves are. The length is extra to cover the hands and use thumb holes, but the sleeve bunches and gapes when you aren’t using that feature. None of these knocks are deal breakers for me.

MELISSA: While I approve of this jacket’s overall look and feel, there are some features I didn’t love. The thumbholes were a bit awkward in design and placement. They lacked any sort of stretchiness that would make it easy to adjust the sleeve placement. I’d prefer more stretchy material around the end of the sleeve and the bottom hem. The jacket was windproof and dried quickly, but I wish it were more breathable.

Shop Houdini Pace – Men Shop Houdini Pace – Women houdini pace wind jacket womens

Houdini Pace Wind Jacket Conclusion

THOMAS: The Houdini Pace Wind Jacket is one of my favorite accessories. I’ll be using it for runs, walking the dog, and any time there’s a chill in the air. With its lightweight and packability, I’ll be tucking the Pace into my backpack whenever I travel.

MELISSA: Houdini is a company I can see myself supporting for its determined focus on sustainability/waste reduction and creative designs using recycled polyester and untreated natural materials that can last a lifetime. For those reasons, I could justify the $180 price tag. If you’re looking to pay less, you can shop their rentals, reuse, or archive sections. Get ’em before they disappear!

You can pick up the Houdini Pace Wind Jacket for $180 by using the shop link below.

Shop Houdini Pace – Men Shop Houdini Pace – Women houdini pace wind jacket open

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