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Running Apparel • February 21, 2024

The Best Gear From the Tracksmith Spring 2024 Collection

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What You Need to Know

The Gear

A few new silhouettes for spring

Match The Weather

Lots of shorts, lots of long sleeves

The Cost

$45 to $200

Let’s be honest: spring is by far the hardest season to dress for when running. We’ve passed the wintry days of the NDO collection, but we’re not to the sweltering days of summer. You might get a few warm days here and there that convince you it’s time to put the tights away, only for the Mercury to plummet and Punxsutawney Phil to declare six more weeks of winter. He’s wrong a lot of the time, but the point still stands that you never know what you’ll need from your closet from one day to the next.

Tracksmith, however, always knows what your closet needs. The answer is usually more ultra-premium running gear, but it’s hard to argue with that conclusion. As if to prove our point, the New England-based brand just dropped its new collection for spring, featuring a nice mix of new silhouettes and old favorites. If you’ve been around a while, you know that means we’re going to pick out a few of the best pieces and throw them your way (or at least suggest that you buy them).

We’ll stick to performance-ready pieces for the most part, but if you haven’t tried Tracksmith’s Trackhouse collection or accessories, you’ve simply been missing out. There are a few comfy, cozy pieces in here, too, so let’s just get to it.

Tracksmith Harbor Vest

Kicking us off is one of Tracksmith’s brand-new silhouettes. We’re big-time coat people when running in the winter, and a vest is pretty much just the spring version of a coat — at least something like that. It’s comfortable and warm, but it skips the sleeves so that your arms can breathe at least a little bit easier. Now, enter the Harbor Vest.

Tracksmith’s cozy outer layer is designed to accommodate layering, which means it’ll fit a little bit bigger in case you want to fit a sweatshirt underneath for casual wear. The Harbor Vest is also lightly water-resistant, shedding lighter April showers, but we probably wouldn’t recommend it for heavier rain given, ya know, the lack of sleeves. Oh, and the insulation comes from just the right amount of PrimaLoft Gold, so it’s lightweight yet warm whether you’re on your first mile or your 15th.

Knowing Tracksmith, we’ll probably see the launch of a Harbor Jacket next fall as the weather gets cold again.

PRICE: $200

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Tracksmith Turnover Half Tights

We’ve spent more than our fair share of time hyping up the Tracksmith Turnover Tight. The full-length version is soft and warm when the temperatures plummet, and now the team has decided to chop it in half. Tracksmith’s new Turnover Half (or Short) Tights are made from the same material as their longer cousins and manage to pack a trio of pockets for race day fuel or keys when on a training run.

The design team also took a few steps to slim and simplify the latest Turnover silhouette, eliminating some of the extra seams and adding thin strips of silicone to keep the legs from riding up when you’re dropping fast times. There’s not much else to say about the Turnovers; Tracksmith’s Inverno blend remains as smooth and durable as it’s always been. We’d recommend reaching for the Navy or Phantom colors if you sweat heavily though.

PRICE: $80 (Women), $85 (Men)

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Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer

Death, taxes, the Believe in the Run team talking about the Brighton Base Layer. I don’t think we’ve written a Tracksmith gear roundup without somehow working this fitted Merino long-sleeve into it, and we’re not about to start now. It now costs an extra $2, bringing it to an even $90, and we still recommend it. Tracksmith continues to introduce new colors each season, yet the base of the Brighton remains the same.

We typically save the Brighton Base Layer for the coldest of days, but it’s a top that works both layered and on its own. You can throw on a soft shell layer in the face of a windy workout or just embrace the hug of the Merino — it really doesn’t matter. In fact, the Brighton is so warm that you’ll probably wind up carrying your wind layer should you happen to bring one. Everyone in the home office has at least one color of the Brighton, though most of us have a few that we rotate between.

If you’re not sure that you need a long-sleeve version, Tracksmith also offers a Brighton Tee that embraces the same knit material.

PRICE: $90

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Tracksmith Session Shorts

There’s also nothing new about the Tracksmith Session Shorts, but we love them all the same. They come in a few different lengths, from the 3-inch Session Speeds to the 7-inch Sessions, so there’s a fit for everyone. Though not as iconic as the Van Cortlandt, Tracksmith’s Session lineup is actually its best-selling, which is a safe way to keep the colorways flowing in. Right now, you can pick between Aubergine and Frost, both of which should match just about anything you wear.

The secret to Session success is the Veloce blend, which is stretchy enough to follow your leg all the way through its stride. It’s also UV protective, which is a blessing in the summer sun when you forget to put sunscreen high enough up your leg, but we’re still months away from that point. Keep in mind that the Session Shorts only have one rear pocket, though, so you might need a fanny pack or some other bag if you don’t run lightly.

PRICE: $70

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Tracksmith Cotton Rugby

It’s honestly baffling that it took Tracksmith this long to put its spin on a rugby shirt, but here we are. This is also one of the only unisex pieces from the spring 2024 collection, and it’s loaded with Easter-friendly colors. Tracksmith’s rugby shirt is actually inspired by Bill Rodgers, winner of four Boston Marathons. He had a rough race in 1977, causing him to drop out at the top of Heartbreak Hill and head to the Eliot Lounge, where he cooled off with a cold beer and a rugby shirt, not unlike this one. The next year, Rodgers went back to win the marathon one more time.

Honestly, this rugby shirt won’t make you win the Boston Marathon — at least not unless you get one possessed by the ghost of Bill himself (which won’t happen because he’s still alive). It will, however, keep you looking fresh both before and after your workouts, especially if you need to tackle someone and recover an oddly shaped ball.

PRICE: $130

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Tracksmith Trackhouse Shorts

Alright, we’re easing into our post-run era, and that means comfortable shorts. Sure, you’ll want full-length sweats for the early parts of spring, but come May or June, it’s time for soft shorts. Tracksmith’s Trackhouse Shorts are as soft and comfortable as they come, blending a convenient inseam length with an adjustable drawstring waist for the perfect fit. Oh, and they have pockets on both sides, so you can easily leave your keys and cards in them while out for a run.

We’d usually complain about the lack of alternative color options, but Tracksmith’s signature navy somehow just feels right for the Trackhouse Shorts. It’s dark but stylish, meaning that it will hide your sweat without looking like you’re wearing sweats — a perfect mix.

PRICE: $90

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Tracksmith Run Bra

There’s no better feeling than stripping off your outer layer when you heat up on the run, but it’s easier said than done sometimes. Guys can just ditch their tees, but gals have to plan a little further ahead. Thankfully, Tracksmith’s supportive Run Bra takes care of some of that worry. It’s made of two layers of Italian nylon with a racerback design that keeps the straps from digging too far into your shoulders.

One of the Run Bra’s best features is its wide wool band, which, like the racerback cut, helps to keep from digging into your chest and causing discomfort. Say what you will about Tracksmith’s prices, but we won’t debate the fact that their designers hit every single detail along the way.

PRICE: $65

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Tracksmith Hat

Spring is hat season. The beanies are going away, and baseball season is starting, which means it’s time to dig out a classic silhouette for after the run. Tracksmith’s signature hat comes with either a hare logo on the front or the classic sash, each with a different set of base colors to choose from. Right now, the hare version in green is calling our name with the right mix of Easter and the Masters, even if we’re not the best golfers or egg hunters you’ve ever met.

Though not as soft or performance-oriented as options from Ciele or Fractel, Tracksmith’s 100% cotton cap packs just the right level of “dad vibes” to where you can wear it all day, every day, with just about any clothing.

PRICE: $45

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