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Running Apparel • June 5, 2018

On Running Apparel Review (Summer 2018)

On Performance-T

This performance T is feather light. I’m talking barely-there feel. It’s soft and comfortable, designed with a mesh panel on the back and laser perforations for extra breathability and ventilation. It’s perfect for those of us that want to wear a shirt when it’s horribly humid and hot outside. This is as close as you can get to no shirt, while still wearing one. While it’s a bit steep on price, at $79, you’ll be thankful for it all summer long.

On Running Shorts

Much like the performance-T, the On running shorts are extra light. They’re soft and don’t rub or chafe. They fit how I like, snug around the waist and wide through the thighs. The waistband sits flat and comfortably. The back is actually wider to allow for a zipper pocket that can hold your keys, nutrition, or whatever you want to throw back there. You can snag a pair of $79.



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Running Accessories • June 5, 2018

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