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Road Running Shoes • May 30, 2024

Nike Pegasus 41: The Next Generation

nike pegasus 41 - feature

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What You Need To Know


10.4 oz. (296 g) for a US M10.5/ 8.6 oz. (243 g) for a US W7.5

Stack Height / Drop

37 mm in the heel, 27 mm in the forefoot (10 mm drop)

Best For

Daily training

Key Features

React X midsole, Dynamic Midfoot Fit system for support, Air Zoom units in heel and forefoot

On The Run
Soft yet bouncy midsole Good upper fit Forefoot feels thin
Price / Availability

Available June for $140

nike pegasus 41 - two shoes

Introduction to the Nike Pegasus 41

THOMAS: For over four decades, the Pegasus has been Nike’s flagship basic trainer. Run legends like Joan Benoit Samuelson, Coach Bennett, and even Eliud Kipchoge have put the horse hooves of the Peg onto pavement, year in and year out. What started out as a trusty trainer has transcended running and morphed into an American classic seen on everyone from athletes to artists to lawnmower dads. 

A lot has happened over that time, both in the world at large and in the run industry. Especially with shoe technology. Nike’s been adept at keeping up with the trends, and while the Pegasus is never the most exciting shoe on the market, it always does the job. 

The past few years have seen minor changes overall. Versions 37-40 all came with a React midsole, the bouncy-yet-responsive foam debuted in the legendary Epic React. The Air Zoom Units were moved around and their PSI tweaked, sometimes in the heel, sometimes in the forefoot, sometimes both. But by and large, the shoe stayed in its lane.

nike pegasus 41 - insole

We were a bit disappointed that the Pegasus 40 was a bit ho-hum– it was the 40th anniversary, after all. It looks like Nike shelved the celebration for a year, because we’re getting a whole new look for the Pegasus 41.

The latest version uses Nike’s newest formula for React foam: ReactX. A much softer foam than traditional React, it first came along last year in the InfinityRN 4, and we’ve seen it in other shoes since, including the Pegasus Trail 5. According to Nike, “ReactX foam provides over 13 percent more energy return compared to React foam while reducing the carbon footprint in a pair of midsoles by at least 43 percent.” Do those claims carry over to the Pegasus? Let’s find out.

nike pegasus 41 - vertical - heel again
nike pegasus 41 - vertical - tongue

MEAGHAN: In the neon-colored haze of the 1980s, amidst the rise of big hair and questionable fashion choices, Nike gave birth to its legendary running shoe: the Pegasus. And now here we are, with version 41. It’s come a long way, and as Thomas noted, we now get a full-length ReactX foam, and Air Zoom units in both the heel and forefoot. But between the max cushion shoes and carbon plated super trainers, does the Pegasus still have a spot? Let’s get into the review.

What we like about the Nike Pegasus 41

THOMAS: I will scoop this review from the following buckets: style, fit, weight, performance, and price.

The styling of the last two Pegs didn’t get my blood pumping. I was excited to see the Pegasus 41. The look of the shoe is more aggressive and modern, but still looks like a classic running shoe. Pegasus always rolls deep with color options, and I love the soft peach with volt and bright crimson accents. The solid volt colorway also looks sharp. 

The upper fits well and is easily adjusted to get the proper fit. My size is 10.5 US, which fits true to size. The fit was in the middle, not too wide, and not pencil-thin. The upper breathes comfortably and has enough padding around the ankle and tongue.

nike pegasus 41 - air zoom

The Peg 41 runs lighter than the actual 10.4 oz./296g. I waited to weigh the shoe until after my first few runs. The 10+ ounces on the scale had me re-weighing the shoe. It felt lighter on the feet. I have been wearing many heavy daily trainers lately, maybe my internal scale is thrown off. Regardless, the Pegasus 41 feels sporty through the stride.

