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Running Apparel • April 13, 2020

Tracksmith Spring 2020 Apparel Review

Sure, it’s a strange and different time for running, and quite frankly– for everything. The good news is that we’ve been forced to pare back our lives, to simplify things. Hell, Jarrett’s depleted Amazon’s jigsaw puzzle supply in like two weeks. At this rate, he’ll be an Amish carpenter by the end of the month.

All that to say, while we’ve always been fans of Tracksmith’s classic design, it works more than ever right now. Simple lines, clean cuts, and a whole lot of nostalgia for when running really was just a pair of flats, singlet, and shorts.

Naturally, we were excited to test out some Tracksmith Spring 2020 gear, especially new items like the Reggie Half Tight (now with a liner!) and the updated Van Cortlandt 4″ short. Throw in some merino and lightweight Italian fabrics into the tees, and we’re ready to rack up some comfortable spring miles.

Running with no races on the mind, just pure and simple.

Reggie Half Tight (left) and Van Cortlandt 4″ (right)



tracksmith van cortlandt tee feature

THOMAS: Now my collection is complete. I started with the Van Cortlandt shorts which are my favorite short of all time and have been my go-to race day short or the past three to four years. The Van Cortlandt singlet has been in my closet in various forms since Tracksmith started. Currently, my favorite version is a custom Faster Bastards black-on-black version. The tee offers no surprises thankfully. It is an instant classic for your running bin. The fit is athletic, that means if you are between sizes go up a size. My medium fits perfectly. The 2:09 mesh is light, breathable, and anti-microbial. There are certain iconic products from brands you can recognize at any distance– Chuck Taylors, Ciele hats, Lime green Nike Vaporfly Next%, Coca-Cola bottles, and the sash on the Tracksmith Van Cortlandt tops.

ROBBE: The most classic of garments in the Tracksmith stable, the Van Cortlandt tee features the big bold diagonal stripe across the chest, which makes it unmistakably Tracksmith in the running world. It’s made from Tracksmith’s high-quality “2:09 mesh,” and features new colorways this year, including the one pictured (avocado/ivory). The ivory is actually more 90s off-white, which is definitely trending right now in shoes and apparel. HOKA and ASICS both have off-white soles on a couple models of their shoes, and this pairs up well with those. Tbh, I’m not totally all-in on the off-white, but I’ll probably come around to it in a few months. Performance-wise, it’s what you’d come to expect from Tracksmith– great comfort and durability wrapped up into one package. Sizing is accurate.

PRICE: $70

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THOMAS: For reference, I am almost 6′ tall, weigh 165 lbs most days, and wear mediums top and bottom for just about everything. We received a medium and a small in the long sleeve. Uncharacteristically for Tracksmith, they both ran big. A perennial medium in almost every brand and certainly in Tracksmith, I ended up in the small. Now you might be thinking it has to be tight, you’d be wrong. The small fits like the medium should and fits like the regular Van Cortlandt tee in medium does. Once you get the sizing sorted, you have the same 2:09 mesh and iconic stripe in a long sleeve tee perfect for cooler spring days.

ROBBE: Unfortunately I didn’t get to test the long sleeve, because the sizing is a miss on this (it’s a whole size off). It was somewhat laughably big, so much so that my wife actually said, “Are you actually going to run in that?” before my only non-run in it. I sent my size small over to Thomas and it fit him perfectly. Otherwise, it seemed like it would’ve been pretty nice.

PRICE: $75

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tracksmith twilight tee

THOMAS: This tee’s fabric is magical. The makeup of the tee’s Italian fabric is 85% Polyester / 15% Elastane, which doesn’t sound crazy, but the feel of the tee is buttery and lightweight. The key feature of this tee is its ability to dry quickly. The fit is on the money, again it is an athletic cut. I stayed in my standard medium.

ROBBE: In my opinion, this is the tee you want for summer workouts. It’s light as a feather and silky smooth, and made of Italian Borgini fabric which sounds fancy enough to sell me on it. The fit is right on and the perforated fabric will keep you cool in the warmest temperatures. This is probably my favorite top from the spring collection, and the mercury color (think light mint) is a nice shade to slip into spring.

PRICE: $58

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tracksmith harrier tee mulberry

ROBBE: While I love the Twilight Tee, the Harrier Tee is the most useful of all t-shirts, all because of its Merino wool properties. If you haven’t committed to Merino wool yet, you are missing out. The versatility of Merino is incredible, it does an uncanny job of regulating body temperature and providing unparalleled comfort. It also has natural anti-microbial properties so you don’t have to wash it as much. I can attest to all of these things– the Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer was one of two long sleeves I wore for all my winter running (and that shirt is only like 50% merino). I love this tee and will rock it all year long, through workouts and everyday wear.

