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Trail Running Shoes • May 6, 2022

New Balance More Trail v2 Review: Not a Featherweight, Still a Champion


What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 11.6 oz. (330 g.) for a US M9 / 9.3 oz. (265 g.) for a US W7.5
  • Vibram Megagrip absolutely sings in the rain
  • The upper… not so much
  • All in all, we’re talking mile after mile of trail comfort
  • Available now for $165

MELISSA: It’s not surprising to see New Balance double down on the max cushioned trail game. Ultrarunners everywhere are loving the cushion for pushin’ through miles. I’ve always been a huge fan of New Balance’s road shoes for their comfort, lightweight designs, and availability of women’s D width, so I was excited to try my first trail shoe from the brand, the New Balance More Trail v2.

The More Trail v2 offers comfort to the max with plenty of New Balance’s Fresh Foam X packed in a considerable stack height. It also introduces a Vibram outsole, which is a major upgrade to this shoe’s overall durability and grip. However, these upgrades come at a small cost — the US M9 weighs 11.6 ounces, and the US W7.5 comes in at 9.3 ounces.

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I was honestly a bit turned off by More Trail v2’s appearance at first glance. The shoe looked bulky with its immense stack height. However, function beats fashion, and I was sold after running a few minutes in it. At the end of the day, the stack height didn’t take away from the shoe — I felt stable and in control running downhill and on technical trails. And as someone who’s been a shortie her entire life, I enjoyed feeling a bit taller when I wore the shoe.

I covered just over 100 miles in the More Trail v2 on nearly all types of surfaces. This is definitely a shoe I’d wear for a hundred-mile race. Its cushioned ride and stellar grip make it a great long-distance trail shoe. However, it would only be for a race where I know my feet will stay dry. I’ll go more into this later.

new balance more trail v2 angle

The Good

MELISSA: I received my shoes during a week of heavy rain (which is very rare in my part of California), and it couldn’t have been a more perfect scenario for testing. I was able to have complete confidence in the Vibram outsole, and even in the mud, the shoe never once lost traction.

I’d never experienced dreamier cushioning than in the More Trail v2. I’m a midfoot striker, and this shoe gave me the feeling of soft airbags each time my feet landed. I felt noticeably less banged up after long descents and long runs, and my feet held up well with minimal blistering. I ran comfortably on technical terrain, enjoying the stable upper and the benefits of the built-in toe protector on rockier trails. There was an occasional near-ankle roll as I tried to familiarize myself with running on this much stack. Nonetheless, the New Balance More Trail v2 quickly became my go-to shoe for long runs.

Shop More Trail v2 – Men Shop More Trail v2 – Women new balance more trail v2 top

The Bad

MELISSA: While the New Balance More Trail v2 had the best grip in rainy weather, its weight increased drastically as I took on water. It didn’t drain nor ventilate well, and by the end of my run, the shoe’s weight increased to that of a boot with the combination of extra water and mud.

When conditions were dry, my feet held up well to my longest run of 18 trail miles. However, I noticed significantly less ventilation, so I’d be concerned about my feet pruning up from sweat if I were to race a longer distance in the New Balance More Trail v2.

Shop More Trail v2 – Men Shop More Trail v2 – Women new balance more trail v2 bottom

New Balance More Trail v2 Conclusion

MELISSA: For years, I’ve told folks, “Yeah, I like New Balance’s road shoes.” Now the conversation can change, as I finally have some experience in the brand’s trail offering. I really enjoyed logging miles in the More Trail v2 and would consider making it the shoe I wear to my next 100-mile race. The More Trail v2 is ridiculously comfortable and has some of the best grip I’ve encountered. Despite the extra weight and stack height, I took this shoe through all different paces with ease, and I felt like a total badass throwing gravel behind me as I knocked out some strides. Bravo, New Balance. Ultrarunners will love you for this one.

You can pick up the New Balance More Trail V2 for $165 straight from New Balance by using the shop link below.

Shop More Trail v2 – Men Shop More Trail v2 – Women new balance more trail v2 side


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  1. Antoine Daina says:

    Thanks for the review.
    For the record the sole is Vibram but Vibram XT Trek EVO. On the paper more durable, less flexible, less sticky then Megagrip. Surely a good one according to many reviewers.
    Cheers from Switzerland. Antoine

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