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Running Accessories • March 13, 2020

ChiliBLANKET Review: Gettin’ Cozy w/ Jarrett


JARRETT: By now you’ve probably heard of the sleep brand chili. They are making 2 water-powered temperature-controlled bed pads that both Thomas and Meaghan have previously reviewed (chiliPAD and OOLER).

Did we learn a little too much information like how Thomas gets night sweats? Maybe. But that’s beside the point. They loved both models and were kind enough to let me try chili’s newest product.

New to the lineup is the chiliBLANKET. According to their website, this is the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-controlled weighted blanket that helps deliver restful, restorative sleep in both kids and adults. Hey, I’m an adult!

Why would I want to use a weighted blanket? Well after reading a blog posted on chili’s website, I learned that it can increase serotonin, decrease anxiety, and reduce restlessness. This is all fine and dandy, but I run hot and never use a heavy blanket. That’s where the temperature-controlled aspect comes in. Now my interest has peaked.

To be honest, I’ve never used any kind of weighted blanket before and I can be skeptical about these types of fads. Let me tell you something: It turns out I love weighted blankets. It feels like someone is holding me tight and telling me everything is going to be okay.

Not Jarrett’s wife, but boy, does she look happy

The Good

JARRETT: Let’s start with the setup. It’s as easy as it gets (well, aside from a regular blanket that has no setup). Connect the blanket to the chiliPAD control unit with the tube. Fill the control unit with water. Plug the control unit in. Turn it on. Done.

The blanket only comes in a throw size which is 81 inches (206 cm) by 45 inches (114 cm). First thoughts: Oh my god. This is soooooo soft! It’s by far the best feeling blanket I own and I’m unsure if that makes me sad knowing I’ve been missing out all my life.

Chili says the weighted blanket is 20 pounds and the weight is distributed by glass beads filled inside. Twenty pounds may not sound that heavy, but 20 pounds of dead weight is no joke.

As stated earlier, the hydro-powered heating and cooling element is what sets this weighted blanket apart from all others. With the control unit, you are able to adjust the temperature between 55 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit using either the buttons on the unit or the provided remote control. The temperature regulated water flows through a system of tubes inside the blanket.

I’ve been testing the temperature at the lowest, hottest, and everywhere in between. First off, I run hot, so setting it to 110 degrees was uncomfortable. Coupled with the weight of the blanket, this thing can get hot! As for setting it on the lowest temperature, it can take some time to get to it. I’d recommend not being under the blanket when you are cooling it down because your body temperature will make it take longer. At the coldest temperature is when I noticed the tubes lined throughout the blanket the most. I found my personal sweet spot to be around 60 degrees F.

At our house, the chiliBLANKET is set up on the couch. After a long day, getting under the blanket calms me down like nothing else. I would have written this review sooner, but my wife has been hogging it and falling asleep under it almost every night this past week.

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The Bad

JARRETT: If you already own the chiliPAD or OOLER, it may be awkward to use this in your bedroom. You’d have 2-3 cubes next to your bed like some sort of supercomputer tower. My preference has been keeping the chiliBLANKET in the living room. I’ve got to keep myself cool with all this intense Bachelor drama going on!

This isn’t the type of blanket you can fall asleep on the couch and wake up in a daze to walk with it wrapped around you into the bedroom. First, if you can pull a 20-pound weighted blanket while half asleep, you’re like the world’s strongest man. Second, you’d end up dragging the cube and then ripping it out of the wall while hopefully avoiding electrocuting yourself. Basically what I’m saying is the blanket is set where you have it.

Just the blanket is $299. For the blanket and cube it’s $499. The price could be a tough pill to swallow, but this is clearly a luxury. It would have been nice for this to come with the newer OOLER cube that you can use an app to set the temperature with, but oh well.

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ChiliBLANKET Conclusion

JARRETT: Weighted blankets are the real deal. Mix in the hydro-powered temperature aspect and you’ve got something special in the chiliBLANKET. Coming home after work or a long run and getting under the blanket is one of the most relaxing feelings. Even though the price is a bit of a premium, the quality is evident.

You can pick up the chiliBLANKET or any of the other chili products using the shop link below. Plus, take 25% OFF any chiliPAD with code BITR25, or 15% off any chili OOLER with code BITR15.

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(chili is an affiliate partner of Believe in the Run which helps keep the site going, but all reviews are done objectively, consistent with the mission of Believe in the Run).



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