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Road Running Shoes • November 29, 2023

Asics Gel-Nimbus 26: First Thoughts

asics gel nimbus 26 upper

What You Need To Know

The Shoe

Asics Gel-Nimbus 26, premium daily trainer

Key Updates

Flytefoam Blast+ Eco midsole, Ahar+ and Asicsgrip outsole, modified lacing system

Price & Availability

January 1, 2024 for $160

A Slightly Newer Nimbus

Sometimes change is incremental, sometimes it comes swiftly. Such was the case with the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25. Released earlier this year, that shoe took the Gel-Nimbus into the next phase of its legacy, removing the visible Gel portion, adding more comfort, and streamlining the look. The shoe was a massive hit by most measures, taking the recent success of Asics to the next level.

Typically, such big changes (especially successful ones) mean smaller tweaks in subsequent versions. After all, why mess up a good thing? So it is with the Asics Gel-Nimbus 26, an update to Asics’ flagship daily trainer, a shoe that takes the essence of the last version and adds some touch-up paint in places where it needs it, without changing the entire aesthetic of the shoe.


asics gel nimbus 26 men and women colorways above below

Asics Gel-Nimbus 26, men’s colorway (top) & women’s colorway (bottom)

asics gel nimbus 26 knit upper

Knit upper is comfortable and secure

What’s New

At first glance, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 26 is barely distinguishable from the Nimbus 25. The knit upper is almost entirely the same, with just a couple tweaks to the lacing system. It’s still ultra comfortable and even luxurious around the heel collar. The midsole sculpting is slightly different in that the heel isn’t quite as rounded, but the outsole geometry and base width remain exactly the same, as does the stack height (41.5 in the heel for men, 33.5 in the forefoot). 

A PureGel unit sits in the heel for extra comfort and shock absorption.

While the midsole still uses Flytefoam Blast+ Eco, this version does seem tuned to be a bit more firm. So instead of that soft, sink-in feeling from the 25, this version is more responsive.

A bit more rubber has been added to the outsole, which will increase the durability of the shoe. The rubber has also been upgraded to Asicsgrip and Ahar+, which offers much better grip than the standard Ahar found in the Nimbus 25.

As a result of having more rubber (and possibly because of the Flytefoam Blast+ Eco formulation), the shoe picked up a half-ounce of weight over last year’s version, coming in at 10.7 ounces for a US M9.

asics gel nimbus 26 midsole logo

Flytefoam Blast+ Eco midsole is slightly firmer than last year

Our Thoughts

Right out of the gate, we love that not too much was changed about this shoe. It was a great shoe, don’t mess it up. 

The outsole rubber definitely needed improvement over the last version, so we’re glad to see a grippier and more durable implementation of that.

Comfort was key in the Gel-Nimbus 25, and this version of the shoe still has it in spades. The upper wraps the foot securely and we had no issues with lockdown, though the knit material may get a bit hot as the temperatures warm up. As winter settles in here in the Mid-Atlantic, we had no issues.

asics gel nimbus 26 womens colorway

Women’s colorway

asics gel nimbus 26 stack vert

PureGel in rear heel, upgraded outsole rubber

While we thought the Gel-Nimbus 25 was the best recovery or plush shoe of 2023, we felt it was a little too soft to do anything more than cruising miles. The Gel-Nimbus 24 midsole has firmed up a bit, probably because of the Eco treatment. Asics contends it’s the same exact foam formulation as far as the actual composition, but it’s not as soft as the last version. It’s definitely still a max cushion shoe, it’s just not a marshmallowy shoe anymore. Maybe you’ll like that, maybe you won’t. We liked it because it seemed to give the shoe another speed and a bit more responsiveness. Even though it picked up a half-ounce of weight, it somehow felt like a faster shoe than last year. 

The weight gain is noticeable in comparison to the Nimbus 25; however, it’s not a dealbreaker. Perhaps because it’s dispersed over the wider platform, or maybe because the upper fit is solid. Whatever reason, it doesn’t feel as heavy as the scale says.

Some of us definitely appreciated the wider base on the shoe, creating a very stable platform, especially when running downhill.

So yes, while there are some changes to the shoe, they’re mostly minimal. If you fell in love with the softness of the midsole from the Nimbus 25, you may not get that same feeling in this shoe. But for what you lost in that, you’ll make up for in overall feel, performance, and durability.

The Asics Gel-Nimbus 26 is available on January 1, 2024, for $160.

Editor’s note: An earlier version incorrectly noted that the Gel-Nimbus 25 had a standard Flytefoam Blast+ midsole. It has the same midsole material as the Gel-Nimbus 26, Flytefoam Blast+ Eco.

asics gel nimbus 26 mens upper

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  1. Tim Twiet says:

    It’s ugly.

  2. Matt D says:

    Just to clear up one thing.

    The Gel Nimbus 25 also uses Flytefoam Blast+ Eco so I’m not sure why you are saying the midsole has changed.

  3. Jason says:

    I’m curious how you all think this stacks up against the Nike Invincible? I went through two pairs of the v1 Invincibles (~500miles per pair) and absolutely loved that shoe. I currently have a pair of the v3 Invincibles and I’m less enamored with them than I was the v1. It’s getting close to time for a new pair of shoes and the Gel Nimbus 25/26 and Novablast 4 are currently on my shortlist of alternatives. Thanks!

  4. Diego says:

    The midsole is not new. The Nimbus 25 also had FFBlast+ Eco

  5. Jason says:

    I’m pretty sure the FF Blast+ eco was started with the 25. ASICS’ website says the 25 has the eco version.

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