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Accessories • June 15, 2018

CTM Band Review

Typically reviewing rollers and recovery tools can be difficult. It is hard to quantify results from using the tools. When Dr. Kyle Bowling asked us to check out the product, I set the expectation, I would try it out, but no promises on a review. I ended up using the product and became a big fan of the tool.

CTM BandThe CTM Band is pretty simple. It has four halves of golfballs that can be screwed into place on a latex band. The magic happens once you wrap the latex like a bandage with the golfballs digging into your muscle tissue. This creates the tension, compression, and movement. Using a foam roller, my weight creates the pressure. I roll and flex to release the knots. Foam rolling is great; I do it before nearly every run to loosen up the legs. So why would I need or use the CTM Band? For starters, it is far more intense.

I have been nursing some Achilles soreness for about a month; it was bad enough that I took some days off from running. The CTM Band arrived about 3-weeks ago, I was back running, but the Achilles was fired up after runs. I started using the CTM Band on my calf. Once I had the calf wrapped all the tension on my Achilles disappeared. So here is the cool part, CTM Band recommends you leave it on for two minutes. During those two minutes move and stretch the area. The band creates some pain as it digs in, but it is mixed with the pleasure of feeling the tissue loosen up. With foam rolling, I have to sit on the floor and concentrate on rolling. With the CTM Band, I wrap the calf and make coffee while every step I take helps break up the crap in my leg. Two birds one stone. It is so easy to use, I come home at night and give the calf another squeeze right through my jeans.

The CTM Band turns out to be a useful tool. For me, it works better than foam rolling or using a stick. We even have a vibrating foam roller, and the CTM Band still wins for results. Another bonus for the CTM Band is the portability of the tool. It is easily packed and traveled with. The only two complaints I have about the CTM Band are 1) it is tedious to roll back up after every use and 2) the design of the configurable golf ball halves could use an upgrade to look less like something that was made in a garage.

There are lots of useful videos available to coach you through using it on various body parts. Check out this list.

CTM Band

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  1. Ben says:

    This product looks cool.

    But I’m a little turned off by the fact their website has 10 customer reviews posted all from the same day in January. And only those 10 reviews posted. Feels like an inside job.

    1. Thomas Neuberger says:

      Sounds a little suspicious, but it could be when they updated the website or when they asked people for reviews. My guess is they loaded up the reviews on the same day. Who knows.

  2. Kyle Bowling says:

    Thanks for pointing this out! I agree, the optics of this aren’t the best. They are actual reviews, but I had to upload them at the same time from a previous version of our website. Here’s the new “Reviews” section from our website:

    Let me know if you have any questions whatsoever.

    Thanks again to Thomas for the review. We’ve taken his recommendations to heart, and are about roll out a new version of the CTM Band. Stay tuned!

  3. Walter Findlay says:

    So I am not the fastest marathoner, however I have ran/ attempted a few (6). My last was Mill Run Marathon Columbus , IN 9-28-19. Super hot and humid. Made it to mile 17/18 starting getting foot and leg cramps. Pushed on to mile 20 and then could only walk the remaining 6.2. Never had cramps ,let alone this bad. Made it to the finish line, spent some time in the medial tent, fantastic people in there. Tried to massage out the cramps, wasn’t happening. Gave me an IV and 20-30 minutes later I was on my way. I brought my CTM Band with me, purchased it few years back when it first came out. So I used it that night on my calves again Sunday morning and evening then twice on Monday and Tuesday. I am convinced it is the reason my recovery was so rapid. By Wednesday I went out for a short 2 mile “recovery” run, NO PAIN ! Would recommend this for any level of runner. Great product!!

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