With the well-fitting upper, new ReactX, and the two Air Zoom units, after only one run, I feel like the Pegasus 41 is the best Peg in a long time. The foam compresses and expands to propel you forward. The outsole rubber is durable and covers nearly the entire bottom of the shoe.

Finally, we get to the price, which is $140. The price of the Pegasus has always been important to the industry. At $140, the Pegasus sets the price for entry-level trainers. You probably noticed that the price continues to creep up. Like Thanos said: “It is inevitable.”

nike pegasus 41 - vertical - lace tips
nike pegasus 41 - vertical - logo medial

MEAGHAN: The Pegasus 41 gets a fresh look, but die hard fans will be happy to know that this still feels very much like a Pegasus. I’m a big fan of the white/orange/ green colorway I received. It’s fun, but not overly flashy. 

The step-in feel of this shoe is comfortable, designed with generous padding around the collar and heel. The lacing system does a nice job of securing the foot down, as it’s tied to an internal midfoot band that wraps around the entire foot. The mesh feels supportive in all the right places. 

The Nike ReactX foam feels a bit softer than the previous version of this shoe, but the Air Zoom units provide some extra bounce. Beneath the foam is a pretty substantial layer of rubber and tread for plenty of durability and traction. 

Out on the roads these shoes felt very sturdy and secure, but lacked a bit of responsiveness (more on that later). At 8.6 oz for my W7.5, the weight falls into the heavier category, but I really didn’t notice it out on the run (could be all those miles I’m logging in the rather hefty Hoka Skyward X).

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nike pegasus 41 - outsole

What we don’t like about the Nike Pegasus 41

THOMAS: While my first run in the Pegasus 41 was good, as I started adding up mileage to review the shoe, I found the forefoot lacked some cushioning. I may have gotten soft with all the high-stack cushioned trainers we have been cycling through, but the thin forefoot of the Pegasus 41 began to be an issue.

During my last run before this review, I noticed my foot was starting to get irritated during the run, and after the run, my foot continued to feel discomfort. I switched up my shoes, and the issue went away. I would love it if Nike added more foam to the front. If weight is the problem, redistribute some of the foam from the heel and lower the drop a smidge. Unlike previous models of the Peg, I didn’t notice the Air Zoom units in the midsole. Maybe pumping up the forefoot Air Zoom Unit would help with the thin feeling.

The Pegasus 41 has good outsole rubber coverage, but I would like the rubber to be softer and tackier. There is a waxy feeling to the compound.

nike pegasus 41 - vertical - medial wall
nike pegasus 41 - vertical - midsole heel

MEAGHAN: Here’s the thing about the Pegasus 41: it’s not a bad shoe. In fact, I really love the look. It fits well. It’s comfortable. But it just lacks something out on the roads. Maybe some extra foam in the forefoot would do it, but I found myself wanting more bounce, more pop, and definitely more cushioning underfoot.

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Final thoughts on the Nike Pegasus 41

THOMAS: I was digging the shoe until I wasn’t. For me, there just isn’t enough foam under the fat pad. This shoe might be an excellent choice for the runner who enjoys road feel and a more flexible forefoot. The Pegasus 41 is heading in the opposite direction of most daily trainers, and that’s a good thing for runners who want a more traditional ride, but bad for those of us who have gotten accustomed to more cushioning.

I recommend this shoe for the more casual runner. The type of athlete needs a shoe for multiple activities and lower mileage. For example, the person that will go to the gym and then knock out a run three to four times a week as part of their workout. Alternative trainers include the Asics Novablast 4, Hoka Mach 6, Adidas SL 20, Puma Velocity Nitro 3, and the New Balance 880.

MEAGHAN: The Nike Pegasus 41 felt great for my shorter, easy runs, but it lacked a bounce and cushioning I crave for anything over an hour. I think fans of the Pegasus will be really happy with the updates, and at the $140 price point, it will win on mileage.

You can pick up the Nike Pegasus 41 for $140 in June 2024 by using the buttons below.

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nike pegasus 41 - swoosh

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