PRICE: $72

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THOMAS: I have mentioned how much I love my Van Cortlandt shorts. They now have serious competition. The Reggie Half Tight is luxurious. The Inverno blend knit is smooth on the outside and brushed on the inside making the shorts feel amazing against the skin. The addition of a liner in the shorts helps with modesty and comfort. I don’t know how Tracksmith did it, but there is no bunching or visible lines from the liner. Why will you love these shorts? Think about your long runs in the heat of summer, the tight will save you from chafing. In the rain, tights win again for blocking chafing. The Reggie Half Tight is going to get a lot of runs this for all three seasons outside of winter (when I’ll switch over to the Tracksmith Turnover Tights). I may have a new obsession. My standard size medium fit perfectly.

PRICE: $72

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tracksmith van cortlandt 4 inch

ROBBE: The 4″ length of the Van Cortlandt is new, and man, this is right in my wheelhouse. For starters, it’s inspired by the pair Oxford Rhode Scholar George Dole wore to line up against Roger Bannister at Iffley Road, so it makes me feel both faster and smarter from the get-go. I’m gonna be honest– I’m still not confident enough to rock a split short or even 3″ on the reg, but I’m ready to move on from my 5″ life. It’s so hard to find a quality short in the 4″ length, but it’s finally here, and it is perfect. This is probably my favorite short I’ve ever owned, and I think they’re worth every bit of the $60 you’ll pay. The anti-microbial mesh and liner is super comfortable; I don’t ever want to take them off. Includes two gel pockets on the rear inside of the waistband.

PRICE: $65

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tracksmith session short

THOMAS: Probably the most pedestrian of the Tracksmith short line up, the session short 5″ is the closest to your basic short, you know the ones you are probably wearing now. The most notable characteristic of the Session Shorts is the way the light fabric stretches. The Session also comes in a new 7″ option. The Session is your modest basic short option.

ROBBE: Thomas basically covered it all. A simple, lightweight short that anyone will probably love. The lightweight material is made from a four-way stretch nylon/elastane blend and features a Polygiene anti-microbial liner. Includes a back stash pocket for phone or keys.

PRICE: $64

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MEAGHAN: The Twilight Crop is the perfect tank for warmer days. It’s designed with Bravio fabric, a micro-polyester and elastane blend. It’s silky smooth, breathable, moisture-wicking and feels incredibly light. It just seems to disappear out on the run. I love it.

PRICE: $58

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MEAGHAN: The Twilight Tee has more coverage than the tank, but it’s just as light and breathable. It’s also designed with Bravio fabric, which is an Italian engineered material that gives the shirt its light and airy feel. Everyone needs a good tech tee, and this is one I would recommend.

ERIN: I’ll be the first to admit that I own more running clothes than necessary, but I actually don’t have many running tees. Typically, if it’s cold enough to wear sleeves, I’m wearing long sleeves; otherwise, I’m wearing a tank.

The Twilight tee is a great compromise though: the fabric (called Bravio) has tiny perforations, making this shirt super breathable. The best part (of this shirt and the other Tracksmith shirts I own) is that they can be worn multiple times in a row before being washed, and they don’t smell. I swear! It sounds like BS but I promise it’s true.

PRICE: $58

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MEAGHAN: Just like the Twilight Crop and Tee, the Twilight Long Sleeve is designed with Bravio fabric. I noticed the stretch a bit more with the long sleeve and the material felt just a hair thicker in nature. It’s still super soft, light and breathable. It’s perfect for layering or for those Spring days that are just a tad too chilly for a short sleeve.

PRICE: $64

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MEAGHAN: Ladies. Sports bra (chafing) season is upon us and I have good news! This bra is not only super comfortable, but I have yet to have any chafing issues. It’s soft and stretchy with just enough support. It’s not a tight-feeling bra like some other brands, but the twin layers of Italian fabric provide light compression. I am a fan.

PRICE: $58

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MEAGHAN: The Session Short might be my all-time favorite, and I am very picky about shorts. They’re designed with an Italian knit that’s super soft and stretchy. They’re snug through the waist, but not in the thighs. Built with a 3.25” inseam, an anti-odor liner, an exposed elastic waistband and a zipper pocket for a key, Gu, or something small– they’ve got everything you want and nothing you don’t. I want like four more pairs. 

ERIN: I received the updated Session Short in avocado; I think “oxidized avocado” may be a more accurate description of the color, which I was initially skeptical about, but it has grown on me. 

Like everything Tracksmith, these shorts are quality. The elastic waistband stays exactly in place, and the liner is seamless to the point that it’s virtually unnoticeable while running.  I love the 3.5-inch inseam– it’s the perfect length (and if you prefer a shorter short, you can fold the waistband down). The Veloce fabric is smooth and dries quickly, and the zippered pocket on the right hip is surprisingly roomy.

PRICE: $68

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  1. Eric says:

    On their website, Tracksmith says the lined Reggie half tights have a zipper pocket in the back, but they don’t show it or say how big it is. Is the pocket big enough to carry a phone?

  2. Robbe Reddinger says:

    You can squeeze an iPhone 10 in there without a case but good luck getting it out. It’s mostly for a couple gels or key storage.

  3. TF says:

    Great reviews, just found your website but will now be a regular! Also a massive fan of Tracksmith.

    On the lined Reggie, was the liner, um… “proportionate”? I wear a large in the VC and Session shorts but need to wear underwear with those as the liner is a little big to go without.



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