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Running Accessories • May 19, 2022

Weis Simer II 10L Pack Review: Rookie (Pack) of the Year

weis simer on back

What You Need To Know


Weighs 7.4 oz. (210 g.) for a size M


Might run a little warm, but more than worth it


Pockets. So. Many. Pockets.


Available now for $106


TAYLOR: One week before TRE, I got a new follower on the ‘Gram. I’ve since found out that companies worldwide are rolling the dice to create products they believe in. Half are probably scams, and most of the rest are terrible. However, Weis caught my eye for some reason. A few swipes of their account was enough to at least follow for a good trail running photo.

Cue a jam-packed two days of TRE pandemonium. While the main BITR crew did the deep dive into road interviews, I scoured the floor looking for a few expected companies and tapping into anything that looked interesting. A familiar logo made me do a double-take. It was Weis looking to launch their proudly Argentinian products worldwide.

With a half skeptic heart, I stopped and asked if I could try on a pack. Owner Mariano and brand champion/famed chocolatier Gonzo Jimenez fit me with the pack we’re discussing today. Initially, it was loaded with a couple of bottles up front and a heavier jacket in the rear. Sure, it was secure and comfortable, but everyone knows a puffy jacket will add extra support and deter any bouncing. I took it out and did another stride in my white jumpsuit and Chacos [insert wide-eyed straight-mouthed emoji]. Embarrassed and feeling like a complete jack-wagon, I jogged back to the booth, “Hey Mariano! Can we talk more about your products?”

There are a few products that I faithfully use, and they usually come out of a brand deciding, “there has to be a better way to do this.” Weis is another one of those companies along that path and has created something spectacular. There’s nothing entirely revolutionary, but it has a purpose.

weis simer phone pocket

The Good

TAYLOR: First, let’s talk fit. It’s the real jaw-dropping aspect of the Weis Simer. The Simer takes on a true second-skin nature once you strap in. It has a similar design to a TNF Race vest or Salomon Sense Pro vest. What’s different is that it has a little more material and isn’t as flimsy. You get an initial hug throughout from the Freelastic Tech mesh, even when empty. I say hug intentionally because that’s exactly what it feels like — nothing too tight or loose. I appreciate that the mesh is on the thicker side to hold the structure and maintain that hug no matter what you’re packin’.

Adding movement with a loaded pack is usually where all issues arise, but only one major gripe came to my attention. I’ll address that later. All the areas I expected to fail were rock solid, especially when carrying bottles up front.

There are 12 pockets throughout the vest, with six in the chest strap region. The top two, which are mirrored, are taller and meant for bottles. I used a variety of soft flasks that fit nicely with an anchoring band for the top. Weis has its own bottles (from Hydroflask) with a taller straw that would work perfectly here. Most impressively, even full bottles and a long run’s worth of gels didn’t bounce. I repeat, they didn’t bounce. I think I had nightmares of my bottles slapping me in the face after using the TNF race vest. Weis restored my faith in packing bottles up front. The pack itself even stayed in place better than my beloved Ultimate Direction Ultra 5 pack.

Two more pouch-style pockets rest below the bottles, two more around the rib cage (double-sided), one zip pocket on top of the chest strap, another for a whistle/small storage, a lumbar pocket, and a divided main compartment give runners a vast amount of storage options for those long pursuits. I utilized all of the various pocket types, and, for the most part, my gear stayed in its spot. The sure thing was that no matter the load, everything ran comfortably. That’s all that matters, right?

The material and structure of the pack played into comfort and security. Another major player is side adjustments.

Many packs put the full burden of adjusting on the chest straps. This typically fails once a pack gets lopsided after you burn through some nutrition. The real star is the side adjustments, where you can easily make on-the-run tweaks to how closely you want the pack to stick to you. It doesn’t inhibit breathing or give a constricting sensation as you would usually feel with only tightening the sternal straps. The pack sucks closer to the body, sinches down the load lightly, and causes the pack’s center of gravity to be more concentrated. I appreciated these adjustments as I could maintain the fit and feel I love with the Weis Simer II no matter what I carried.

All this makes for an easy choice of pack, no matter what adventure I’m going on.

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The Bad

TAYLOR: Blessings and curses are all around. Sometimes they come in the same package. In the Weis Simer II, it’s the mesh. I believe it’s a crucial component of its fit and comfort, but this pack is like an onion. By that, I mean there are tons of layers. Even with a ventilated Quick Dry Mesh underside, the pack can become a portable sauna on hot days. To be fair, not many packs this size have been able to dial in this component. On the other side, the Simer II is the hottest I’ve experienced.

For most, phones are an essential accessory item for the modern-day trail runner. Need to get it on the feed, or it didn’t happen. Finding a place for these plate-sized devices can be challenging. I typically throw mine in a front bottle pocket with a water bottle on the opposing side. Not here, though. I tried every front pocket, even the one designed for a phone. The front pouch pockets didn’t have an adjustable or elastic top, and my phone pretty much bounced right out of all of them. The ones it did stay in were right on the rib cage and caused some discomfort. As for the designated phone pocket, it was difficult enough to get the phone in and out on the go, so using it was a little frustrating. It’s a first-world problem, for sure.

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Weis Simer II 10L Pack Conclusion

TAYLOR: The Weis Simer II Ultra 100k pack had a solid showing for a new pack on the block. Give this thing Rookie of the Year. It has a second-to-none attitude when it comes to fit and comfort. Add in a ton of storage options, and adventure possibilities seem endless, even if a bit too warm.

The Weis Simer II 10L pack is an elite-level pack designed for racing and longer pursuits. Being a vest, it’s a more form-fitting pack with minimal straps to carry all the needed goods to assist in great performances. In my opinion, because of its no-bounce second-skin fit, this has to be one of the leading packs in the industry.

You can pick up the Weis Simer II 10L Pack by using the shop link below.

Shop Weis Simer Pack

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