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Running Apparel • May 25, 2022

Rabbit Trail Spring 2022 Apparel Review

rabbit trail spring cover

What You Need To Know


Signature Rabbit comfort for the warm spring and summer months


Taylor is STILL living in Rabbit’s performance plaid


Five-inch shorts are a trail runner’s best friend


TAYLOR: With spring in full swing and summer around the corner, it’s about time for runners around the world to snag some new gear for the seasons ahead. If you’re on the search for a batch of fresh trail gear, look no further. Rabbit has got you covered!

This spunky California-based, woman-owned, and constantly relevant running company finds ways to integrate who they are into their high-performance gear. Comfort will be a running theme throughout this review — just be warned. It’s what Rabbit does better than almost every other company out there. There are a couple of new pieces to check out and a handful of tried and true ones. All come with beautiful new blooms for the season.

High Country Button Up (LS and SS)

rabbit trail high country

TAYLOR: Performance plaid is gaining steam, and I’m here for it! Many outdoor brands have taken their stab at this type of garment because why not? It’s a perfect cross-over between running and life.

I mostly wear the High Country shirts in non-running scenarios — especially the new white, blue, and yellow LS version. I’ve worn it at school, to a fancy tea house, at the brewery, and even for Easter. It’s a tasteful-looking shirt.

Better yet, it’s both comfortable and functional. The stretchy and light material makes it an easy choice to take on a run too. The back panel is perforated from neck to waist for optimal breathability. Snaps up front give a fancy flair and are practical to unsnap to let even more wind through the sail.

As with last year, my only complaint is that the collar can get pretty bouncy if some of the snaps up front are undone. However, it’s not enough of a bother to deter anyone from purchasing.

Really, the High Country performance plaid is one of the more versatile shirts you can buy. It performs wonderfully in both casual and running scenarios, and you’d never have to change in between.

PRICE: $68-80

Shop High Country SS – Men

Shop High Country LS – Men

Shop High Country SS – Women

Shop High Country LS – Women

EZ Tee Perf Trail (SS and LS)

rabbit trail ez perf tee ls

TAYLOR: If you’ve read any of our reviews that involve Rabbit’s EZ material, you’ll know that we love it. It’s lusciously soft on the skin and super light. Comfortable and luxurious are other adjectives that spring to mind if the first few weren’t enough.

The EZ Tee Perf options use that same EZ material that I adore and add tiny pinhole perforation to the garment. So, quite obviously,  breathability is a bonus in the already excellent equation of comfort. I’ll wear the LS version in as low as 35 degrees on a cool spring morning, and the SS version is a go-to all summer long. The EZ Tee Perf Trail is hands-down my favorite of all the Rabbit shirts.

Spring vibes are strong with the new colors. The gray and what I’d call cantaloupe colors are vibrant and unique.

PRICE: $45-50

Shop EZ Tee Perf Trail SS – Men

Shop EZ Tee Perf Trail LS – Men

Shop EZ Tee Perf Trail SS – Women

Shop EZ Tee Perf Trail LS – Women

FKT 2-in-1 Short (5-inch)

rabbit trail fkt 2-in-1

TAYLOR: Here’s a new one for me from the Rabbit Trail collection. I don’t typically gravitate toward shorts with built-in compression liners, but these have been the most comfortable I’ve ever worn.

The FKT shorts are already a very popular go-to for trail runners everywhere. One of the reasons is the wide flat waistband that so comfortably provides a light fitting, comfortable feel. A polyester/spandex outer keeps the comfort nice and light, too.

Pockets have become standard in trail shorts. The FKTs have four — two stretchy side pockets and a large rear zip pocket to provide space for small items like keys, gels, or a phone. They also work great for picking up small pieces of trash to stash along your run.

One minor issue with the pockets was that my phone bounced a little more than I’d hoped. My parents’ genes ensured that I have a strong, robust lower body. As a result, I have to size up for a comfortable fit with Rabbit shorts. When doing so, the waist tends to be slightly bigger than desired, but the rest of the short fits better. That could very well be the reason for the extra bounce in the phone pocket — just keep it in mind.

In the past, I’ve had some issues with the inner liner — specifically in the FKT shorts — giving me wedgies. That’s not something I have to worry about with the 2-in-1 version. A very soft and breathable RabbitKnit brief liner provides a highly comfortable fit and feel.

Also, with the FKT 2-in-1, the short itself has a perforated rear panel for breathability. The whole combo is light and breathable enough that I would not hesitate to grab these shorts any time during the year.

PRICE: $78

Shop FKT 2-in-1 Short – Men

Vert Shirt HP and Ascender HP

rabbit trail vert shirt-1

TAYLOR: These aren’t new shirts for the Rabbit Trail line, but they’re the highest quality around. Think racing and fast pursuits — these tops are performance-oriented with minimal seams, made with some of the lightest fabrics, and are plenty breathable.

Rabbit Lite is an uber lightweight sheer-like material. It provides the base of both the Vert Shirt (short sleeve) and Ascender (sleeveless). The side panels are made of RabbitKnit to offer extra stretch and breathability in the warmest part of the upper body. The Vert Shirt also contains a subtle elastic band around the waist to keep the shirt closer to the body and in place. I found that this worked particularly well when wearing a pack.

Both shirts have become go-to’s when I need to move as freely as possible in the mountains on FKT pursuits, race day, or long adventures when I’d usually want a pack.

PRICE: $60-65

Shop Vert Shirt HP – Men

Shop Ascender HP – Men

Shredder Short (5-inch)

rabbit trail shredder shorts

TAYLOR: I said it a year ago when these first came out, and I’ll repeat it. The Shredder Shorts are my favorite high-performance trail shorts. They provide a combination of lightweight performance, comfort, and functionality for the modern trail runner. For what it’s worth, these are the shorts I reach for on race day and for long runs. Because of the storage options, I’ll often leave my pack at home.

The external short is a slightly different blend of polyester and spandex than the FKT short. It’s stretchier and a little more breathable as a result. The large waistband is even composed of a lighter, softer material called RabbitKnit Ice.

What makes these shorts different from others is the 360 degrees worth of storage throughout the integrated waist belt. There are technically six pockets that run all the way around you. Each is big enough to hold a phone, a few gels, or a small flask. Options are pretty much endless as for what you can carry. Rear pole loops even allow technical gear to hang on for the ride. Even with a full load, I didn’t feel any extra bounce around my body.

Shredders also come in a 2-in-1 version with an integrated brief liner.

PRICE: $78

Shop Shredder Short – Men


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