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Running Apparel • June 29, 2018

rabbit Gear Review (Summer 2018)

You may have heard the name Rabbit as you search through the internet or you may have seen your friend wearing some sweet new gear at a race with bunny rabbits on it, but you didn’t know much about the company or their apparel. Well sit back and let me give you some information about this fast rising company and what makes them and their apparel so great. First off rabbit is a woman-owned company started up by two women who are both longtime runners who wanted to make running apparel better and higher quality. Everything crafted by Rabbit is made in the United States out in California, and every piece of clothing you can tell is handcrafted and designed with quality in mind.

The company itself focuses solely on running apparel and supports many RabbitPro’s in their running careers while also giving back to the running community in many ways. If you followed along at the Western States this year you would have seen them everywhere, on the athletes, sidelines, and all over social media. Below you will find my favorite pieces of apparel from Rabbit and what separates this apparel from the rest of the many brands making running clothing. Rabbit is pretty much all I wear now.

Best in Show

Rabbit Best in Show

Let’s start with the shorts, hands down my favorite running short are their “best in show” short. Molten lava and polka dot blue are shown above and are eye-popping. Most running apparel is plain dark colors, so these two shorts below just look stunning. The best in show is their shortest pair of shorts with a 2-inch inseam and split leg, which for me used to be a deal breaker. I used to always wear 4-5 inch shorts, I can say after wearing these I might never go back to longer shorts. Make sure you follow the size chart because these fit according to size and they have no drawstring. The drawstring has always been an annoyance for me from running shorts as it very quickly gets lost in the waist and I spend 30 minutes trying to fish it back out, or it gets tangled up in the wash. The shorts fit perfectly on your waist even without a drawstring. They also come with a small pocket to fit a gu or two and a key. The lining fits perfectly and does not ride up on me even on sweaty days, which is something I have found happening with other shorts. If you find you want some more color in your life and can handle a shorter pair of shorts, these are a perfect addition to your daily collection. These shorts will run you $48 and if the length is a concern they do come in different lengths.

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the champ

To pair with the  Best in Show shorts, “the champ” is an amazingly snug fitting ultra-light tank. The champ comes in solid colors that match the shorts as shown in the photos above. Perfect for racing the top feels very light on your chest while you run and is fitted, so you don’t get the annoying baggy feeling at the bottom of the shirt that swings back and forth when your shirt gets covered in sweat. Even on some of the most humid days, I have found this tank to dry quickly and keep me nice and comfy on my run. Another detail is the all-over perforated Rabbit logo which looks sweet but also doubles as a vent to keep you cooler. Make sure to check the sizing chart when ordering because I had to go down a size for these ran a little bigger. The Champ Tank will run you $45 dollars.

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Rabbit Ez Ringer

ez tee ringer

Another amazing piece is rabbit’s “ez tee ringer” shirt.  Hands down, I have never worn a more comfortable shirt.  The minute you put this on you feel a buttery soft fabric.  This shirt fits true to size and has some multiple color combos that look stellar. I’ve been known to wear the Ez Ringer around the house and out on the town with its magical combination of polyester and spandex. The ez tee ringer shirt will run you $45 dollars.

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Get Vested Mr Hood

mister hood & get vested

I have always wanted to have a lightweight vest that I can wear over a long sleeve shirt on cooler days, but most feel too heavy in milder temperatures, this vest fills the gap.  For most of my Fall runs last year, I threw this vest on for a run. The Get Vested kept me warm and comfy without having to add another heavy layer. It is perfect for throwing on post-race.  You will be amazed when you pick it up how lightweight it is.

mister hood is a cozy update to the classic sweatshirt.  The thing you will notice immediately about mister hood is the attention to detail that goes into the design.  The hood itself is lined with the rabbit-mesh similar to the lining of the shorts, and the champ tank.  mister hood is perfect for post-run run hangouts.

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There are many other items to check out like an emoji racing tank, arm sleeves, and lots of Women’s apparel too.  rabbit is born in the USA and is owned and operated here in the states. rabbit constantly gives back to the running community with everything they do.  They make high-quality clothing that with some care on your part will last you a long time.  I can’t tell you how many pairs of running shorts I have purchased over the years that instantly fit completely different after the first run. I highly recommend you try their running gear for yourself. If you’ve worn their stuff or have some questions/comments leave them below or let me know your thoughts.

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